Report: Matt Jones Won't Be Suspended

Despite violating the terms of a court-ordered drug program stemming from a cocaine possession arrest in Arkansas last year by admittedly drinking alcohol, former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones won’t be facing another NFL suspension, according to Chris Mortensen of
According to Jones’ agent, Dave Butz, Jones was recently told by league officials that he will face a $50,000 fine with no additional suspension from the NFL.
The NFL Players Association is urging Jones to appeal the fine.
With no suspension pending, Jones, who was cut by the Jaguars after his latest brush with the legal system, is free to sign with any NFL team.
“That’s the main message, that Matt will be available to any team looking for a proven receiver,” Butz told  [Editor’s note:  And if a team signs Matt, it’ll still be looking for a proven receiver.]
Jones, who was suspended for the last three games of last season after losing an appeal he filed with the league, served five days in jail this spring after acknowledging to court officials that he drank two beers while playing golf.
Butz took issue with the widely-held belief in NFL circles that Jones is a bust after failing to fulfill high expectations after the Jaguars drafted him in the first round.
“Well, he caught 65 passes in 12 games last year for the Jaguars and he was their No. 1 receiver,” Butz said.n “If he wasn’t hurt one game and didn’t have the three-game suspension, he may have caught 80 to 90 balls.n In his first two years, he was the third most productive receiver of his rookie class, despite some musical chairs at quarterback.  So that ‘bust’ tag isn’t fair, at all. . . .
“He wants to prove himself all over again.  He has stated very clearly that he regrets some decisions he’s made, but he’s moving forward.  I mean, the Jaguars didn’t cut him after the [arrest] last summer.  They saw a different guy; there was just a different reaction when he had the two beers.  I see a guy who’s very hungry to make a strong contribution to a team.”
Jones’ 65 receptions for 761 yards and two touchdowns in a dozen starts did mark a career-high.  However, he caught just 24 passes for 317 yards and four scores in 2007.
In four NFL seasons, the former Arkansas quarterback has recorded modest numbers, with 166 career receptions for 2,153 yards and 15 touchdowns.

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  1. I like Matt Jones. He just has to keep his head on shoulders and nose out of the saucer tray.

  2. Luckily for Jones he’s not a Bengal – otherwise they’d bury his career under the jail.
    But seriously though – if “new sheriff in town” Goodell continues to let major offenses like this (and ML’s hit-and-run) slide, why should any team, Cincinnati included, worry about “character issues” and “perception around the league”? It seems to me that no one else is concerned, so why should Marvin Lewis fret?

  3. He was becoming the next Ed McCaffrey last year. Not going to beat anyone deep, but a big, solid possession target who had just started learning how to use his big frame to keep defenders away from the ball.
    You gotta wonder if he can keep the distractions away long enough to actually keep going down that path, though.

  4. yeah, appeal the fine! players don’t need to respect the terms of their probations! those rules don’t apply to them…

  5. It’s about time Jones started to show some maturity. His actions throughout the past year have been simply childish. On an unrelated note, DID ANYBODY CATCH THAT HIS AGENT’S NAME IS BUTZ! BUTZ! GET IT? BUTZ! AHA HA HA!

  6. Ok, now I have a hard time defending the calls of racism. Let’s be real, if this were any other player he would have been suspended. For some reason this guy gets favoritism… it cannot be denied anymore. WTF?

  7. Why would he get suspended? He only took and dealt real hardcore drugs not some diet pill that had ingredients illegally put into the product without putting it onto the bottle’s list of ingredients to warn the people that may take it.
    Roger Goodell is an idiot. He lets players get away with stuff like this, but suspends players for trying to make weight. He is ruining the NFL as we speak..

  8. Goodell continues to confuse me with his lack of consistency. If it was a “violation of the terms of a court-ordered drug program,” I would think a suspension would be in order?

  9. Numbers don’t tell the whole story. He wasn’t the vertical threat he was supposed to be, or the YAC machine the Jaguars expected. He didn’t command double coverage. He is a longstriding #2 receiver with a poor work ethic, bad attitutde, and apparently a radar for trouble. He also seemed to be plagued by nagging injuries. The fact he hasn’t caught on anywhere yet says it all.

  10. If it hasnt been submitted already I bet someone makes a Bengals crack saying that they will sign him. Just pointing out the douches.

  11. So Florio explain to me how Goodell isnt consistent with players in the NFL??? Some guys get the book and this guy doesnt???? Are you kidding me????

  12. Butz actually meant he is not a bust player, meaning he will not have his bust in Canton – which I agree.

  13. in all honesty i like him, thought i hate his perticular addiction. He is a talent and would mind seeing him in eagles green, i doubt it but where ever he does go he will have a impact

  14. Why is Goodell so bad? You people are morons.
    There is WAYYYY more stuff that goes on behind closed doors. His NFL security guys have probably been in touch with Jones parol officer and made their decision based on a whole bunch of information that you and I dont get access to. Do you think Goodell just sits on a golden throne and makes these decisions single handedly? There is probably a committee of guys who make these suspensions based on:
    – Information that you and I dont have
    – Number of incidents
    – Severity of the incidents
    – Past precedence
    – Individual Interviews
    Goodell is great for the NFL, all the guy has done is to try and make the game of football better for the fans/consumers.
    To the guy who made the race comment – Youre a tool.
    I find it ironic that a good percentage of posters think that Vick should be given a free pass back to the NFL because he “paid his debt to society”. Has Matt not done the same? So why should he be suspended?
    Florio can you set it up so that you have to pass an IQ test to post on this site? Nevermind, all these morons would just pass it out the window and let Benes do it for them.

  15. This has Jerry Jones written all over it. He’ll be a Dallas Cowboy within a week. He’s a former razorback and the boy’s need another body at WR. Jones has Goodell in his hip pocket.

  16. Uh, no. He IS a proven receiver. He’s also a proven turd. Him and Randy Moss share blue moons together. That’s good company.

  17. Actually, those aren’t bad numbers. It usually takes a college WR 3 years to adjust to playing consistly in the NFL. Jones was a QB at Arkansas, so 4 years isn’t bad.
    Wasn’t the parole violation drining beer? Should a guy really be suspended for that? If so, then Vick has no shot at playing in the league again.

  18. Florio, that wise ass comment was gold. “STILL looking for a proven receiver”…I get pissed at you, but that was good. I still wouldnt mind having Matt Jones as a Patriot though…..

  19. OK, Marshawn Lynch’s suspension is automatically down to one game and actually should be eliminated.

  20. Supreme Czar Goodell obviously lives vicariously through Matt Jones legs and nostrils. If Goodell had his way, he would wear his hair long and party while ruling the NFL with an iron fist and a coke nail.

  21. “He’s a former razorback and the boy’s need another body at WR. Jones has Goodell in his hip pocket. ”
    Sure, you can tell by the way one of his coaches got suspended for FIVE games for taking a performance enhancing substance.

  22. RyanHarris,
    -Vick is currently serving an indefinite suspension which was imposed before he was put “under the jail”
    -I’m not even going to discuss race because, quite frankly, I’m tired of talking about it and it only makes people start writing racist things
    -What’s your IQ? In order to have a probation officer, you need to have done something that warrants being put on probation
    -Illicit drug use/possession is considered a severe incident by the NFL
    -Individual interviews don’t tend to go so well. Just ask the Commish how he felt when VICK LIED TO HIS FACE on multiple occassions
    -Past precedence has the Commish suspending players before they are even found guilty, if they are ever found guilty at all
    -good leaders are consistent in their punishment because it establishes order and allows players to know, definitively, what they can and cannot do
    That being said, what I hope that this means is that the Commish is now going to start looking at things longer before making a decision as just like anyone, he is learning while he is on the job and his judgment is getting better. On face value, I can see where people can think there is a double standard (and who knows, there could be) when they compare to what has happened to the much publicized stories of other players. But, I see it as the Commish recognizing that by trying to impose penalties that may exceed the punishment by the law, he is creeping into the murky waters of portraying himself as greater than the law (he is the figurehead of the NFL), and it will only be a matter of time before people start to question whether his decisions are influenced by his own moral beliefs. And when it gets to the point where any commish starts taking the business of the league personally, he needs to step aside. Yes, I’m talking to you, Mr. Bettman. Thanks for running your league into the ground :).

  23. Funny how the black players get suspended for taking water bills but the white guy using hardcore drugs gets bascially an apology for the inconvenience. No wonder Vick can’t get a fair shake. No one cares about the dogs. It is because he is black. After seeing how Jones is getting a free pass, how can anyone think anything but racism is behind the mistreatment of Vick. They can’t suspend the white dude because it might hurt his chances of making a team, but let’s keep the black guy out until at least 2010. Sickening how blacks are still kept down in this country, especially if they are famous.

  24. Again, who cares? Why should he get suspended for drinking two beers?
    “Character Issues” is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of. It’s just a smokescreen to draw attention away from the fact that half of the league is on HGH. It’s easier to mollify the audience by putting the hammer down on a couple of rowdy black guys (and one white guy)
    If Goodell has been so successful, then why do players keep getting arrested? Maybe it’s that the conduct policy is so arbitrary that players feel like they have a good chance.
    The NFL should only suspend a player if he pleads guilty to or is convicted of a crime, rather than making that pasty-faced tool with the owner’s hand up his ass the judge, jury and executioner.
    The people that are up in arms about player conduct like it actually affects them – get a life. Maybe you should concentrate on being an example for your kids, instead of relying on athletes to raise them for you.
    It’s just stupid – what, does the NFL think people will stop watching if players get in trouble? What a joke – no one will stop watching football. What else is there to do on Sunday? Go to church? Yeah right.

  25. Listen, even if the NFL’s handling of this situation was not intentionally racially bias…it damn sure looks like it!
    It just doesn’t seem fair…

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