Browns Asked Cribbs To Come In

A league source tells us that Browns receiver/kick returner Josh Cribbs went to the team’s facility at the express request of the organization.
Coach Eric Mangini, we’re told, wanted to talk to Cribbs.  And so Cribbs explained to Mangini in person what has been reported.  He wants the team to honor its promise to adjust his contract.
We’re told that Cribbs won’t be practicing, and that he intends to continue to boycott all non-mandatory practices.

5 responses to “Browns Asked Cribbs To Come In

  1. So if he is only asking them to adjust his contract, an adjustment can be DOWN can’t it?
    Good thing I am not the one leading those negotiations, I’d be tempted to do that. Of course I would have his real offer ready, but would be funny to see his face when you propose a lower $$ amount first.

  2. Florio….
    Have you thought of starting a Football only forum…I’d bet it would be a big success, seeing you seem to allow posters to post without being censored, for the most part???

  3. Adding this blog post to my Mike Florio’s All Time “No Kidding!” Non-Story Scrapbook.

  4. Uhhh…. aren’t we talking about a special teamer here? Why have I seen 6,654,189,324,654,879,189 articles on this dude in the last week?

  5. Cribbs has easily outperformed his deal. I’m not saying break the bank (a la Devin Hester) but pay the man a fair amount.

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