Rod Hood In High Demand

The Cardinals surprisingly released cornerback Rod Hood in the days after the draft.  Hood’s base salary, coupled with his potential unwillingness to accept a reserve role, contributed to his ouster in Arizona.
And he has since become a hot commodity.
We’re told that he has received a contract offer from the Rams, and that he’ll next be visiting the Bears.
Other teams in the mix include the Lions and Browns.  The Bengals are out of the picture.
Hood has a connection to Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo; they both previously were in Philly together.

16 responses to “Rod Hood In High Demand

  1. Not surprising– Hood is a good player in his prime. I don’t know what the Cards were thinking just outright releasing him and not at least trying to get some kind of compensation.
    Rams, Lions, Browns would all do great to sign him and fill a roster hole without having to invest any draft picks.

  2. Here we go De-Troit here we go *boom, boom*
    They have a nice new offense and adding Hood would be nice for their defense.

  3. Rod Hood was released because he’s not worth the salary. In fact, I’d say Rod Hood sucks. He sucked with the Eagles and he looked like a piece of burnt toast with the Cards. Any team that’s sniffing around this turd needs their nose checked.

  4. Hood is a great guy. Wherever he goes, it will help that team. I think the Rams make sense…

  5. For all of the unbelievers out there, take a long look at the replay of the second half of the NFC Championship game last year. D-Mac was on him like a laser. No matter who Hood was responsible for that was who D-Mac was throwing to.

  6. Damn. I would have liked to see him in stripes as the Nickel CB for the Bengals. It would have been yet another nice pick up in an active offseason for Cincinnati. Oh well…

  7. I hope the rams ,seahawks or 49ers get him so zonas receivers get the chance at lining up across from a extremly inferior defender. He was the main reason zona gave up 26 or so passing tds.

  8. I always liked Rod Hood he was a class act and a good player. Good luck to him!

  9. Last I checked, Rod Hood made the stop on 4th down against the Eagles that got the Cards into the Super Bowl. Although many including me think it may have been pass interference on Kevin Curtis, it was a good stop and he gets the credit for that, being one on one with a quick receiver like Curtis

  10. He is extremely overrated. He was a solid nickelback when he was on the Eagles, but can’t cover a #1 or #2 receiver. That is probably why he was released. So I’m assuming there are a lot of teams who need to fill the nickelback position.

  11. If Hood is deciding between the Lions, Rams, and Browns, and the Bengals are out of the picture, that’s probably good news for the Bengals, since he clearly is dying to go to a losing franchise.

  12. The Cards tried to put him at Nickel, he cried like a bitch.
    Good luck to whoever gets him, I hope it’s the Lions, Packers, Vikings, Rams, Seahawks or 49ers.
    Please don’t let Jerry Angelo sign this turd.

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