Maybin Looking Rough So Far In OTAs

The eleventh overall pick in the 2009 draft hopes he has some similarities to the eleventh overall pick from seven years ago.
Both men, Aaron Maybin and Dwight Freeney, entered the league as guys who were viewed as potentially strong contributors to the pass rush, but possible liabilities in the running game.
For Freeney, things have worked out, as that six-year, $72 million contract confirms.  For Maybin, who’s listed three inches taller but nearly 20 pounds lighter, there’s a long way to go.
And it could be that Maybin has a really long way to go, based on his performance in the team’s opening round of Organized Team Activities.
“Brutal” is the adjective that’s making the rounds.  Per the team’s official web site, Maybin was sprinkled in with the first team on Wednesday.  At one point on Tuesday, he got into a skirmish with tackle Chris Denman.
So at a time when quality performances are being attributed to the fact that everyone looks good when practicing in T-shirts and shorts, it remains to be seen whether Maybin will become an underwear all-star.

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  1. not surprised…the bills went with the prissy looking maybin when they could have and should have drafted Orakpo. thats why Ralph, you dont make your head of marketing general manager of your football team

  2. Any chance we could get a little more info? Who said “Brutal”? Was it a team source? What was the context?
    I don’t mean to give you a hard time on this one, but as a Bills fan who is concerned about our #11 pick, I’d like a little more than one word.

  3. Also,
    How can you accurately judge a DE during “no contact” practice with no pads? I’m just trying to imagine what he could have done that looked so “brutal”.

  4. I agree bills9951, couldn’t believe they passed on Orakpo and he fell to #13…though as a Skins fan, I’m not complaining.

  5. ok, this is ridiculous, we’re talking about practice, not the game, not the game, we talking bout practice, florio you and your sources need to chill about OTAs, the over saturated media hypes up minor nfl issues like OTAs, undrafted rookie free agency, uncapped year, and stubhub BS

  6. I agree, they should’ve went with Orakpo. He would’ve made an instant impact, if that is what they wanted. But the Bills are obsessed with undersized DEs.
    And I was pretty high on Maybin in this draft. But I thought he would be a much better fit in a 3-4 system coming off the edge and also be in a situational role at first like Suggs. Either way, he needs time to develop, which is why he probably went higher than he should have. Remember, he came out as a Redshirt sophomore.

  7. I accidently ate a dollar yesterday. This morning, I pooped out 3 quarters. Should I wait and expect a 4th or just chalk it up as a coincidence.

  8. Hey I loved Maybin in college and got to see plenty of him. Iam from right around Penn State. The guy has great talent, but should have stayed in college atleast another year. He will end up being good though, maybe not at first.

  9. Another well written article Florio…Did you read the part that he beat Denmen to the QB, which caused a fight? OMG AN OTA FIGHT! That must mean he’s years away from contributing! He’s a rookie. He’s been through what, 5-6 practices? Must be a slow news day…

  10. Oh, the #11 pick was the Bills? Sure, I may be too lazy to click on the links or look up the draft results to see who drafted #11, but still…

  11. Wow, your gonna get some idiot points for this one… This hasn’t been reported anywhere, except in reference to your own ranting. Besides, what’s a DE gonna prove in OTA’s?

  12. I really do not understand where this is coming from. I am a religious Bills fan and have read and watched most if not all the OTAs in the past month and I have seen no truth to these judgments. How can anyone judge a d-line or o-lineman through “no contact” drills with no pads on, and going at about 60%.
    The fight with the offensive lineman is a positive sign for me as a fan because it shows this kid has competitiveness and wont be pushed around by

  13. I really do not understand where this is coming from. I am a religious Bills fan and have read and watched most if not all the OTAs in the past month and I have seen no truth to these judgments. How can anyone judge a d-line or o-lineman through “no contact” drills with no pads on, and going at about 60%.
    The fight with the offensive lineman is a positive sign for me as a fan because it shows this kid has competitiveness and wont be pushed around by a bigger offensive lineman that he will be facing throughout the year.
    I dont know what with all the Bills negativity coming recently, but i really dont like it or believe it.

  14. Agree with Beastie Bills that Mike Florio’s article is light on specifics. Was Maybin “brutal” in rushing the passer? “Brutal” in lack of strength and/or potential inability to stop the run? From what source(s) is the term “brutal” being quoted from? Coaches, players, journalists? Please clarify, Mike. Thanks.

  15. You really think Freeney is gonna collect all $72 mil of that “contract”?
    If so, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

  16. Maybin will be a bust.He reminds me of Jamal Reynolds from Florida State several years ago.All the hype about his pass-rush got him drafted in the first round,then got tossed around like a ragdoll by NFL linemen.

  17. “brutal” kinda like mike florio’s credibility….aww crap, now i wont win his book.

  18. also i love the people who are saying orakpo is so much greater than maybin. let them play before you condemn him to death. remember how the raiders Huff pick was so applauded but whitner two spots later was laughed at; donte isnt a probowler or anything, but hes twice the player m. huff is at this point.

  19. Only a fool would start to panic about Maybin based solely on a few days of preliminary, non-contact OTAs. At least wait until he has played in a few games, before you start to trash the guy.

  20. after losing their left tackle the bills pass on Oher who will be a stud in the NFL for the next decade to take Maybin who has high bust potential. He was a one year wonder who didn’t bring it in every game let alone every play. Thanks Buffalo for being one of a dozen teams (only a few that really needed OL help) to let Oher drop to my Ravens.This will be exactly like the Browns letting us move up to take Haloti Ngata for an extra 6th round pick so they could take another bust OLB/DE by the name of Kameron Wimbley.

  21. Can someone really tell me how DE can look bad in non-contact OTAs? So he got in a fight with a player in the trenches? That happens all the time. This article is pretty much useless. Now if he looks bad in Training camp you cant start these rumblings not now. Write another Vick of Farve Article Florio!

  22. Hey, PPDoc, how’d the trade with the Bills for McGahee work out for you? You know, the one where we used your two third rounders to pick up Marcus Stroud and Trent Edwards, and you got a back that may not even start this year?

  23. More stellar reporting from PFT. You know Florio, just because you break news first, it doesn’t mean you break accurate news.

  24. Fear not Bills fans. LaMaar Woodley looked completely lost in his rookie season mini-camps and even training camp. In his second year he posted 11.5 sacks in the regular season, six in the postseason, and ended the Superbowl by sacking Kurt Warner.
    Vernon Gholston was completely invisible last year for the Jets. New coach Rex Ryan expects a monster season from him this year.
    I realize it’s a little bit different since Maybin is listed as a DE on the Bills roster, not an OLB. But the kid hasn’t even worn pads yet as a Bill, he doesn’t even have a contract yet, he hasn’t even participated in a contact drill, so I’m guessing it might be a little early to give up on him.

  25. First you find a treasure trove of old news in your inbox and now you can’t even take the time to put the name of the team Maybin plays for in the write up? Are we boring you? Do you need to hang it up and go back to defending the rights of fellow West Virginians who feel the need to marry a close relative?

  26. buell orakpo looks like an nfl DE which is what the bills needed. maybin needs to be molded and work his way into the role we want him to play. we’ll see who’s better to me it already looks obvious. and this is a bit of topic but donte whitner isn’t in the top 15 safetys in the league. he has done nothing to justify being picked where he was.

  27. @muramba – well – he gained 1300 yards in his first year. last year was plagued by injuries, but our 3 man running crew led the nfl in yardage. willis will start this year. he will play out 3 of 5 years in his contract. he will be gone at the end of the year. he ain’t the greatest team player in the world, but I wouldn’t say he’s been a bust. you got the better end of the deal, but not by miles.
    i hope trent edwards works out for you. i think he will be no more than a journeyman starter. his arm is a rag. he is accurate under 20 yards and not much more past it. marcus stroud is a good player, but i’d rather have ngata.
    i have no animosity toward the bills. i came out and watched you all beat us a couple of years ago. nice stadium. mostly nice fans except for a handful of douchebags.
    it is my opinion however that you guys made a mistake with maybin. i think he is not going to be what you think. look at the history of drafting tackles in the first round. the hit rate is much higher than with DE. you can’t argue that you needed a left tackle to replace Peters, can you?

  28. In his bust hall of fame speach I sure hope he doesn’t forget to thank his local sauce dealer.

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