Faneca Warms Toward Idea Of A Rookie Starter

New York Jets veteran offensive guard Alan Faneca has softened his stance about the prospects of playing with a rookie starting quarterback.
Years removed from venting when Ben Roethlisberger was thrust into the Pittsburgh Steelers’ starting lineup as a rookie due to Tommy Maddox getting hurt, Faneca is expected to react more favorably this time if Mark Sanchez is named the starter over Kellen Clemens, according to Bob Glauber of Newsday.
In 2004 when Roethlisberger joined the first-team offense, Faneca said, “No, it’s not exciting.  Do you want to go to work with some little young kid who’s just out of college?”
Five years later, Faneca has reportedly mellowed and explained his past remarks during a recent interview.
“The starting quarterback goes down, everybody’s upset, and we’re just trying to make that jump and one of the reporters asks me if I was excited to have the young guy,” Faneca said.  “As a veteran, I’m excited about winning the Super Bowl, not the young guys getting a chance.  So, I went off a little bit.”
Now, Faneca is apparently open toward the idea of a rookie starter and will likely be choosing his words carefully when it comes to Sanchez, per the report.
Of course, there’s still the matter of ribbing Sanchez about his GQ Magazine pictorial.
“Oh yeah,” Faneca said. “We’ve been giving him a hard time.”
One of the photos is being used as a screen saver in the offensive team meeting room.

12 responses to “Faneca Warms Toward Idea Of A Rookie Starter

  1. IN New York with Faneca and Bart Scott on that team and a bunch of Strong opinionated players THEY ARE PROBABLY GIVING HIS ASS THE BLUES! LOL Its all in fun….Get ya money Matt…..

  2. sorry Faneca, you left the Burgh a year early, and no, you cant have another ring.

  3. Well, the last time Faneca sounded off like that, said ‘little young kid out of college’ ripped off 13 straight wins and took his team to the AFCCG.
    I highly doubt lightning is going to strike twice with Sanchez and his New York media debutante debut .

  4. Don t worry Faneca Sanchez will be better than Ben…seriuosly, what did Ben ever do?…LOL!!!

  5. Faneca: As a veteran, I’m excited about winning the Super Bowl, not the young guys getting a chance….

    If that were true he would have stayed in Pittsburgh.

  6. Of course, he’s changing his tune now. That rookie QB that he had last time ending up not losing a single regular-season game and was Offensive Rookie of the Year.

  7. Faneca was right at the time! Sure, Roethlisberger ended up having an NFL record season, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing you count on happening when the starting QB (Tommy Maddox) goes down in Tennessee.

  8. I think most of you have forgotten what started this whole topic of Faneca and rookie QB’s. I believe it was a rookie reporter asking a “stupid” question that brought the attention to Faneca. He was asked if he was happy that his starting QB got hurt and a rookie would be starting. It was not personal on #7. Who in their right mind would be happy if their starting quarterback got injured and had to be replaced with a rookie? That’s old news. You need to get over your anger and fixation on why Faneca left Pittsburgh. It wasn’t his decision. I believe it was Art Rooney’s decision. Take it up with him. In my opinion Faneca will always be a Steeler great (on top of that he doesn’t beat his wife and does great charity work). We all need to get over Faneca leaving and start worrying about the o-line this year for Pitt. Go Steelers!

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