Giants Mulling Over Possible Lottery Deal

The New York Giants are reportedly contemplating potential lottery partnerships with the state of New York and New Jersey.
According to Bob Glauber of Newsday, the NFC East franchise may become the next NFL team to get into the lottery business.
Since NFL owners approved a rule change last week that allows teams to enter into deals with official state lotteries, the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins became the first two teams to sign up for lottery contracts.
“We are looking at those potential opportunities closely,” Giants vice president of communications Pat Hanlon told Newsday.
Per the report, the New York Jets are also in talks with New York state lottery officials.
According to the Associated Press, the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans are among the other NFL teams interested in pursuing lottery deals.
Also, the Baltimore Ravens have confirmed they’re in talks with the Maryland Lottery.
The Cincinnati Bengals and the San Diego Chargers both said that they haven’t determined their plans at this time.

10 responses to “Giants Mulling Over Possible Lottery Deal

  1. How are the Ravens allowed to get a lottery deal?The stadium they play in is /was paid for by lottery money…

  2. This just isn’t as big a deal as it is being made out to be. State Lotteries have long sponsored NFL teams through advertising programs and other team sports routinely license their logos and names to the companies that produce Lottery tickets. In fact the three number drawing game in Arizona used to be known as “The Coyote 3” as part of a sponsorship with the Phoenix Coyotes. With sponsorship dollars drying up in the automobile and financial categories, state lotteries are generaly increasing their advertising expenditures. It’s solid money the states are good pay and the licensing fees that instant games will generate are not nearly as much money as being bantered around in the press $200MM? Ain’t happening. I am a former marketing director of the Arizona Lottery.

  3. Shouldn’t the Giants and Jets be in discussion with New Jersey and not New York?

  4. Hello? Jaguars? You can’t sell the naming rights to your stadium, so how about a lottery sponsorship to make some money?

  5. I hope we won’t get posts for all 32 teams doing the lottery thing – it’s called filler.
    If there’s nothing to say, my lips are sealed.

  6. If the Giants get involved, then they’d have access to the books to qualify their fair share. That’ll bring the books above board.
    So, seeing is believing.

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