Vick Won't Be A Ram

ESPN’s John Clayton has been selling to anyone who’ll listen (and some who won’t) that the St. Louis Rams might be interested in quarterback Mike Vick.
He has pitched the concept at, and he pegged the Rams as a potential destination during Wednesday’s NFL Live.
In support of his conclusion, Clayton points only to the fairly superficial connection between Vick and Rams G.M. Billy Devaney, who served as the assistant G.M. when Vick was with the Falcons.
But shouldn’t Devaney’s front-row access to Vick’s tenure with the Falcons make Devaney less likely to pursue Vick?  Devaney and the rest of the front office were well aware of the extent to which the organization coddled Vick — and of the extent to which he made them all look like fools for investing lots of faith (and millions of dollars) in him.
Then there’s the fact that Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Rams don’t want Vick.
“Why?” Miklasz writes.  “Vick isn’t a West Coast offense QB.  The Rams don’t want the distractions.  They don’t think he’s worth the trouble.”
Miklasz says that owner Chip Rosenbloom is “emphatically opposed” to pursuing Vick.
So, John, scratch the Rams from the list.  Please.

13 responses to “Vick Won't Be A Ram

  1. I mean it isn’t like the Rams have ever employed a football player who has killed a person. Oh wait.

  2. jwill007 – you are an absolute dolt. My guess is that the only one getting beat up at stadiums is you. And if you really think the Patriots or Cowboys would bring him in, then you have absolutely no knowledge of football.

  3. new orleans is on of those cities. i promise you peta wouldnt mess around outside the superdome on game days!! or inside for that fact

  4. I bet it’s gonna be San Fran, buffalo, Dallas, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, Carolina, Oakland, Miami, and maybe even Kansas City if he doesn’t get signed before they realize they bought a one year wonder. I know that is a he’ll of a lot of places but almost every single one will atleast look at the guy and see what he has got.

  5. Don’t count out Washington. Dan Snyder always goes after big name players……and its usually a year or two too late.

  6. Florio, I’m pretty sure that if and when Vick makes his return to the NFL, he won’t play for 31 of the league’s 32 franchises.
    Also, I’m surprised that you’re taking onwer’s and coach’s for their word. I mean Nick Saban still isn’t going to coach for Alabama right? And doesn’t Jerry Jones still thinks TO is going to play for the Boys?
    Get a life, get off of MV7’s nuts and back onto your boy Pat White’s.

  7. @ bonerNsweatpants: I was thinking of answering you that there is no way in hell Miami goes for Vick, since they already got a short term qb (Pennington), a long term qb (Henne) and a Vick like player in Pat White, but then I read your user name and decided you dont deserve a reply

  8. LMMFAO….you guys are hilarious. You list off all these teams who will “probably sign him…….really? WHY? You guys act like he was a HOF QB, when in fact he was barely NFL quality. With the exception of the Raiders and Miami which of the aforementioned teams don’t have a better QB already?
    I’ve heard the theory floated that someone may sign him to run the Wildcat…LOL what a riot. Bring this turd into your locker room (splitting it by doing it)Your starting QB won’t be very happy (either will the WRs when they figure out he will run before he throws) Then you get all of the fan love from the animal lovers…thats always great at the ticket booth.
    While I AM an animal lover I am not a Peta freak by any stretch, I am dead set against dog-fighting or any of the punks who participate in it. That said, that issue has little to do with my belief that he should never be allowed to play. It was the little running and operating an interstate gambling ring…..HELLO!….professional gambler and all his gambler buddies, and you want this schmuck running your team, nice, like having Capone as the town sherriff.
    Someone on here thinks (and in his case I’ll use that word lightly) that New Orleans will sign him, why? they have Brees who is by far a better QB, and they have already had a “Mike Vick” in the form of his cousin Aaron Brooks, look at thier stats and tell me the major differences
    Vick – 6 years – Comp. Ratio 53.8% – 71 TDs Passing – 52 INTs
    21 TDs rushing – 55 Fumbles – 27 Lost
    Brooks- 8 years – Comp Ratio 56.5% – 123 TDs Passing – 92 INTs
    13 TDS Rushing – 64 Fumbles – 26 Lost
    My question isn’t who might sign him….who would really want him?

  9. Whoever thinks Carolina is gonna bring Vick in is obviously some flavor of stupid. They’ll push Matt Moore a full season before they bring in Vick.
    In my opinion better guesses would include teams like
    -Minnesota – Depending on how T.Jackson does this year(Dont know if they want to get another QB of same type of “build” Vick and T.Jackson are very similar)
    -San Fran – SF is in need of any QB other than Alex Smith
    -Washington – For some reason they arent too keen on J.Campbell
    -Seattle – Could be looking for Hasselbecks replacement soon
    -Oakland – If Russel dosnt start shaping up Vick can be brought in as backup roll to push Russel and we all know Al likes his speed guys and dosnt care about PR
    -Denver – Mcdaniels has done more stupid things…

  10. MauMontaV5: if you don’t know where my screen name was uncleverly stolen then you might have a life and might not be a Jim Rome clone. So I do understand the argument against my thought of Miami but I do think it coils be interesting with pat white and vick lining up together in shotgun but I do realize there is almost no chance so I’ll take that city back and suggest Houston instead.

  11. minnehaha – chilly is a brick shy of a load but he isnt that stupid. no one should take carries away from peterson unless it is taylor.
    sf – instant maximum pr nightmare. besides, vick isnt disciplined. that wont work with the pantsdropper.
    wash – it’s possibule, to quote muskie the muskrat.
    seattle – not till mora is gone. vick got mora fired too.
    oakland – it’s a real possibility. al wants physical freaks. and vick is also a mental freak.
    denver – not happening. they wont bring in such a disgrace. and hey do have a more consistent qb now.
    but, vick should be banned anyway. let him work construction or beg for a job in the ufl. drugs, dog-killin, interstate gambling, lying about all the above… he wont ever be a model citizen or a role model. flush him.
    dallas – it might be a few years before jj does anything THAT stupid again. with players.
    cleveland is already a circus.
    new orleans already has a lot of offense and a kick returner / scatback guy.
    wash – i could see snyder doing it. campbell basically has sucked except for the 1st half of 2008 folks. he isnt the best qb on the skins either. and snyder is always hot to overpay.
    i would look at jax, buff after ralph expires, the always desperate jests, tampa because i see them going down and always picking up turds anymore, detroit because such a place just HAS to have a black qb (altho they never win anything).

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