Giants Can't Sell PSLs

As the Giants and the Jets prepare to open a new stadium in 2010 that will feature the ultimate sucker-born-every-minute device of requiring people to pay both a fee to enter the facility and a fee for the privilege of putting their fannies in the folding chairs, the Giants are having a hard time selling their allotment of so-called Personal Seat Licenses.
According to Neil Best of Newsday, the Giants have exhausted their six-figure season-ticket waiting list, and still haven’t sold out PSLs having price levels of $20,000, $12,500, and $7,500.  (Thanks to SportsBusiness Daily for the head’s up.)
“We’re not talking about a lot of tickets,” Giants V.P. of communications Pat Hanlon told Best.  “We are confident when we move into the new building [in 2010] we will be sold out.”
Best points out that the seats currently haven’t been made available to the public.  Best also points out that the Giants likely wouldn’t decline to accept a check made out to the team in the amount of $20,000.
One big factor in this sssslow market for the PSLs is the economy.  But perhaps consumers have gotten wise to this money-for-nothing tool aimed at increasing ticket prices without actually increasing ticket prices.

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  1. This warms my heart. But when you think about it, why should they pay for a PSL when they’re just going to leave in the 3rd quarter to beat traffic?

  2. I cant think of a more greedy and rotten devive to bleed fans dry than a PSL. We are in a recession and even the corporate clients are trying to cut back. To ask fans to pay a licensing fee for their seats is even worse than the crazy ticket prices those clowns at Yankee Stadium are charging

  3. Good. If a team in the biggest media market in the country can’t sell them, hopefully teams down the road will take note and steer clear.
    Really, all they needed to do was to renovate the current stadium. It wouldn’t have been too difficult to add lots of luxury suites and widen the concourses, and it would have cost a fraction of building this new monstrosity. The current stadium has some of the best sightlines of any stadium, and even the highest seats are not that far from the field.
    Instead, they built what is going to be a white elephant, with seats a mile from the field, that is going to price out just about everyone, all the while making parking at the current stadium an absolute disaster for the last few years.
    Much like the Yankees new stadium, the Giants and Jets deserve every bit of the bad publicity they are going to get for this impending debacle.

  4. That’s why they had to cut their last PSL, “Person shot in leg.” There’s just no market value for them.

  5. Call me old fashion but wasn’t buying a season ticket the same a getting a license for that seat for the year. The public should refuse to buy these PSLs and see where that leaves the teams. I’d buy a 50″+ TV and Sunday ticket and watch at home before I’d buy a PSL.

  6. There are 9200 Club Seats in the new stadium.
    The stadium doesn’t open until the 2010 season.
    There are 20 million people in the NYC Metropolitan Area, only 140,000 on the season ticket wait list.
    In an 82,500 seat stadium, the Giants have sold over 70,000 PSL’s.
    I am willing to bet that once the tickets are made available to the general public, that they will sell these seats (corporations, etc).
    This is a non story until August 2010. Let’s see if there are any remaining tix then.
    Besides, the Jets (who will share the stadium with them) are really struggling with this. They are only charging PSL’s for the lower bowl. They had a premium auction, and barely sold any tickets. In addition, people in the lower sections are looking to move up to the non psl seats. The Jets will allow them to do this, and seniority will dictate who gets the non psl seats.
    Wait for the fireworks with that plan.

  7. Chicago trumps NY again. Not only do we have to buy PSL’s but also pay the city a 9% amusement tax on top of both the PSL and the actual tickets. Wake up New York, you’re leaving money on the table!

  8. As a PSL owner in another city.., I can affirm that the purchasing of the PSL is a huge F-U to the fans. The salvation in it for me, is that the re-sale value in my town in greater then what I originally paid. However.., the PSL’s I paid for were under $2K per seat. Asking fans to pay $7500 (I’m sure for ‘nosebleeds’), $12500 or $20000 per seat?? Are you F’ing kidding me? Depressed market or not.., this is far beyond ridiculous. This is obviously less about raising revenue and more about pushing away the core fanbase. How can the Giants (or Jets or Yankees for that matter) justify this to the fanbase?
    You can sell me a bill of goods, but that doens’t mean I’ll buy. If I lived in NY.., I would count my Sundays of going to see my favorite team, a thing of the past.

  9. @ Alabama leprechaun
    I preface this by saying that I loathe both teams, but will remain objective.
    Having been to both Giants and Jets home games, the Giants have a much more old school and high brow (money) crowd. The Jets cater to a more drunken, uncivil crowd. Some of the rudest, most obnoxious fans in the league.
    Something like this…
    …would never happen at a Giants game.

  10. There are two kinds of NFL fans – rich fans and ones who don’t have a lot of money but go out all and spend a good chunk of their disposable income on season tickets and NFL Sundays as their big entertainment purchase. It’s that second type who the NFL owners are dumping on. Those fans can’t afford PSLs and the owners know that there are a lot of rich folks out there on those waiting lists. 🙂

  11. Usually it’s one or the other. I don’t know anyone who has tickets for both. Actually, I don’t know anyone who is a real fan of both.

  12. I am on the waiting list & I was never contacted. Don’t get me wrong, I would laugh in their face, but I was never contacted.

  13. Dang. I glanced at the title on Twitter and thought it said “Giants can’t *spell* PSLs. I thought “This is gonna be a good one….”
    You can imagine my disappointment when I saw the actual article.

  14. As a Jets fan, I have to agree on 2 points brought up in this discussion:
    PSL’s are ridiculous, especially for Jets fans, at least the Gmen won a superbowl not even 2 years ago (and they can’t even sell tickets?), I wasn’t even a sperm when the Jets won their one and only Superbowl…that said the Jets have given me more years of frustration than satisfaction, regardless my allegiance doesn’t waiver.
    Yes we are drunken, uncivil, and obnoxious fans, but you say it like it’s a bad thing?

  15. i’m with par4life….. the season ticket you buy IS the seating license.
    the concept of a PSL is retarded, especially at that price point. you still have to buy tickets on top of that, and you don’t own the seat. further, you aren’t even building equity really. it’s all a bullcrap proposition to make more money for the owners. :thumbdown:
    ban PSLs

  16. Why do they call them the New York teams? They play in New Jersey. New York Swollows New Jerseys man juice!!!!!!!!11

  17. So is their stadium going to look like the new Yankee Stadium. God, I can’t believe how empty the “mighty” Yankees stadium is.

  18. Bob Kraft built Gillette Stadium without PSLs. I am a Patriots season ticket holder and my seats cost $169 a game,( including 2 glorified scrimmages during pre-season), to sit on the goal line in the lower bowl. What will the face values of lower bowl tickets be in the new Giants Stadium?
    Here’s the catch with the Pats tickets. I cannot transfer my tickets to anyone else. They must go back to the Pats (except for immediate family members if I pay a $5000 per ticket transfer fee.) When the stadium was originally built they were talking about an average $2500 PSL fee and face values of around $90 per seat for my seats. They were going to offer longterm financing through their business partner (Bank of America.) If I recall correctly that would have been a 20 year loan. So, with interest, that would have added about 30 bucks a game to the ticket cost, but I would have had the right to transfer the tickets and resell the PSLs down the road.
    So, I guess I’m saying that PSLs aren’t necessarily evil when you look at the alternative. I wish Kraft had sold them.

  19. Does that mean the waiting list is empty? If it is anything like the Patriots’s waiting list, you pay $100/per seat to be on it and if you’re offered tickets and say no, they keep your $100 (otherwise it’s applied to the season tickets price).

  20. @ CHUDzilla
    you’re probably right, the drunken, uncivil approach is good for home field advantage.
    As a Patriots fan, I stopped going to Pats/Jesters games in Jersey a few years ago, since I’m not really into fighting at the stadium or having beer poured on me, or dozens (hundreds?) of paper airplanes whizzing past my head for the entire game.
    Anyway, I was hoping with the new stadium things would be a little less hostile, and maybe it will, but it by then it will be so pricy it won’t be worth it anyway- hmm, sort of sounds like Gillette. They didn;t need to fix what wasn’t broken.
    Sigh. Thank god for the 47″ HDTV.

  21. Buying a season ticket does not give you any rights, other than to attend the games that you have purchased tickets to.
    Like it or not, with a PSL, they have now conveyed ownership to whomever purchases it.
    Historically speaking, teams that have sold PSL’s typically have seen the value of the PSL go up with time – look at the Chicago Bears, and I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    I bought PSL’s in the lower bowl, and only paid $5k per seat.
    At the new Cowboy Stadium, the PSL’s are going for up to $100k – that is rediculous

  22. Rediculous. PSLs for our seats at the Linc were $2000 when it opened up – about twice what the tickets go for a year now. Didn’t like paying it, but for good seats it wasn’t a bad deal. But $20K? That’s insane, even in New York.
    Heyward, you have to upgrade to the 52″ model. I saw an ad for the Sony Bravia I bought last year and it’s almost $1200 less now. Great picture.

  23. Its worse then you all think they want $10,000 for the PSL and then $500.00 per game
    Thats $30,000.00 for two seats in 2010 and $10,000.00 a year after that.
    I love my giants but that is fing crazy I am one of the wait listers that passed
    55″ Vizo LCD $1,600.00 and I can watch that in a warm or cool house in a nice chair with out some drunken egirl fan puking his guts out behind me
    At the age of 50 I have given up hope of ever getting season tickets

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