Dolphins Defensive Tackle Arrested

It’s Memorial Day weekend.  And that means it’s time to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom by engaging in specific activities that jeopardize it.
Woooo!  Hoooo!
The latest NFL player to visit the inside of a jail since Friday is Dolphins defensive end Randy Starks.
According to the Miami Herald, Starks was pinched early Sunday for aggravated battery after he reportedly paid homage to Randy Moss by driving a slow-moving vehicle into a police officer who was trying to stop Starks.
The officer noticed that 13 people were riding in Starks’ vehicle, including a woman who was sitting on Starks’ lap.
The officer approached the truck and tapped on the side window, but Starks kept going.
Next, the officer knocked on the door.  And Starks stopped.
Then, Starks abruptly turned the truck to the left and accelerated, pinning the officer against a vehicle in another lane.
Starks has been jailed on $10,000 bond.
The development doesn’t bode well for Starks’ career in Miami, especially since V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells famously has declared that he’s not interested in acquiring “thugs and hoodlums.”  (Then again, Joey Porter is still on the team.)
Starks is signed through 2012 at a base salary of $2.625 million this year, per NFLPA records.  He joined the Dolphins in 2008 after four seasos with the Titans.

20 responses to “Dolphins Defensive Tackle Arrested

  1. Way worse than anything a Bills player has done recently. At least my Bills don’t commit violent crimes……….uh………O.J. doesn’t count, right?

  2. Starks is a moron, Dolphins might as well get rid of him.
    Second,how in the world do you consider Joey Porter a thug? loud and runs his mouth a lot yes, but a thug he isn’t.

  3. “Second,how in the world do you consider Joey Porter a thug? loud and runs his mouth a lot yes, but a thug he isn’t. ”
    Nevremind the gang assault on the guy in Vegas. Oh and a stipulation to be in the THUG group is to have pitt bulls on your side. Here is a little philosophy for you. While not all pittbull owners are thugs, all thugs have or aspire to have pitt bulls…. Think about it.

  4. Hey Florio,
    Love the site, always refer it to others to get quality NFL news. But your cute little lead in to this article between men/women of the armed forces and a dumbass football player shows you don’t get it either. Stick to football, lead in was bad taste.

  5. 13 people were riding in Starks’ vehicle
    Were they trying to do their best “how many clowns can you fit in one car” impersonation ?

  6. @ drwho13 & sixburghdynasty
    Does Levi Jones ring a bell? When Joey and 3 of his friends literally jumped his ass during a game of blackjack? He’s not a thug? Really? One that grew up in the slums of Bakersfield? One that owns a zillion pit bulls for no reason? How much of a f***** is this guy? loud and runs his mouth a lot yes, a thug HE IS.

  7. Joey Porter not a thug?
    He took a bullet in the ass! Shot in the keister man! Thats thug life.

  8. no this is him

    …but does it really count as thuggery if u assault a player on the bengals?

  9. 13 people and the breadwinner was driving. That makes sense. Put a member of the posse behind the wheel dumb ass.

  10. The cop was racist. It is discriminaory. Poor folks can’t afford cars, that’s why they pile in when somone has one.
    Just driving while black.
    The race card will be played when assaulting a police officer.
    After all he didn’t hit the accelerator, the woman on his lap did. Either accidently or because she feared assault by the police officer.
    After all fighting or fleeing the police is a way of life…if you listen to thug music.

  11. $10,000 bond for what I’m assuming is $100,000 bail for what amounts to assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer?
    This guy needs to go. There’s simply no excuse for that.

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