Pats Release A Pair

The New England Patriots have announced the release of two players whom the team signed earlier this year.
Gone are offensive lineman Damane Duckett and tight end Brad Listorti.
Duckett joined the team on March 28, 2009.  He spent 2008 on injured reserve with the 49ers, and he previously has played for the Panthers and Giants.
Listorti, an undrafted free agent in 2008, signed with the Pats in February 2009.

15 responses to “Pats Release A Pair

  1. And now, a la Ross Tucker, they will go on to write articles critical of the organization and pass it off as journalism.

  2. If your a pats fan you shouldn’t be bitching about the media’s treatment of your team.

  3. Florio, if you’re going to fill PFT with worthless garbage like this, your time would be better spent writing QBF 2 – Son of Favre

  4. I’ve followed the Pats since I was a kid in ’78.
    I’ll bitch about whatever the hell I want to.

  5. Have you ever heard of John Tomase?? Pats Fans have EVERY right to bitch about the media… foxmtbr, its not garbage if it was about players your team cut… Im so sick of reading the comments on this website and everyone like that punk ass bitch Vox Veritas badmouth everything the patriots do…Get over it….Yea they havent won the superbowl since the 04 season but at least theyve been in one since.. How many superbowls since 1999 has Dallas, San Francisco,Washington, Ny Jets, Miami Dolphins and so on been in?…. ZERO get over your jealousy.. Damn

  6. “I’ll bitch about whatever the hell I want to.”
    No you won’t.
    You’ll bitch about whatever the hell Florio TELLS you to.
    Pats suck.

  7. @ pats suck:
    I think I remember you using that exact same video camera line earlier today on the Randy Moss story. Whats the matter, troll, finally ran out of fresh angles on the Patriots?
    Either come up with something funny, original or insightful, or just retire your lame gimmick already. You’re a bore.

  8. @ DGNR8
    Way to be the stereotypical hater. As with the rest, you bring nothing to the table other than your own self righteous ignorance. Your comment is spilling over with irony, because haters such as yourselves, are PFT’s Pavlov’s dogs. Since you probably don’t get it, here’s what it means.
    Pavlov rings bell: Dogs are conditioned to salivate for food=
    Florio post Patriots story: You’re conditioned to jump on PFT and post how the Pats cheat, they suck, hope they get injured, etc etc etc.
    It happens every time without fail. The joke’s on you. Typical hater. Since all you do is hate, who is your team anyway?

  9. @ hayward giablommi
    Thanks for the link… great article… I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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