Delaware Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Sports Betting Lottery

The gavel has been sounded.
The Delaware Supreme Court ruled today that a prospective sports betting lottery doesn’t violate the state constitution, according to the Associated Press.
However, this doesn’t figure to be the final word on the matter.
The NFL is expected to issue a legal challenge opposing the gambling initiative.
Gov. Jack Martell recently signed legislation to allow Delaware to conduct legal sports betting.
And the Supreme Court ruled that the state constitution allows lotteries that involve skill provided that “chance is the predominant factor in winning and losing.”
However, attorney Kenneth Nachbar, who’s representing the NFL in this legal matter, recently argued that betting on sports isn’t a mere matter of chance.
“That’s not luck,” Nachbar said. “That’s skill.”
Nachbar added that a swift reaction from the NFL such as a federal or state lawsuit could be forthcoming.

20 responses to “Delaware Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Sports Betting Lottery

  1. Ken, this is your law license speaking…Keep your head down, last guy who bad mouthed the del. supreme court was never heard from again….
    they just make you disappear…

  2. However, attorney Kenneth Nachbar, who’s representing the NFL in this legal matter, recently argued that betting on sports isn’t a mere matter of chance.
    “That’s not luck,” Nachbar said. “That’s skill.”
    Yes, that’s why you see so many billionaires who made their money by betting on sports.
    See, the thing is, they have a SYSTEM. It’s completely foolproof! They just need a few bucks to get going, and then they’ll be rich! Come on, man, it’s just a few bucks.

  3. Yet we still can all “bet” our money in the stock market.
    Skill is overrated. Pick the winners with a dartboard.

  4. Who would be looking down their nose at the NFL if they didn’t challenge this? They could easily turn their head to it and no one is likely to say anything. Hell, it would save them the lawyer fees.

  5. Wouldn’t the fact that the Delaware Supreme Court ruled that the lottery doesn’t violate the state’s constitution pretty much prevent the NFL from filing suit in state courts? Unless the NFL offers some amazing and completely unexpected argument, I can’t see any state court even hearing the case, let alone issuing a decision contrary to what the highest court in the state just ruled.

  6. If the sports book is run right, the same amount of money goes to winners as it does losers. Dollar for dollar, then, your chances are 50-50. That’s luck.
    On the other hand, more of your idiots will lose and more of your smart people will win.
    But back on the first hand again, picking the winner is a lot easier than beating the spread.

  7. How could the court actually rule on this? Doesn’t Delaware have a cases/controversies requirement? In other words, no advisory opinions.

  8. I’d like to know how the NFL’s position is even relevant in this considering that there is not an NFL team in the state, and last I checked the NFL was not in charge of making laws in Delaware.

  9. Can you go to Vegas and bet on sports……oh yeah that does’nt count…its legal there…. NFL..NO FUN LEAGUE

  10. I still don’t see where the @#$$%#@ the NFL gets off deciding to fight what an individual state can and can not do. It is not like Delaware is saying they can not have an NFL team in the state.
    Sports gambling entails MANY OTHER SPORTS besides the NFL, yet we do not see MLB, NHL and NBA leagues getting their panties in a bunch over it.
    Get over it NFL…Delaware will have spots gambling very soon, and New Jersey will in turn get it too. The 1992 Federal law will be overturned, and you idiots will have to take your ball and go home.

  11. Quadruple “Yeah!”
    War gambling. If it took skill, it wouldn’t be as much fun.

  12. There is luck involved in the NFL, otherwise explain the 2007 Dolphins winning a game… it was LUCK. Explain the 2008 Cardinals going to the Super Bowl… LUCK.
    The phrase “Any given Sunday” wasn’t made up out of no where and not all NFL teams are all that “Skilled” (Lions). So there IS luck involved in the NFL.

  13. MattR,
    I could be wrong, since I’m trying to remember a criminal justice class from nine years ago, but Delaware’s Supreme Court may not have the ability to decline to hear a case like the U. S. Supreme Court. Since I don’t start law school until August, I’m not sure about this, but I think that’s the case.

  14. In my opinoin, ALL bets are driven by chance, even bets when one is betting on one’s self.
    Even moreso, if one is betting on someone ELSE’s skill, then there is still an enormous element of chance involved. The weather could go bad, their could be a swarm of flies that attack in the latter innings, a fan could interfere with the play on a ball, their wife could stab them with a shoe (*cough* chuck finley *cough*), they could get carried out from a party on a stretcher the night before a game, wildfires could cause damage to their homes affecting their metal ability to play, a hurricane could destroy the stadium they play in, their practice bubble could collapse, their ear could be bitten off, etc.
    There is so much more to betting than picking against the spread. To say that betting on sports is a “skill” is absolutely ridiculous.

  15. ‘splain this to me Lucy (or Florio if you deem the q worthy). How can Delaware conduct an NFL® lottery, which presumably uses copyrighted images and names, without the NFL’s permission?
    Are Delawarians going to have to buy “ProFootball Lottery” tickets that only have the cities listed on them?
    And by the way Lucy, have YOU copyrighted the term “ProFootball” yet? 🙂

  16. Expectations of things such as this is 1 reason why Goodell destroyed all the spytapes and other spymaterial.

  17. “the gavel has been sounded”???????
    PLEASE tell me that was making fun of Emmitt Smith

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