Rosenhaus Reiterates That Rex Isn't Heading To The UFL

Rumors have been flying that former Bears quarterback Rex Grossman could end up playing in the UFL this season.
His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, recently told the Chicago Sun-Times that the rumors aren’t true.  Rosenhaus recently confirmed that Grossman won’t be playing in the UFL this year.
“He only intends to play in the NFL this season.  The UFL is not a consideration,” Rosenhaus said.
Still, there’s nothing going on with Grossman at the NFL level.
Maybe he’s plan “C” in Minnesota, right behind Favre and Vick.
In unrelated news, Sage Rosenfels just threw up in his mouth.

18 responses to “Rosenhaus Reiterates That Rex Isn't Heading To The UFL

  1. To be fair, Rex Grossman is probably the best FA QB available. Not saying that means much…but still. He’s still young, needs to work on his decision making and, above all, his consistency, but he CAN make all the throws and when he’s on a hot streak, he’s one of the better (I’ll stop short of saying “one of the best”) QBs in the league.
    I could definately see a team taking a shot on him to be their backup, and if it was my team, I’d feel good about having him holding the clipboard.

  2. Man I don’t get the NFL, this guy led his team to a Superbowl, are there really 32 Qb’s in this league better than him? Really? He must be looking for a starting job, and not receiving any nibbles. Get a backup job and get in camp Rex.

  3. i see the same career for grossman as warner/maddox.
    be a star in ufl, then come in and be a franchise’s savior.

  4. He’s better than every jets qb on their roster, better than every raiders, niners, bucs, Vikings, and jags qb on theirs. Yet vick is a viable commodity all of a sudden? Imagine that. He might as well go to the ufl , he will probably make more money on a one year seal there anyway

  5. This cannot bode well for the Broncos, these guys (Rex and Kyle) were in a heated QB competition for years, now this guy cant find a job?

  6. Wow, Rex has the opportunity to totally suck in two different leagues. I say go for it.

  7. Favre/Vick/Grossman: the fritecta of washed up QBs. And to think they could all be on the same team.

  8. That’s funny, because I threw up in my mouth when I read “Rosenhaus”. Oops, there I go again.

  9. Grossman’s numbers were always better than Vick’s.
    Yes, Rex had his problems but Michael Vick is the most overrated QB in NFL history.

  10. He has a great arm…the problem with Rexy is that…he has a great arm. He is a chucker.
    Throws sky balls every chance he gets. When the Bears lost to Indy in the SB all they needed was a below avg QB that got first downs.
    Rex decided to throw Hail Marys on first and ten…second and 5….3rd and 1. Hail Marys up by 7…Hail Marys up by 3…Hail Marys down by 3…Hail Marys in the morning, Hail Marys at night. Even a priest would tell Rex to go easy on them.
    If he ever learned how to just move chains he would be a decent Qb.

  11. “Rex plural of wreck”…good one HRK…Made me almost spit out my vodka shot.

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