Ten Possible Landing Spots For Vick

Everyone has a list of teams for which quarterback Mike Vick could eventually play.
We’ve decided to take a stand against this unimaginative approach to NFL analysis.
Right after we offer up a list of potential destinations for Mike Vick.
You can read our list, made exclusively for, right here.

9 responses to “ Ten Possible Landing Spots For Vick

  1. What you mean is that if Minnesota is STUPID enough to follow the waggings of Favre, they are stupid enough to pursue Vick and the inevitable freight train of excrement that will be chained to him.
    What bothers me most is that the Vikings have expressed interest in Favre. Chilly has backed away of late, and never said anything overtly committal, but if Favre’s tendon ‘releases’ and the hillbilly can throw without pain, he could be in camp in July in Mankato. With the inevitable freight train of excrement that will be chained to him. Unrealistic expectations, hype beyond hype, media camping out like it was Waco in 93. Remember the line from Billy Bob in ‘Armageddon’? “Basically the worst parts of the Bible.”
    The vikings aren’t going to sneak up on anyone in 09, and Favre in purple will have everybody, including me, thinking Super Bowl. The Minnesota Vikings aren’t the New England Patriots of the Indianapolis Colts. I think the Vikings WANT to be of that caliber, but they aren’t, and I think the incredible attention that Favre will bring along is only a bad thing.
    Here’s hoping the Vikings organization is not stupid in 2009.

  2. That has got to be a joke article!
    The Patriots and Bengals interested in Michael Vick??? I guess both of those teams would be willing to bench their 100+ Million dollar QB’s for a Wildcat who has not even prepared for football in almost 2 years.
    That is absurd.

  3. You’re an idiot, Florio. Since they signed T.O. you assume they’ll sign any thug. T.O. has been arrested exactly ZERO times. And you can point to the recent legal trouble that some of their players have had (Lynch, Whitner & Simpson), but they all got into trouble AFTER they were Bills.
    The Bills think they have their guy in Trent Edwards. They might be right. Either way, the only way we’ll know for sure is if he gets a shot with some decent talent around him. If he fails this year, then they’ll move on. It would be stupid to NOT give Edwards a shot with T.O., Evans, Lynch and Jackson.
    Today, Tim Graham from ESPN was asked if there was any chance of Vick being a Buffalo Bill, and he said: “A knowledgeable source with the Bills laughed at me when I asked. ”
    Here’s the link, douchebag….

  4. As a Vikings fan, the idea of Favre makes me want to die a slow and painful death before I see such a thing. On the other hand, the idea of signing Vick is like one of those kinky things that arouses the hell out of you but you don’t want to admit it because you’re scared of how other people would look upon it. But since I’ve let the cat out of the bag now, I’ll just say it – I’d love to see Vick out there with Peterson, Taylor, Harvin, and even Jackson. They could one-up the wildcat that vicious combo of 2 QB/RBs, 2 RBs and a RB/WR. If Ronnie Brown, Chad Pennington (though admittedly a better QB than Vick or Jackson), and Ricky Williams can do it, then I can’t even imagine how vicious it would be with the Vi(c)kings backfield.
    I am totally teasing myself right now.

  5. DownWithTheClowne i highly doubt they would bench there quarterbacks lol your an idiot they would prob sign him very cheap and use him in the wildcat and or as a WR. and Beastie Bills you need to get your panties from out of your ass man lol you insult him like 4 times in your post. and do u really think if they where interested they would say so publicly? um def. not.

  6. lol @ the guy who thinks patriots and bengals would even consider him as a QB. These teams dont want him as a QB they want the player and the speed. He couldnt QB before he left the league, he wont be any good now. Let him catch and run it.

  7. Agreed with foxmtbr.
    Vickwith Peterson, Taylor, Harvin would be insane. Look what he did with Dunn and Duckett? They were not that good. Look at what he did with a hunger starved offensive line?
    The Vikings have one of the best O-lines in the NFL. The Falcons line was a freaking gimmick.

  8. The great referee in the sky, huh? Pfffff. Don’t tell me you’re a jesus-freak on top of a can’t-make-eye-contact-with-my-underlings type-guy, Florio.

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