Gruden's Reputation Already Following Him To Broadcasting

During his time as coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coach Jon Gruden developed a reputation for, at times, saying one thing and doing another.
He also developed a reputation for, at times, not being willing to personally break bad news to players who were no longer in the team’s plans.
Multiple sources tell us that Gruden already is beginning to acquire the same reputation in the world of broadcasting — on both counts.
The prime example, obviously, comes from Gruden’s reported handshake deal with NFL Network, which suddenly became a done deal with ESPN.  As Rich Eisen of NFLN explained the situation earlier today on The Dan Patrick Show, “We were expecting him.  We were expecting him any day. . . .  And then, boom, he’s in the Monday night booth.”
We’ve privately heard of at least one other similar example arising within the context of Gruden’s fledgling broadcasting career.  And it’s our understanding that Gruden did not personally inform NFLN that he would not ultimately join the network.
Meanwhile, league and media insiders continue to buzz regarding the fact that Gruden hated ESPN during his time with the Bucs.  We’re told that Gruden regularly complained about ESPN, and that he would try to avoid their reporters whenever he could.
So while Gruden might end up being very good on ESPN (and we think that he will be extremely good in the broadcast booth), Gruden also might be providing some intriguing behind-the-scenes nuggets, especially since there will be plenty of folks employed by Bristol who will likely be willing to share on an off-the-record basis some of the stuff that’s actually going on there.

20 responses to “Gruden's Reputation Already Following Him To Broadcasting

  1. Can you really blame the guy for ditching NFL network in order to take the MNF job. MNF is the premiere spot in all of sports and NFL network does only a few (usually crappy) games to what was, at the time, a much smaller audience.
    Yes, I get that he had a verbal agreement, but how many other people wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing.
    Even if the guy flops terribly, he’ll still be worlds better then Kornheiser.

  2. So he disliked ESPN as a coach and now he’s working for them? So what? That’s like a player who grew up in Cleveland rooting for the Browns and then got drafted by the Steelers. If it were me, I’d jump off the nearest bridge before I put on a Black and Yellow (you want gold, see the Saints) jersey. But sometimes the opportunity far outweighs the past.

  3. Isn’t NFLN a sponsor of this website? Does that create a slight bias towards this story?

  4. Gruden’s reputation may be following him into broadcasting, but it’s too bad for him that he’s not following Tony Dungy into broadcasting. Maybe if he was taking over Dungy’s seat and mic at MNF, as opposed to Kornheiser, he could whip up the same first year success he had in Tampa.
    What will be interesting to watch is how Gruden treats his microphones. If past performance is any indicator, he’ll say that he’s all set with the one he’s got, but then buy three extra ones, promise them all a spot on MNF with him, then throw one away, get it back, use it, toss it again, and then buy three or four more in the offseason.
    But that’s only if he treats his mics like he treated his QBs.

  5. Introduce me to someone that wouldn’t have left that “handshake deal” with NFLN for MNF. If you do I will kindly call that person a liar. The fact that John Gruden did it and media like Steve DUImig here in Tampa and are giving him shit for it is comical.

  6. I’d stick to stories that mock Romo’s offseason golf habits, Florio.
    Not that vague, kinda wishy-washy-women’s lavatory-esque rumors about broadcasters isn’t really exciting, mind you.

  7. I agree that he will be better than Kornheiser, but then again so would Donald Duck. I think two in the booth is enough.

  8. I heard Gruden wasn’t much for handshakes. I bet he doesn’t evven look Stu in the eye.

  9. Have they figured out how to put in the ten minute delay on his audio?

  10. I mean can’t blame the guy for taking the more high profile gig at ESPN. Especially considering the Bucs are still giving him 4MM a yr.

  11. Has no one explained to NFLN that there is no confirmed deal until there are signatures on paper? And as for Tampa’s resident drunk, Steve DUImig _ if Gruden sucks so bad why are major networks fighting for him? Have another drink, Steve.

  12. His word is shit is the bottom line. And I would hardly call ESPN MNF the premier football job. It’s been going downhill for years as evidenced by the falling ratings year after year. Gruden offers zilch in terms of a personality. His claim to fame is looking like a doll. Get real.

  13. goes to prove that if you put a check under someone’s nose with a lot of zeros,they’ll become a whore quickly.

  14. The good thing about ESPN hiring Gruden is that it will only last one season, if that long. Gruden is a Coach, not a broadcaster, analyst or color commentator. He’ll find out soon enough he doesn’t like it, and he’s already stated he wants to get back into coaching.
    That will give ESPN time to find a suitable replacement. No more Dennis Millers, Tony Kornheisers although he wasn’t bad for a year or two, Rush Limbaughs (yes I know he only tried out) or ill suited “names” who are somewhat knowledgable about football.
    As for Gruden’s honesty, integrity, straightforwardness, all you need to do is to talk to former players, coaches & employers. His behaviour shouldn’t have been a surprise. Unless you weren’t paying attention.
    Its time to get it right this time, they’ve screwed up enough already with the third person in the booth.

  15. Main D said: Has no one explained to NFLN that there is no confirmed deal until there are signatures on paper? And as for Tampa’s resident drunk, Steve DUImig _ if Gruden sucks so bad why are major networks fighting for him? Have another drink, Steve.
    That’s is great question, the guy is a terrible coach, why does people still think he is good?

  16. Gruden will do ok. He’s Got to be better than Tony K.
    Thank God that guy’s gone, my mute button’s worn out.
    Now mebbe they’ll get back to talking about football (and not american idol) during MNF.
    Joe T wasn’t perfect, but he was into the whole “this is a football game, lets talk about football” thing.
    Whomever made the decision to keep Tony over Joe should be downsized and forced to watch nancy grace every night.

  17. No, he won’t do well. Gruden has long thought himself the smartest man in The League and will take that attitude to the booth. I say by week six Gruden will do or say something (most likely to Jaws) that will result in either a strained booth situation with lots of awkward silences or either Gruden or Jaws quitting.

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