Quinn Jumps Out To Early Lead Over Anderson

It’s extremely early in the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback competition, but former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn appears to be emerging as the initial leader during a voluntary minicamp.
According to James Walker of ESPN.com, Quinn took the first snaps with the first-team offense today ahead of former Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson.
And Browns coach Eric Mangini indicated that Quinn’s offseason efforts contributed toward his early advantage in the quarterback derby.
“Brady will get the first reps today,” Mangini said. “He started with the first reps on Wednesday, and that’s because he’s done a really outstanding job in the offseason program. Not that Derek hasn’t done well, but [Quinn] gets the first reps.”
During three starts last season, Quinn completed 48 of 97 passes for 563 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions for a 66.6 quarterback rating.
In nine starts last year, Anderson completed 142 of 283 throws for 1,615 yards, nine touchdowns and eight interceptions for a 66.5 quarterback rating.

27 responses to “Quinn Jumps Out To Early Lead Over Anderson

  1. Well, that settles it. Quinn is better by .1…I’m not sure why they’re bothering with a competition at this point.

  2. Ha ha… “Not that Derek hasn’t done well, but (Quinn) gets the first reps.” That about says it all doesn’t it?

  3. Quinn will start…dont think Anderson wins unless Quinn turns to sh–…7 Jets on the team these guys will play more disciplined football then last year….

  4. Brady Quinn is the man and the best chance the Browns have for a decent season. Derek Anderson is to unconsistant.

  5. someone let wilson know that everybody, including this website he works for, has been reporting Quinns gonna start for the Browns this year competition or no competition. Next Wilson will report Mine That Bird is ahead by a nose in the Derby.

  6. of course unless quinn really steps in it compared to anderson, or quinn gets hurt, they will hand him the job.
    but if they have any concerns, i suspect they could throw anderson to the wolves again, then let quinn mop up the second half of the season, when it gets easier.

  7. This should not be a surprise. Quinn might not be the answer, but Anderson is DEFINATELY not the answer.

  8. I would give Quinn the start considering his QB rating last year was so much higher than Anderson’s!

  9. his report is probably based on grossi’s who didn’t mention that manginis specifically said that he split first team reps 50/50 between brady and derek.

  10. Annnnnnd Brady Quinn takes the lead in the competition for being James Harrisons tackling dummy next season!

  11. The bottom line is Anderson did not meet expectation last year. It’s not just a factor of 0.1, he was allegedly a pro-bowl QB, but didn’t play like one. If I remember correctly they’re paying him like one too. Zero surprise.
    And on top of that Brady Quinn is a glutton for punishment in the media. He didn’t play great but he didn’t play as-terribly as was claimed.

  12. ClevelandSucks aka Philly Sewer Rat says:
    May 21st, 2009 at 12:53 pm
    True story Quinn loves the Village People.
    Which one plays your part? True story.

  13. ClevelandSucks aka Philly Sewer Rat
    True story – you’re an charter member of the DUMBASS Club.

  14. I’m amazed how similar their stats are on a per game basis. Anderson had a better completion percentage by less than 1%, more TD’s per game, 1 to 2/3. Quinn averaged a mighty 9 yards per game more than Anderson. Basically it’s a wash. Maybe the rest of the lousy team has something to do with QB performance. Or maybe suck is as suck does.

  15. I just saw the interviews w DA and Quinn and you can tell from his posture Derek Anderson wants to be elsewhere…..he thinks he got a raw deal here….. bs…. the dude blew chunks all over the season, and in 2007…. he was solely responsible for us missing the playoffs with his terrible play….. he dug hole after hole with multiple interceptions that broke our defense in half….. he had two 1000 yard receivers, a running back over 1200 yards, an awesome return game, and a solid line around him…… and yet he , and he alone blew the season….. his interceptions were on him, not cause of a rush most of the time…. he screwed the fans, we didn’ t screw him…… and in my opinion, he’s a trade waiting to happen….. cause as soon as an injury happens to a starter….. i can here the stamp slam in red ink done deal…. cya…. no return to sender……….. do you no how many Browns fans will disappear outta the seats if he’s named starter……. F>A>C>T!!!!!…….. so the competition line is what it is a mirage……. the guys a bust…. a drag….. and now he’s a goner………….his value for trade goes up as soon as a team has a need through injury………… then we need to bleed draft choices for him, like we shouldve been 08 started when Dumb ASS Savage gave him a stupid contract extension……so Derek keep that attitude up with the press dude…… it was right out front for everyone to witness and it shows you are a cancer on our team……

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