Rosenhaus Keeps Shockey, Loses Anquan Boldin

The good news for agent Drew Rosenhaus is that he has been re-hired by Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey.
The bad news is that he no longer represents Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin.
“We are pleased to announce today that we have re-signed Jeremy  Shockey,” Rosenhaus said in a statement sent to us by e-mail.  “Regarding Anquan Boldin, let me say that I have great respect for him. I’m hopeful that we can work things out and he will return to the Rosenhaus Sports family in the near future.  We are proud to continue to represent his brother D.J. Boldin.”
Rosenhaus has been attempting to secure a new contract or a trade for Anquan Boldin ever since Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald was signed to a four-year, $40 million extension in 2008.  With no trade and no new deal, Boldin has done the one thing that he still can control — he has severed ties with Rosenhaus.
Per NFLPA rules, the termination becomes effective five days after written notice of termination is given.

33 responses to “Rosenhaus Keeps Shockey, Loses Anquan Boldin

  1. What does this mean?
    Does this mean he is leaning towards signing with Arizona and the team told him getting a new agent will help make that happen.
    Does it mean the end of being “nice” and the Bolden/Cards marriage is going to get real rocky real soon?
    Help us out Florio….there has to be some sort of ‘rumor’ going around. No scoop at all? Come on…I want to know what it means or at the very least what someone close to the situation thinks it means.

  2. That is amazing. Nothing better then seeing Rosenhaus lose out on a player like Boldin. Clearly Boldin still wants out of Arizona and he has realized that if he didn’t have Rosenhaus as an agent, might have gotten his wish. Now that the draft has past, a number of teams who were in the running before are probably not anymore.
    Will be interesting to see what Boldin says about the situation.

  3. So, he’s excited about signing a drunk, injury prone tight end who will be out of the League in 3 years after losing an All Pro, big money receiver who is gonna get a fat contract and still be playing years from now. Nice try on spinning this one.

  4. now maybe q can get his mind right…and get that piece of crap out of dockett’s head while we are at it

  5. long time reader….breaking the poster cherry here:
    So, he loses the all-pro Boldin but keeps the unknown brother. Isn’t this the same as you brag that you’re dating the fat chcik from Wilson Phillips while a better looking guy is bangin the hot one?
    Rosehaus is what is wrong w/ this country.

  6. Another “smart” move by Boldin. Now he’ll play the nice guy/player vs. being disruptive with Rosenhaus as his agent. If Rosendick can’t get a deal, who else can? Rosendick is the devil that’s for sure, but but he gets deals done. Boldin is tard. I hope he ends up on a sh*t team like Cincy or Cleveland to teach him a lesson on being such a tool..

  7. It would be great now if Boldin were to sign a contract just a little richer than the one Drew was trying to get him. Just the fact that Drew isn’t handling Anquan anymore would make me more willing to deal with him if I were an NFL owner.

  8. will this make it easier for the Bears to get Boldin? There’s gotta be something more to this story Florio.

  9. Thank god… the only knock I ever had against Boldin was the fact that he hired this dbag as his agent.

  10. @sportfan1234, I agree completely with your post. I would like to see some reading between the lines on this one, it’s an interesting story.
    C’mon Florio. You do such a good job reading between the lines that you were able to see how the President of the United States snubbed James Harrison by not mentioning him in his speech. There’s surely some interesting commentary you can glean from this story.

  11. I take this as a sign that Q is staying put, not the other way around. Warner and other teammates have been lobbying hard for his return, and apparently common sense has taken hold, with Q realizing that Arizona is the ideal situation for him. Something will happen one way or another within days.

  12. You know what the funny thing about this is. I will bet that he ONLY signed D.J. Boldin because of his brother. Serves him right!!

  13. This site is full of Rosenhause haters. So this will be an unpopular
    opinion. Rosenhause represents some of the more talented NFL
    players. He makes more money for them and represents them no
    matter what the problem or issue. So what is wrong with that? He’s
    allowing some elite players to maximize there earning potential. In
    Boldin’s case it would seem that the Arizona Cardinals don’t have
    enough cap space or can’t restructure enough contracts to provide
    $10M dollars. Yet they want to keep him because there are 2 years
    left on his contract. Boldin agreed to the contract and so it goes. I
    seriously doubt another agent will get Boldin with another NFL team
    or provide him $9M or more per year from the Arizona Cardinals.

  14. Considering Shockey passed out and reportedly shit on himself at a place called “Rehab” because he was so drunk and high on pain killers this past weekend, I wouldnt be too excited about regaining him as a client. He is heading down a dark road and Rosenhaus would be wise to severe ties with him in order to repair his own public image.

  15. hey as much as rosenhaus is scum, he was probably boldin’s best chance to escape the desert prematurely

  16. Rosenhaus must be so proud to kepp Shockey……
    Rumor has it the Boldin issue was due to a mishandling of a trade to Baltimore…….

  17. For God’s sake, if all you are going to is regurgitate someone tweets, could you at least take a stab at a little analysis? Talk about lazy journalism.

  18. I had heard some rumblings from a couple of other small fan sites that AZ strongly hinted to Q that if he had another agent they would be more willing to discuss things with him. Not sure if I really believe them, they said before that Warner signed with the 49ers the day he went and visited them. Hopefully the cards will sign him to a long term deal.

  19. It amazes me that Drew continues to get clients with all the negative press flying his way.
    Good move for Boldin as I’m sure his team would prefer to work with anyone other Rosenhaus. Or maybe not so good for the Cards because Boldin potentially could be ready to act a f*cking fool!
    Sit ups in the drive anyone?

  20. Let me help some of you out…
    Boldin is TIRED of all this contract talk via the media….that’s not him…that’s not what he’s about. He does want a new deal, but does not want his agent yelling over the media. Why? He’s tired of fans talking to him about his contract rather than talking about his play (and or other things). The fans have NOTHING to do with a players deal…nor if the Cardinals are going to give him a new deal. Rosey just wants to have his name connected to these players day in and day out…deal or no deal.
    Q WILL GET A NEW DEAL – just not this year…he has 2 years left on his deal and the Cards will not budge.
    Cards are working on Dansby and Wilson’s deals now…their contracts expire at the end of the next season…they get priority.
    Q has a dang good chance of having his name up in the stadium if he keeps going at the rate he has….he doesn’t want to mess that up.
    All fans who think the Cards are going to let him walk….is an absolute no. If a team gave a first and a third the deal would have been done. This next offseason the deal will get done to keep him in Cards red to end his career.
    Good move in firing Rosen****.
    As far as Shockey – What a joke – a player who is far more interested in parties, drinking and fame than he is in the game. No wonder the Giants traded him. The Saints have a player who is living on what HE WAS not who he is. He’ll be out of the league in 4 years.
    Boldin is football 24/7….and note: Boldin doesn’t drink spirits at all…nor does Fitzgerald….there’s a reason he doesn’t have off the field problems.

  21. Good. Boldin must have realized that Rosenhaus has already ruined 2 receivers’ careers. Philly was the best situation for T.O. but Rosenhaus influenced him and turned him into a bigger monster than he ever was. Chad has been hurt by Rosenhaus as well. After the T.O. in Philly incident, teams have learned how to ignore Rosenhaus. Players represented by that jerk haven’t been getting what they want. Good thing that Boldin avoided the biggest mistake of his career

  22. sounds about right your only supposed to have one asshole..Boldin isnt close to the player he thinks he is and its no mistake the Giants and Eli went on a tear when that clown Shockey went down..neither one of them is worth the baggage that comes with them

  23. Chad Ochocinco’s career certainly has taken off with Rosenhaus pulling the (puppet’s) strings. Chad’s gone from being considered one of the top couple of receivers in the NFL with a tendency to showboat a little too much, to being a completely self absorbed, ego maniac. Unfortunately by the time Chad realizes it, he will have wasted several of the prime years he will never get back.

  24. Lol, I think this should’ve happened before the draft. Now that the Giants, Eagles, and Ravens have addressed the WR position in the draft Boldin won’t have as many if any suitors.

  25. Maybe he just fired him so other teams will consider trading for him, and then after that is done, BAM! In comes Drew to negotiate the new contract.
    Andre Smith thinks it’s a great move.

  26. “pfitz says:
    May 26th, 2009 at 4:12 pm
    sounds about right your only supposed to have one asshole..Boldin isnt close to the player he thinks he is”
    I don’t know. I don’t think he’s one of the 5 best WRs in the game….and he does miss an awful lot of games….but he does have the highest yards per game average in the history of the NFL.

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