NFLN Adds Another Insider

Redskins beat writer Jason La Canfora of the Washington Post is heading to NFL Network, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us.
La Canfora will join a stable of NFL reporters that has been filling the shoes previously occupied by Adam Schefter.
Schefter, though still technically employed by NFLN, will be moving to ESPN after his contract expires in August.
Because the network is owned by the league, it’s essentially owned in equally-sized 1/32nd chunks by the teams.  And so, in a roundabout way, La Canfora will be working for the franchise whose Executive V.P. of Football Operations he accused of slander last year.
“He is a making a mockery of fact and reality and trying to play people for fools,” La Canfora wrote in an e-mail regarding a dispute with Vinny Cerrato over the question of whether  his comments about former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin constituted tampering. 
“It’s [a] pathetic attempt to slander me,” La Canfora said, “but not surprising in the least given who it is coming from.”
So now La Canfora and Cerrato are, in a weird sort of way, colleagues.

8 responses to “NFLN Adds Another Insider

  1. Wonderful. This is a guy who hardly ever has any “insider news” that wasn’t previously broken on this site or some other outlet first.
    Now NFLN wants him?
    Now the rest of the country gets to hear the same crap that we’ve been reading and hearing for years.

  2. lol,so now the NFLN won’t get any breaking Redskins news either…does this mean he won’t be working at the post anymore??? please say yes..

  3. Laughable…usually crappy hires are ESPN’s way of life; I expect better from NFLN. LaCanfora is a Ravens fan, and typical of Ravens fans he’s a Redskins hater and it seeps into every word he types about the Skins. Hopefully he can actually make an attempt at an unbiased report on NFLN…don’t bet on it though.

  4. does this mean he will no longer work for the wapo? if he is leaving wapo it will be great. the guy is extremely biased against the skins. hasnt broke any major redskins news in atleast 2 years or so. and takes a lot of time off. he wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt for his constant slamming of the skins and twisting even positive things in a negative light. his dislike for cerrato and vice versa had to interfere with his work and possibly even the amount of scoops he gets.

  5. Maybe the Post will bring back Mark Maske to cover the Redskins beat……he did a good job. It will probably be Jason Reid, who I generally like as well.

  6. WOW!!! Has the NFLN really sunk this low. What was Pee Wee Herman not available. JLC has to be the worst reporter ever. He has been banned from Redskins Park and he is their beat reporter. He never does any real reporting just throws out accusations based on no facts at all and when he really has even a week unsubtantiated fact it is based on the dreaded “unnamed source”.
    I will stop watching the NFLN if they hire him!

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