Talib Fight Confirmed, Question Of Discipline Looms

Some of you expressed skepticism regarding Aaron Wilson’s report that Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib was involved in an OTA fight with tackle Donald Penn, which resulted in cornerback Torrie Cox receiving a facial laceration from Talib’s helmet.
Well, if we’re wrong, then the St. Petersburg Times is making it up, too.
The Times has the same story, with quotes from Penn that attempt to downplay the incident.
Everything is fine,” Penn said.  “Brothers fight all the time. It happens. . . .  It wasn’t really a fight.  It was a verbal fight.  I don’t want it to be a bigger deal than it is.  This stuff happens all the time, but you don’t hear about it in the media.”
But in this case the thing that makes it different is Talib.  Despite having undeniable talent, he has been regarded as a loose cannon.  He tested positive for marijuana three times in college, and there were rumors that Kansas coach Mark Mangino and his coaching staff were badmouthing Talib in the weeks leading up to the 2008 draft.  Talib also fought at the rookie symposium with Corey “Back Like Cooked Crack” Boyd, and Talib was fined “heavily and repeatedly” last year for violating team rules.
Said a league source last summer, “Trouble just follows Talib. . . .  He can’t help himself, and it’s never his fault.”
It remains to be seen what head coach Raheem Morris does about Talib, whom Morris called a “wild child” in 2008.

19 responses to “Talib Fight Confirmed, Question Of Discipline Looms

  1. How does a “verbal fight” result in someone’s face getting gashed up by a swinging football helmet?

  2. Come on you know you wanna make some joke about the Bengals trading for Talib even though buccaners have been one worst character risk teams for past 2 years.

  3. Those must’ve been some pretty sharp words to cut somebody’s face in a verbal fight.
    Shouldn’t this guy qualify as a repeat offender under Goodell’s personal conduct policy?

  4. things are heating up in tampa.
    Maybe they can stay hot the whole season, and not just the first 12 games. I have my finger crossed.

  5. i don’t want my football players knitting each other sweaters like they do in atlanta or holding hands and singing koombya like the panthers do. i want them ready to rip peoples heads off.

  6. In a stroke of genius, the owner’s sons fired Gruden for going 9-7 two years in a row. The top criticism was he collected a bunch of retread QBs nobody wanted. The Brilliant Idiot Raheem Morris starts his regime by, drum roll please, signing a retread QB, and then trading up to draft a QB no one wanted for a squad with more holes than a cheese grater thanks to Coach Moron’s decision to cut every veteran older than him. Do you still think cutting 55 — the Godfather — the greatest player in franchise history and trading for a gimpy, overrated, windbag TE whose greatest claim to fame is popping a wheelie were smart moves, Coach? I bet AssClown Skinny, Dope-Smoking Talib would not be fighting the starting Left Tackle with his helmet if 55 was still in the locker room. I wonder why the “Warrior” didn’t step in? Oh yeah, he’s too busy spending his record contract cash to come to OTAs. Just as well, if he intervened, someone could have ended up with a staph infection. I predicted 6-10 when Coach Great Guy was hired, but I think that was a little ambitious. Is it too late to hire Rod Marinelli as head coach?

  7. maybe im wrong but I know following the bucs I never heard about talib getting fined last year much less it being several times so I would check the sources on that… not to mention whatever happend here aside last year being his rookie year most guys arnt going to get in alot of trouble at least year one

  8. ModHairKen – you sound like the voice of a proud resident of Tampa Bay’s “Gooberville”.

  9. “Torrie Cox receiving a facial….”
    usually a line like that to a person with a name like that is reserved for a more “mature” website

  10. Maybe they should trade him to Carolina so he can fight Ste…Ste…Steve Smi–Michael Westbrook!

  11. Fanball58:
    Tell me where I’m wrong. Was firing a Super Bowl winning head coach for a guy who has not even coached as long as Derrick Brooks played in the NFL smart? Was cutting Brooks, Dunn, Galloway and June a good decision? After cutting all of those veterans, did the Bucs need a rookie QB this year? Did the Bucs need to trade up to get the rookie QB? Would Talib be fighting if 55 was still around? Did the Bucs need Winslow? Was Winslow worth the big contract?
    And, can’t you come up with anything more original than “Gooberville”? What is your real name Dominik or Duemig?

  12. Talib vs Smith twice a year! Hopefully they match them up on each other.
    This is going to bring back memories of Joey Porter and Willie Green!

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