PFTV's First "Over/Under" Segment

Joe Brocato has proven to be more than just the guy who sets me up for saying something that has a good chance of being flat wrong.  He also takes a first crack each week at coming up with the PFTV topics.
This week, Joe had a new idea.  (And in appreciation of his efforts, we doubled his pay.  He now has two sleeves of crackers.)
For each division, he’ll throw out a total number of 2009 wins for each team, and I’ll respond by predicting whether the actual wins will be “over” or “under” that amount.
First up, the AFC East.


19 responses to “PFTV's First "Over/Under" Segment

  1. wow…an over/under segment…that IS a great new idea…that PTI has had for years…

  2. So the Patriots get that elusive 12th win that so evaded them last year.
    Hey,where’s the catchy intro music?

  3. How about you circle back to this after the season and grade yourself pass/fail on these picks?

  4. So will the number of predicted wins add up for the entire league for the season, or is this one of those “more wins than games” listing?

  5. Patriots to win 13 or 14 sounds about right, assuming Brady is back to 100%. More solid offensive weapons, secondary is certainly improved (which will help the pass rush). BB can work around the LB thinness.
    MIAMI should see 9 or 10 wins. Defense should be decent and the offense will be good, wildcat or not.
    JETS defense should be awesome. Maybe it’ll be awesome enough for Sanchez to pull a Flacco. But the Jets mighta been further ahead to keep Ratliff and spend their draft picks trading for Boldin. No knock on Sanchez. He likely will, eventually, be better than Ratliff would have been had he become the Jets’ starter this season (he’s pretty much done now, being buried in Cleveland). But I think Sanchez would have become one of the greats if he’d gone to Denver and carried the clipboard for Orton for a year or two under McDaniels’ development program. Bottom line: 10 or 11 wins if the offense clicks right away. If it doesn’t, maybe 7 or 8.
    BUFFALO had a great draft and, based on that and the T.O. signing, they should get to 10 or 11 wins. I have no logical reason for saying this, but I smell a disaster looming – possibly 6 wins or fewer in ’09, an off-season regime change, and a much better 2010

  6. Florio should have all those over/under predictions right. Those were good win predictions from Brocato.

  7. whoa whoa whoa whoa….. Patsy will be playing the 2nd hardest schedule in the NFL next to the miami dolphins, and this bozo is taalking about 13 wins????? ive never heard anything more ridiculous in my entire life!!
    Lets see….. Pats vs denver in the divisional place- win, pats vs baltimore….. LOSS
    AFC South- Pats WILL LOSE to Indy, and a loss to TEN…
    NFC South… ATL will beat the patsies, and maybe NO….
    thats 5 losses out of the division and this jackass thinks they will go 13 wins….. show me the Pats sweeping the AFC champs and the rest of the division……. WONT HAPPEN…. they will split with Miami like every year, or will be swept by Miami…
    The pats will need to stack SS or FS in the box to stop ANY decent RB…. (Marshawn, Tommy Jones, Ronnie Friggin Brown, Chris Johnson, Reggie/whomever tandem, Mike Turner) show me the pats slowing them down with dinosaurs at LB and an OVERRATED D LINE…..
    Brady better be trying to break that 50 TD mark cause any team with a top 15 running attack is gonna put up 20+ on the pats, and they will miss the playoffs for year number 2
    Dolphins in 09, repeat AFC East Champs…… with 10-11 wins… not 12, not 13, that aint gonna happen in the East

  8. skyhighdn, it’s analysis like yours that makes Florio look like Einstein.
    I’m sure he appreciates it.

  9. @ skyhighdn —
    BAL and TEN will both field good teams in ’09, but I don’t think they’ll have quite the juice they had in ’08. Indy, in a major coaching transition, is also likely to be a bit more vulnerable than in the past. MIA and the Jets will both be serious challenges, especially on their home fields and there may well be a split with one or the other.
    The NFC South had a relatively easy out-of-division schedule last year and they’re not quite as strong as their ’08 W-L record, but Carolina and TB both may be more challenging than ATL and NO.
    BTW – “dinosaurs at linebacker”? There are currently 12 LBs on the Pats roster. Bruschi has 13 years in, Adalius Thomas 9 years. The other ten average less than 2 years experience. Try to keep up.

  10. There are a lot of stinkers, but THAT was the worst PFTV skit ever. Slip some background music in or something. I’d rather watch a DIY video on pouring concrete.

  11. Hey “skyhigh” – you are just plain high. Maybe if you shared what you are on with the rest of us we might be able to see what you are seeing.
    The Patriots right now, with no further moves by them or any other team will make the 2007 season look like it was just the pre-season for this year. Name me one team, any team that matches up with them man for man on the field. Go ahead name a position that a team can match up with them man for man and I will name you another that they can not match up with and therefor have the edge and a way to beat the opponent.
    No, there isn’t any real competition for them this year except for themselves. The only way they don’t get another ring this year is if the injury bug hits them hard, worse than last year. Because right now, they have the most talented players in the league and just not with the starters, but in depth for those who may have to come in when a starter needs to get a breather or work on a twist or bang-up that they need a few plays to get over.
    Every other team is only playing for the “best also-ran” award…..

  12. skyhighdn says:
    May 20th, 2009 at 8:54 pm
    whoa whoa whoa whoa….. Patsy will be playing the 2nd hardest schedule in the NFL next to the miami dolphins, and this bozo is taalking about 13 wins????? ive never heard anything more ridiculous in my entire life!!
    Why not? Pats went into the 2007 season with the hardest schedule ever based on SOS. They had a pretty good season that year, didn’t they?
    The Fins will be lucky to get 8 wins. Pat White?! lol!

  13. I just hope Florio keeps track of this stuff so we can rag on him come January 2010…
    Pats 12 wins: Flinch reaction to Brady being back on the field. Find me an analyst with the balls enough to say otherwise… The quality LB shortage will hurt especially down the stretch.
    Fins 9 wins: Pennington is due for his off year. Check the record books. One on, one off, one on, one off… et cetera, et cetera… The defense will look better but the Wildcat offense is sure to lose its flare as DC’s bulk up on the 1980’s packages that stop it.
    Jets 6 wins: I would hate to see this projection if Lord Favre was back. Rookie QB and a new HC/DC on a team that is thin at WR. SS,CB,LB,NT,OL,RB are all PB caliber or near it.
    Bills 8 wins: TO… uhm… need I say more. He will devour that locker room like the cancerous infection that he is. I see any hope of a happy marriage falling apart prior to week 8.
    Pats – 10
    Jets – 10
    Fins – 8
    Bills – 5

  14. All the Patriot’s fans are such a joke. While I will give them they have had great teams. They are really delusional, but those rosey glasses houses are going to come crashing down this year.
    The Patriots DL is older than old. Randy Moss is great but even great Receivers slow down at 32 (Harrison — Who by the way is a much better all around receiver).
    Miami rookie DB will put him in the nursing home.
    As for Tom gimpy leg Brady… He will look like Culpepper, he has a junior high line that protected like a swiss cheese condom for him last year. He will be on his back more than a Vegas call girl. Knee injuries are bad enough but worse when you are 31\32. I am putting 12 as the number of quarters Brady survives this year.
    Fred Taylor, Really? He is the savior of your running game REALLY? REALLY?
    This team is going to fall apart by the bye week. Mark it down,

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