NFLPA Speaks On Mike Vick

The NFL Players Association has issued a statement in conjunction with the release of Falcons quarterback Mike Vick.
But the statement really doesn’t state anything.
“We are glad that Michael Vick is committed to rejoining the community as a contributing member,” the statement reads.  “The NFLPA supports him and his family as he works to rebuild his life off the field.”
Interestingly, the statement makes no call for Vick’s reinstatement.  The union likely has opted to take a low-key approach in this regard, possibly due to concerns that any perception that the union is trying to pressure the NFL to let Vick play could backfire.

8 responses to “NFLPA Speaks On Mike Vick

  1. What Michael Vick participated in was absolutely despicable.
    That being said, other NFL players have committed various and similar atrocities, but against people, and not paid for their crimes. Vick has.
    Enough! Let the man play and give him a chance to redeem himself.

  2. Admittedly, Im a dog lover, and really any animal that is mistreated of killed without reason truly makes me disgusted. And yes I like hunting and enjoy eating all meats. Saying that, to abuse, kill(besides to put it out of its misery), or torture a dog is just so disgusting to me, regardless if the man did his time or not, proves there are serious and disgusting flaws in this mans character (judgment, soul, etc). Bottom line, if it was my team that picked such a person up, I would seriously consider and most likely switch teams. And this is coming from an eagles fan. I would certainly not go to a game and avoid watching their games. I know the argument is that he did his time, now its time for a second chance. I mean come on ppl. This guy is completely insane. He has no sense of self worth or self respect, hes without any morals. So freakin what.. he spent some time in jail. The NFL should not take on a person that is a proven criminal. It takes a terrible person to do what he has done. I dont think such a short period of time changes such a demented being. I have some faith in the commish, and I dont think the profitability of this guys possible return, will positively effect anyone’s profit, so I think he stays out.

  3. To bcb171: I am an Eagles fan, too. You mention that the NFL shouldn’t take a “proven criminal” or a “terrible person.” Well, I have news for you…the NFL has several criminals and bad people. I mean, how many chances did Lawrence Phillips get? So that argument is somewhat obtuse.
    If you keep Vick out, you gotta keep Ray Lewis, Leonard Little, and other “proven criminals” out. Unfortunately, the league is not full of Reggie Whites and Brian Dawkinses. Vick did some horrible stuff, but he’s not alone.

  4. I agree phillyhouse, they should keep them all out, if its serious enough. If you do jail time for a felony, you should be outa the league. If its before you get to the nfl , I suppose thats a little different. I believe that if you participate in a violent crime, that results in felony charges and/or prolonged prison time you should never be able to participate in the nfl after the fact. These people are role models, privileged athletes. If you get a dui and spend a month in prison, yeah its bad, but you learn a lesson and move on (in most cases). If you torture animals, hit someone in the face with a baseball bat or rape a woman. You should not be allowed back in the NFL.

  5. The NFL is really, at least, somewhat owned be every American taxpayer. We finance their largest expenditure, their stadiums. We are one of the major stakeholders. Vick used NFL money(partially ours) to pay for this criminal activity. Which allowed him to commit these heinous crimes. Its just another good point. If most people dont want him in the league, he shouldnt be.

  6. He paid his debt to society. He done the time that the courts set for him as punishment for his crime. He has been through the justice system. Let him play have a chance to redeem himself. No person alive is completely innocent or sinless. Everyone if were in his place would want at least a second chance to prove themselves and to make a decent life for themselves and their family. I guess some things never change because even in these days so many people are ready to cast stones at others when they themselves know that some time in their lives they too have sinned.

  7. Every man is sinful. Every man does not commit a felony. Every man is not a violent offender in the criminal justice system. Actually very few men are violent offenders. Most men do not sin based on felony violent crimes. I mean if we actually want to talk about immoral sinners. haha Isnt it kinda silly to say most men sin, so vick is ok because he paid his debt to society for electrocuting some poor dogs testicles. Only a freakin psychotic weirdo would do such things.

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