Jim Kelly On The Bills: "They Have No Excuses"

Retired former Buffalo Bills star quarterback Jim Kelly, who would like to eventually own the Bills, isn’t shy about expressing his opinions about the AFC East franchise.
In Kelly’s view, which he expressed recently during an interview on NFL Sirius Radio with Randy Cross, the Bills need to win now after not making it to the playoffs this decade.
Following a string of three consecutive 7-9 campaigns, Kelly noted how the entire franchise is under the gun, including: coach Dick Jauron and new wide receiver Terrell Owens. 
Bills owner Ralph Wilson, who was voted into the Hall of Fame earlier this year, may be losing his patience. The Bills’ last playoff appearance was in 1999.
“I love Dick Jauron to death, and I like some of the guys that are over there, and hopefully they get that thing turned around and they take this team to the playoffs because I guarantee Mr. Wilson is not going to settle for anything but making the playoffs this year,” Kelly said. “The pressure’s on. The pressure’s on Dick. The pressure’s on Turk Schonert, the offensive coordinator.
“They got the people that they need. They got some receivers. They got a couple of good running backs. That good, solid offensive line, I think, should jell this year. So, they have no excuses. It’s time to show up, or just pack your backs, and there’s going to be a lot of changes.”
The Bills signed Owens to a one-year, $6.5 million contract, rolling the dice that he won’t be a disruptive locker room influence. So far, Owens has been a hit in Buffalo. 
“People talk about how he loves to talk and everything,” Kelly said. “People say he might be a disturbance in the locker room. You know what I say? I hope he is.
“We haven’t had anything in the locker room. When you walk into a locker room on Monday and you don’t know whether your team won or lost, something’s got to change.”

27 responses to “Jim Kelly On The Bills: "They Have No Excuses"

  1. He’s absolutely right. If they can’t put together at least 10 wins with T.O., Evans, Lynch and Edwards, we’ll be seeing a new head coach, offensive coordinator and QB in Buffalo in 2010.
    I do like Trent Edwards, but they’ve given him some good weapons to utilize. If he can’t get it done, as Jimbo said, he’ll have no excuses.

  2. If they don’t have a successful season TO will let us know who is to blame….he has a knack for exposing the weak links in an organization. Teams should look into bringing him in as a coaching consultant. Everything will go perfect in Buffalo because that pesky Ed Werder won’t be around to single him out….MVP MVP MVP MVP….
    if life was a reality show, TO would be voted off.

  3. well said jim kelly!!!! ppl praise aaron schobel 4 being meek and humble and just playin the game.i dont want that,i want a player who is brash and talks like he is the best player in the league. i remember a certain bunch of guys like that:jim kelly,bruce,andre,biscut,thurman,nate odomes. they all thought they were the best thing since sliced bread,and most of the time they were. get rid of the meek and humble shy dudeds and lets re-up on the brash!!!

  4. Oh they have excuses, they play New England twice a year AND play in the AFC AND have no stud at QB AND Marshawn Lynch will probably miss games due to his thugism℗.

  5. Uh, Jim? Jimmy boy? You went to 4 straight Super Bowls and lost them all. Who are you to talk about expectations and letdowns?

  6. good to see old school calling out new school. we need to see more of this.

  7. “People talk about how he loves to talk and everything,” Kelly said. “People say he might be a disturbance in the locker room. You know what I say? I hope he is.”
    Be careful what you wish for, Jim, because you definitely WILL get it.

  8. Jim Kelly is right, excuses like losing 4 Super Bowls in a row are for losers…. If Trent Edwards had studs like Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, etc… I’m sure he’d be talking shit too…..

  9. It’s not that T.O. talks is that he manages to blame the same people all the time when things don’t go right. The O.C. and the QB. There is clearly a pattern there. Of course as a Packer fan, I think that T.O. was probably right about Brad Childress.

  10. At best, Trent Edwards is a backup quarterback in the NFL. Just because he beat out Losman doesn’t mean he’s legitimate. They aren’t going to be making the playoffs.

  11. “People talk about how he loves to talk and everything,” Kelly said. “People say he might be a disturbance in the locker room. You know what I say? I hope he is.
    “We haven’t had anything in the locker room. When you walk into a locker room on Monday and you don’t know whether your team won or lost, something’s got to change.”
    How true, but I think a house cleaning is what must happen. Only question is, will Wilson actually go after a proven coach rather than pinching pennies and going with an unknown? After Levy – Phillips, Williams, what-his-name, and Jauron. I don’t think so. the Bills won’t be a threat again under this owner.

  12. pastabelly are you high? Trent Edwards is a quality, good decision making quarterback. He will win some games this year based on his football smarts alone.

  13. champ1315, did u say trent edwards is a good decision making qb??? did u notice his td2int ratio is basically the same as jp losmans and tavaris jacksons??? do your research b4 you start typing nonsense! LOL

  14. he has some nerve saying they have “no excuses” when he went to 4 consecutive super bowls and brought zero hardware home.

  15. Good for him to say it. Face it, for almost all the players the Bills have always been a losing team. When a Hall of Famer calls you out, it’s got to mean something.

  16. the current bills have a long long way to go to match the kelly-bills level of success/futility.
    they wont be getting to 10 wins. she-ho the cancer will rear her ugly head shortly.

  17. The Bills I think are going to be a solid team this year. I think the addition of T.O will help their offense and I think it will make Trent Edwards better.

  18. I love the idiots who act like going to 4 straight super bowls and losing means you suck ……. correction it means only 1 team was better than you for 4 straight years. If we went by “hardware” for stats, Dan Marino would be considered a bust, right Elaw6?

  19. I loved watching Jim Kelly play back in the 90’s, but I must say that it is kind of depressing that the bills faithful still worship a QB who could never win it all. It really proves how inadequate the team has been since Kelly and the gang left. The franchise has not put a good product on the field since then and it really is about time, unfortunately as of right now, the bills front office is grasping at straws and seems to only be concerned with filling the seats. Like the Blackhawks of the NHL, I’m afraid that the franchise will have to wait for success until their old, conservative out of touch owner is no longer in control of the team. Until then I’ll just wait and never buy a ticket.

  20. Getting T.O. was not about “trying” to sell out games since the struggling economy of Buffalo has never had trouble selling out games in one of the biggest outdoor stadiums in the league despite a poor market. See the Bills having the 7th best attendance record overall last year & no blackouts. We needed another WR, T.O. had 7 more TDs and more Yrds than Lee Evans last year, how did we go wrong again? We should be talkin bout the RB who cant stay out of court(Lynch), the guy who cant keep his junk in his pants(McIntyre) , The guy who fights cops (Simpson), The guy who gets tazered by cops (Whitner) and the guy who pulls a gun on his dad (Hardy). But no, we will say how T.O. has issues?

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