Merriman Says It's The "Best [He's] Felt" Since Knee Surgery

Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman played in only one game last season, finally deciding to have surgery to repair a cocktail of knee ailments including a torn PCL.
He’s now back in shape and ready to get back on the field, and he’s sharing updates about the progress on his Twitter account.  (According to, it’s the real Merriman.)
Said Merriman on Friday afternoon:  “today was the best i felt running and working out since my surgery back in sept.  damn i cant wait for the season.”
Merriman also had some recent views regarding Mike Vick’s status.  Said Merriman, “i feel that everyone deserves a second chance N life even though what he did was wrong me personally i would luv 2 see him back on the turf.”
Two minutes later, Merriman disclosed the reason for his views on the matter:  “Just another M*@#&*@!*& to go after . . . pardon my german.”
So when he says “go after”, does he mean like this?


25 responses to “Merriman Says It's The "Best [He's] Felt" Since Knee Surgery

  1. Hmmm I guess despite being lame, Twitter does sort of make the reporter irrelevant. Copy + paste

  2. He needs to “go after’ his barber with that ridiculous do he’s sporting.

  3. Nice one “Emmitt” !
    “Pardon my German” is used when you fart or burp,
    “Pardon my French” is when using profanities.

  4. Jesus Christ Florio, you’re never going to let that go you loser. Did Merriman run over your dog? Your mother? Because I can’t imagine what he ever did to make you loathe him so much. Why don’t you try to slander him again with those photoshopped pictures (with another half-assed apology afterwards).
    MJD is a stud, (“like a bowling ball covered with butcher knives” as one coach put it). He hit him full speed and had a better leverage on account of the fact that he’s so low to the ground. Its simple physics. You’ll notice something though: Merriman hits the turf and instantly springs back up. He wasn’t knocked out cold. He didn’t lie there for a stretcher. He’s a football player. Football players get knocked down sometimes. I’ve seen some of the best Linebackers get trucked by running backs, and vice versa, it doesn’t mean they suck.
    Maybe you should ask Priest Holmes about how Merriman comes after people. Or maybe any QB or Offensive coordinator in the league about how they stay up nights trying to gameplan for the guy.

  5. Merriman will never forget the meaning of “pad level” after that pancake.

  6. what he meant to say was “its the best I’ve felt since my last cycle.”

  7. “He hit him full speed and had a better leverage on account of the fact that he’s so low to the ground. Its simple physics.”
    If that’s all it took, NFL teams would hire lots of fast midgets. As it is, a juiced-up linebacker needs to blow the RB up. It’s his job. Get low and let inertia do it’s job.

  8. why do you hate merriman so much florio?
    iv heard you guys talk on pft and you guys seem to get along.
    Never heard you talk to his face negativly,
    only behind your computer.

  9. When Shawne says he feels good, that just means he’s ahead of the curve on testing. That dude will not be an old NFL linebacker. As for the video, I saw Napoleon Kaufman do the same thing to a Cowboy pass rusher, Charles Haley maybe. Only difference is Kaufman got called for holding.

  10. What’s the continued obsession with Merriman and steroids?
    Do these mediots (Florio included) remind us, twice daily, about Rodney Harrison’s multiple year use of HGH?
    Or how about Julius Peppers’ real use of steroids (not an additive in a supplement like Merriman) from his rookie season?
    Get over it.

  11. Oh… I didn’t realize Florio needed his mom to defend himself… how interesting.

  12. Invaiduh –
    you are correct in saying that HGH is a “helluva drug” but don’t forget Jarrod Cooper, Lyle Alzado, Bill Romanowski, Greg Townsend, Barrett Robbins, Dana Stubblefield, Chris Cooper, Tyrone Wheatley, Rubin Carter, the rest of the idiots in Raider Nation etc…and that is just the last few years, you sir, are an idiot…

  13. Shawne Merriman, douchebag extraordinaire, and king of self proclaimed readiness.
    Merriman = “The Boz” (with better roids)

  14. “Pardon my German” is used when you fart or burp,
    you’re an idiot. he’s been in germany for the last week or so. he’s even made a few jokes about having to stay in germany if he doesn’t get 10000 followers on twitter.
    and florio, you are sad. your attempts at posting nfl “news” consists of you scouring twitter for tidbits of info nobody could give a crap about. we dont care for your twist on the situations in your posts, we just want news, simple as that. go suck favre’s nut sack you hack.

  15. Florio must love Merriman. Here’s this freakish raging bull, and this journalist who won’t let off of his one worst moment, that one outlier anomaly play, constantly bringing it up over and over like a star-struck fan so obsessed over a highlight reel that he needs to link to it on every other post. Not like Merriman needs more incentive to play hard. He’d do better finding a player who could use the motivation… say, constantly replaying Cutler’s unforced fumble on the Hochuli play, or James Harrison’s egregious personal foul in the Superbowl. Yeah, that last one would encourage cleaner play.
    Merriman is one of the league’s best pass-rushers. I don’t think Florio would say it like that unbidden, but I doubt that he would disagree. Merriman doesn’t have a steroids problem and has a ton of testing to prove it. There’s no evidence that he ever knowingly used banned substances, and some evidence (past tests) that he didn’t. He’s a loudmouth, and it’s not endearing except to a certain segment of his fans, but it’s part of the personality that makes him a great football player, and because of it he will continue to be great until he can no longer play.

  16. I sold him some good shit, so he better damn well feel better than he ever has!

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