'Skins Rolling Dice On Lottery Sponsorship, Too

Well, the rich will keep on gettin’ richer.
A day after the Patriots announced that they’ll be taking advantage of the brand-new rule permitting NFL teams to sponsor lottery games, the Redskins are getting in on the action as well.
The Redskins and the Virginia Lottery announced Friday that Redskins-themed lottery tickets (presumably of the scratch-and-lose variety) will go on sale later this year.
“This is a great relationship for us,” said Redskins COO Mitch Gershman in a release.  “We envision a game that will link lottery fans with the Redskins in new and exciting ways.”
We agree, if “new and exciting” means “for the vast majority of you, we’ll get your money and you’ll ultimately get nothing.”
Technically, that is new.
And, for the Redskins, it’s definitely exciting.
But don’t get us wrong.  We’re completely in favor of capitalism.  Hell, if there were a market for a PFT lottery ticket, we’d slapped our logo on there faster than it takes to reveal with the edge of a quarter that yet another dollar has been wasted.

22 responses to “'Skins Rolling Dice On Lottery Sponsorship, Too

  1. So, they are the Washington “D.C.” Redskins, they play in Maryland, and partner with the VA lottery… K just checking.

  2. As a marketing ploy (and since Cerrato wouldn’t do any better), Snyder’s letting the top prize winner run next year’s draft.

  3. Hey, if people want to pay extra taxes, why not let ’em? (Although I voted no on slot machines in the last election)

  4. I thought the Redskins already ran a lottery, only it was in their Pro Scouting department. The winner gets a free agent contract. Thanks for playing!

  5. It’ll be the first lottery game where players can trade away rights to tickets they’ll buy in the coming weeks to increase their chance at hitting the jackpot.

  6. You could put a PFT lottery ticket inside each copy of QBF you sell. The buyer would then double his losses (and it would be a cool bookmark).

  7. With a PFT lottery ticket, I’d mostly like win just enough to pay my membership dues here.

  8. Clearly Redskins fans have been playing that same “we’ll take your money and the vast majority of you will get nothing” game for years.
    Old news? But… ALBERT HAYNESWORTH!

  9. This ticket could take off if a top prize was season tickets or other team related cool prizes. As a strictly cash scratch-off it is no different then any other scratch off. For some folks, scratching of that gray matter is the only exercise they get.

  10. Isnt the lottery gambling ? So its not ok to own a horse or dog racetracks but its ok to sponser the Virginia Lottery ? lol What am i missing here ?

  11. if the Patriots are going the “scratch and sniff” route, I hope its Gieselle they market.
    I’d buy a PFT lotto ticket too….that way Florio may at least be able to afford a decent looking suit and upgrade his barber.

  12. I will never understand Virginians. Gerald Poindexter, Redskins fans (even in areas MUCH closer to Charlotte), Wahoos, Al Groh, Jim Webb, and the tool list goes on. . .

  13. Gerald Poindexter?
    And why would a Redskins fan switch allegiance just because they decided to put a team in Charlotte? The only areas in VA that are closer to Charlotte than DC are Martinsville and South Boston anyway.
    For the locality-confused poster above, Redskins Park is in Virginia. That’s where most of the team spends 99% of its time.

  14. What’s the next move for NFL teams? Put VLTs and SLOTS into their stadiums? Why not? Horseracing as a sport has absolutely nothing to do with slots AS FOOTBALL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT EITHER but they got it into their locations to multiply their profits.

  15. I thought that is how the skins ran the team
    Get a bunch of tickets and uncover your starting lineup

  16. For those of you keeping score, earlier this week the NFL was outraged that sports betting was going to be made legal in Delaware and may sue
    Then, the NFL was outraged that some teams might not be fully truthful with thier injury reports, making it difficult for the legal and illegal sports betting industry to make their money (i.e. the Mafia)
    And now the NFL is proudly announcing the co-sponsorship of Lottery tickets
    Thats a big 2-1 in favor of gambling and football by my count.

  17. This is more morally defensible than raising compulsory taxes, which some states must do to cover massive debts and gaping budget deficits.

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