Grady Jackson Facing A Suspension, Too?

When lawsuits were filed against the NFL to block the suspensions of five players who had tested positive for the potent diuretic secretly included in the over-the-counter supplement known as StarCaps, defensive tackle Grady Jackson also had been suspended four games.  However, his internal appeal before the Commissioner’s office had not been resolved.
But Jackson’s appeal was not rejected by the league.  Instead, the matter was “deferred pending additional information.”  (Sounds like the initial outcome of Newman’s mail fraud investigation.)
Still, it’s clear that Jackson took StarCaps, given that he filed a class action against the manufacturer of the product.  So now that the path has been cleared for the suspension of Saints defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant and free-agent running back Deuce McAllister, the league could soon reopen Jackson’s case and formally suspend him, too.
With Jackson now a member of the Lions, his lawyers should be researching Michigan law for the kind of protections that apply in Minnesota.  Georgia law should be examined, too, given that Jackson was a member of the Atlanta Falcons when he tested positive.
And Jackson’s case introduces a new twist — can one employer impose a suspension arising from conduct occuring while the player was employed by another team?

3 responses to “Grady Jackson Facing A Suspension, Too?

  1. I just don’t get this whole thing…how can they suspend guys for taking a drug that the league said was ok?? is it the players responsibility to bring all their supplements to a lab and have it tested to find out all the ingredients?

  2. Here’s a question for the lawyer side of you Florio.
    Can the NFL really go ahead now and suspend the other players who aren’t on the Vikings? Or can those players also now claim that suspending them but not suspending the Vikings players amounts to an uneven application of the rules.
    You know, same crime but different punishments based on which franchise you play for. Doesn’t sound like something the union should dismiss without an appeal.

  3. Are you trying to tell me that Grady Jackson took something to lose weight? He should sue for a refund, not reinstatment.

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