Singletary Seems To Say He's Not Interested In Vick

Though his statement on the matter is far from unequivocal, it sure seems like 49ers coach Mike Singletary isn’t interested in acquiring quarterback Mike Vick.
Singletary talked about the situation with our friends at Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show.
“Well I look at it like this,” Singletary said.  “Right now, [G.M] Scott McCloughan and myself have not really talked about Mike Vick a lot.  His name has been mentioned maybe once or twice very early on and that was just because they were interviewing us about him.   But going forward I think we have enough on our plate with these two guys [Alex Smith and Shaun Hill] competing with one another and the whole Michael Vick situation will work itself out.  We’re trying to make sure that we have the situation at hand under control and get the most out of those guys and go forward.”
So it’s very far from a “yes,” but it’s still not a “no.”
Our guess?  As mentioned in our recent item for regarding Vick’s ten possible destinations, Singletary might want Vick — and could be facing internal resistance.