Report: Boldin Likely To Sign With CAA

Arizona Cardinals star Anquan Boldin is expected to sign with Creative Artists Agency in the wake of the Pro Bowl wide receiver serving notice that he’s in the process of dismissing agent Drew Rosenhaus, according to Alex Marvez of
Per the report, Boldin filed a termination letter with the NFL Players Association on Friday. Under the five-day waiting period rule governing players looking to switch agents, Boldin can obtain new representation as soon as Thursday.
According to the Arizona Republic, Boldin was considering several agents, including CAA’s tandem of Tom Condon and Ben Dogra as well as Eugene Parker, who represents fellow Cardinals Pro Bowl wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.
This will be Boldin’s fourth agent since playing at Florida State.
Boldin was originally represented by Darrell Willis. However, Willis was decertified by the players union.
Then, Boldin was represented by Ken Sarnoff before switching to Rosenhaus.

10 responses to “Report: Boldin Likely To Sign With CAA

  1. I agree with much of what you say…
    A younger George W Bush went around door to door soliciting a bill in Texas that passed and forced the tax payers of Texas to foot most of the bill for the new Rangers stadium.. a team which he owned, eventually sold and profited enourmously from.. all at the taxpayers dime..
    But i think the majority of the fan discontent over players holding out is with rookies who have never played a down in the nfl wanting and usually getting more money than players who have produced or overachieved in the nfl.. That along with the yearly rookie bust factor and long list of first round overpaid busts seems to be where most of the fan discontent with the NFL salaries comes from..

  2. I agree with all of the previous post of Tommyurbanskisleg. Lot of truth in that post. Killer bees. Wow!
    Many of the NFL OWNERS are not sincerely interested in winning just the the appeareance of winning to appease their respective fan base. Kansas City and Tampa Bay have over 30 MILLION IN CAP SPACE and are not using it. With the possibilty of an uncapped year comming many of these greedy-ass OWNERS will have the oppurtunity to pocket more money by dumping veteran players and their salaries on the open market. Can you say collusion?
    If, and I do say if, the ultimate goal is to win the Superbowl, then why is there so much money being left on the table or should I say still in the pockets of the owners?

  3. In the case of some teams that have a lot of younger players still on their rookie contracts that keeps a lot of cap space available.
    The Packers have a lot of cap space because they have a lot of upcoming free agents this year. I would assume they plan to make new deals with at least a couple of those free agents this year.

  4. So, my post got deleted even after two people said they agreed with it? nice.

  5. Mine got deleted too. I don’t think we are allowed to talk bad about Rosenhaus anymore.

  6. I had no idea that the truth would hurt so much. Someone was told we cannot have that kind of information (truth) in the forefront of the minds of the fans. NFL Owners are powerful people. With them silence is golden.
    Anyway, I printed a copy yesterday befoe deletion took place.

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