Morris On Talib-Penn Fight: "Tempers Boil Over, We Deal With It As A Family"

One day after we reported the details of a fight between cornerback Aqib Talib and offensive tackle Donald Penn where cornerback Torrie Cox suffered facial cuts when he was accidentally struck by Talib’s helmet while trying to quell the incident, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris addressed the issue by altering the practice routine.
Morris decided to conduct an abbreviated special-teams session to try to promote team solidarity, and the session lasted about a half-hour and included sprints and hitting the blocking sled, according to Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times.
Morris weighed in on Talib’s history of losing his temper. Last year, Talib got into a fight with teammate Cory Boyd at the NFL rookie symposium.
“Anytime you play this violent of a game, you’re always going to have some type of controlling your emotions issues,” Morris said, per the Times. “I’ve got my own controlling my emotions issues. That’s when the coach steps in and helps him and he has to grow from it, he has to learn.
“Each individual action that you take, you’ve got to get something out of it and learn from it. That’s what I think he’s doing. … You saw him grow. Last year was an off-the-field incident. This year was an on-the-field incident. If he grows as much as he did from his off-the-field incident, then I’m going to love it. We’re all going to love it.”
Well, certainly, Cox isn’t loving it right now. He required stitches for his facial laceration and didn’t practice today, although Morris said that Cox is “fine.”
Morris declined to reveal what sort of punishment Talib is facing. Talib was reportedly fined. 
Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik issued the following statement: “We are discussing the specifics of the situation, and will provide an update as we proceed.”
Per the report, Morris seemed to be upset that news of the fight became public.
“We went out there yesterday and had a spirited practice,” Morris said. “Like I said, tempers boil over. Actions happen that you don’t like. You take it and handle it in-house. It’s a family affair. Then you come out today and figure out how to change it. No question, you’ve always got to worry about different elements of your actions. We always handle family affairs internally and it’s been handled.
“He understands the consequences for his team, we understand the consequences for our team if anybody does anything. When stuff happens, when things happen internally, the leaders have got to step up and handle it. When you guys get it first before everybody else, then we’re not developing our leaders right. Our leaders have got to be developed within. They’ve got to learn how to deal with those situations. They’ve got to learn how to keep it inside.”
Talib and Penn have both downplayed the episode.
“It’s all good,” Talib told the Tampa Tribune. “[Torrie’s] good; it’s all right.”
At least until Mt. Talib explodes again.

19 responses to “Morris On Talib-Penn Fight: "Tempers Boil Over, We Deal With It As A Family"

  1. Talib already told Cox that he only did it because he loves him, and Cox has been telling people he got that nasty mark on his forehead by “walking into a door.”

  2. Good thing Michael Westbrook is out of the league or he would’ve kicked both they arses. You know what I’m talking about Stephen Davis.

  3. Yeah, I can’t remember a single christmas without Grandma getting facial lacerations from Uncle Jeff swinging his football helmet.

  4. If family arguments are settled by bashing your brother over the head with a football helmet…sign me up.

  5. Consider that some guys are facing DUI Manslaughter, torturing and murdering dogs, getting caught trafficking cocaine, or getting into fights at strip clubs with their own bodyguards.
    As a fan, Talib’s once-per-year scuffles are something I can live with.

  6. ” Last year was an off-the-field incident. This year was an on-the-field incident. If he grows as much as he did from his off-the-field incident, then I’m going to love it. We’re all going to love it.””
    If Talib had actually learned anything from his series of “incidents”, they wouldn’t keep happening. So yeah, hope Morris loves it, because he’ll probably get more of them.
    Look’s like Morris is making one of the biggest coaching mistakes – letting the inmates run the asylum. Let’s hope he’s covering up for a little internal ass-kicking. Otherwise, if the players know they can get away with this crap, it will keep happening.

  7. raheem morris”it’s a family thing”…no raheem,you’ve got a thug to deal with.

  8. Once again blowing it out of proportion Florio. Oh wow, NFL players got in a fight. They hit people for a living…get over it. He wasn’t at the scrip club, he wasn’t being rebellion, it wasn’t the dumbest mistake he’s ever made period point blank.
    Like Morris said, this is something that should have never gotten out to the press because they’re only going to blow it up. It’s a non-issue.

  9. Bigflem, why couldn’t you have called Florio stupid so that I could have at least gotten an ironic laugh out of your enabling bufoonery.

  10. Alabama leprechaun and bucco bruce
    0 downs of real football have been played yet you’re both experts on what next season will bring for the Bucs?
    Que the banjo music… two true Tampa Bay “goobers” are making predictions.

  11. Hey Fanball58,
    Why don’t you get your carcass over to the shooting of Deliverance part 2 as an extra? I’ve lived 80 miles south of Tampa for 45 years and have missed 8 Bucs games since 1976 total. Morris has never held any position at the pro level other than being a secondary coach. He left the Bucs a few years ago to go back to college and failed there as a defensive coordinator. Sounds like Joe Barry, the current Bucs linebacker coach who is back after his defensive coordinator stint with the Lions which didn’t work out so well.
    As far as the Bucs upcoming season, I said Morris was in over his head, if you read his quotes in the media, you would see the same thing. I personally happen to think that the Bucs will have a strong running game but there are serious questions surrounding the defense. I wish the best for Morris, as I am a fan of the Bucs, but I believe he will be overwhelmed this season and 6-7 wins with their upcoming schedule looks realistic.
    Que your own banjo music goober.

  12. bucco bruce – You’re definitely a Tampa Bay goober – you confirmed it by stating your “like it might really matter” personal Bucs game attendance facts. 39 years of drinking those triple priced Bucs stadium beers and sitting in the 1:00 PM FLA sun makes you loopy, not the football expert you think you are.
    Your prediction for the Bucs is more like a “parroting” echo of local Buccaneer talk radio. Regardless of how many Bucs games you were financially able to attend the last 30 years. I disagree with your opinion.
    Until the games start and the results are known – stop being a nay sayer with a glass half empty attitude. By your own admission – if they win, you’ll be the first one pumping up the band wagon tires.
    Say hello to your neighbor Burt Reynolds. Just like when the individual Rays come up to bat at the Trop – 620 WDAE keeps your banjo music cued up for when you call.

  13. Funny to see people here who equate the hitting that goes on as part of the game to, for the rest of us, assault with a deadly weapon.

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