Manning Annoyed By Staff Changes

In the wake of veteran offensive coordinator Tom Moore and offensive line coach Howard Mudd retiring reportedly because of their respective concerns about the NFL pension plan for assistant coaches, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning indicated today that he’s displeased with the development.
According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, Manning expressed concern today at an Organized Team Activity about the changes and apparently not being kept in the loop, even though Moore and Mudd are expected to return as consultants by training camp.
“I can’t tell you what’s going on,” Manning said.  “I will say I don’t think it’s been the most properly communicated scenario around here.”
Although it has been repeatedly stated that Moore and Mudd were retiring solely because of the league’s decision to allow NFL teams to opt out of a league-run pension plan, that perception doesn’t match the reality, according to league officials.
Clyde Christensen replaced Moore as offensive coordinator and Pete Metzelaars has taken Mudd’s place coaching the Colts’ offensive line.

29 responses to “Manning Annoyed By Staff Changes

  1. LOL
    “Although it has been repeatedly stated that Moore and Mudd were retiring solely because of…YADA YADA YADA…”
    Hai! Let it go dummy. Haha…

  2. As much as I would like to put my rectum on his nose, I understand his point. It’s tough to adjust working with new people when you get used to doing things a certian way.

  3. Apparently Manning thinks that all coaching decisions must be cleared through him first. I wonder if Dungy received permission to retire? Clearly Mudd and Moore were not given permission

  4. Peyton Manning loves football. Football is a violent game. Violence is never the answer, however it is Allen Iverson’s nickname. Peyton doesn’t have a nickname. That is why he is so upset.

  5. Oh NO!!!! Manning is annoyed. Ironic considering all of his annoying TV commercials for a guy that won one Superbowl. Next thing you know Tony Romo is going to start getting commercials.

  6. i have a feeling somebody ripped this story directly from
    i love the change in wording also.
    while this website calls Mannings demeanor “annoyed” calls it “concern”

  7. Oh poor baby, he only had his first 10 years in the system before a change occurred….call Alex Smith and ask him how he feels about four coaching staffs in four seasons.

  8. Good news for the offensive line, he may not blame them this time around if things go bad.

  9. that crack you heard was the foundation of the non-dynasty that was the indy dolts. i’m smelling an 8-8 and firing of jim caldwell after one season after peyton goes on the rampage.

  10. “I’m trying to be a good team mate here, but let’s just say we had communication problems”

  11. As a colts fan, this is not good news at all. We know Peyton had a great relationship with all the coaches, especially Tom Moore and Dungy, but now, some boneheads are going to try and tell Peyton what to do. You really think he’s gonna listen to a WR coach now? I don’t think it’s long before Peyton gets really fed up and calls it quits. Though I hope this day never comes 😦

  12. Sorry, the answer we were looking for is “I’m so bummed that they’re no longer with us, but changes like this are part of the game. With the team we’ve got here, we’ll adjust and I’m sure we’ll be just fine.” Payton Manning needs to STFU unless and until the team changes his position from QB to GM. What a tool.

  13. Over and over peymeaton throws people under the bus in the press, NaPolian slobbers all over his jock and backs him up, and the guy never takes responsibility for anything he does. SHUT UP YOU WHINY LITTLE GIRL. Real men do not bitch about anything to the press. PERIOD. EVER.
    Now watch, the media will slob Manning’s knob. Oh poooooorrrrr peytie poo. Had TO (who I also hate) said this, they’d be all over his nuts with criticism. I am so so sick of the media hypocrisy. Criticize people fairly please.

  14. Thanks Peyton. I’m sure this won’t cause any kind of distraction whatsoever for the new staff.

  15. Blows my mind this isn’t a bigger story, guy questions his teams decisions, and throws his coaches under the bus, but hey its Peyton Manning, it’s cool… Love it.

  16. Hmm great find, Manning is pissed the guy that taught him to be a QB is retiring earlier than he should. Gotta say I didn’t see this one coming!

  17. I don’t think he was throwing anyone under the bus really, rather just stating some understandable concern:
    “It’s not a situation that I’m just thrilled about,” he said. “I think the communication has been pretty poor in my opinion. Somebody says one thing, then somebody else says another thing.
    What quarterback would be thrilled about an overhaul of his coaching staff and no real communication of what, why, or how any of the process is happening? All this nonsense about pension plans and consultants has created an unnecessary distraction.
    Also, to those comparing him to TO, Romo, Favre, the situations are completely different. Favre has done nothing but waffle back and forth as of late, Romo is a slightly above average QB that doesn’t seem to possess the qualities of a great quarterback, and I won’t actually go into why TO and Manning are different, because that comment was completely ridiculous in the first place.

  18. The white QB is “annoyed” and that’s the end of it. If he were black, like McNabb, he would be vilified as disgruntled, militant, and the typical angry black man who is dividing the team to placate his own ego.

  19. Wow, if Manning is talking anything more than “happy camp” things must be 10 times more screwed than we’re hearing about.

  20. samh says:
    May 26th, 2009 at 4:31 pm
    Peyton seems to think Polian and the coaches work for him.
    Umm, hey moron, they DO.
    The Colts ARE Peyton Manning; that should be obvious to anyone with a single brain cell. Why on earth the management would allow something to happen that would not be in Peyton Manning’s best interests, is beyond me.
    Patriots fan here, one who – while despising the diva-ness that is Manning – can certainly respect the abilities and skills of Peyton Manning, and realizes that the sole reason the Colts don’t have more Super Bowl titles than they do is because of the New England Patriots alone.
    This guy is one of the two most skilled QBs in the league (would any of you morons pick Rothlesberger, Romo, or Rivers over this guy???), and the management needs to do what it takes to keep him involved and happy.
    So yes, they DO need to run things by him. I can’t believe any of you are stupid enough to not realize that.

  21. I know this is just a rumor site and all… Did any of you hear his whole statement? Manning is usually very media savy doesn’t give the reporters much. Yes he should know who his coaches are!! He’s frustrated. His coaches should know more than him! I’m not a colt’s fan… but he has a point. Look forward to playing you during the season… Good luck colt fans things should work out. Pats staff is always raided and as long as the key pieces are in… you’ll have another great season

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