Retired Players Summit Will Unveil NFL-Backed Marketing Initiative

The NFL Players Association previously attempted to market on a widespread basis the names and likenesses of retired players.  Not only did the effort generate scant revenues, but it also resulted in a $28 million verdict against the union.  (The judgment currently is being appealed.)
With the NFLPA not being able or willing to monetize the intellectual property of those players who came before the players who are in the league now, the NFL apparently will soon be jumping into the fray.
Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the first-ever Independent Retired Players Summit, which convenes Friday in Las Vegas, will include the announcement of a major marketing initiative.  And the NFL will be directly cooperating in the plan.
The arrangement flows from the recent partnership between NFL Alumni and Fourth and Goal, an independent advocacy group for retired players.  The combined entity is known as the NFL Alumni Association.
The marketing effort, as we understand it, will include a group licensing program aimed at monetizing the names and likenesses of retired players, with the use of NFL and team intellectual property rights.
In other words, the NFL shield and individual team names and logos will likely be part of the marketing effort.
As best we can currently tell, the league will be lending the team names and logos at a reduced fee — or no fee at all.
Basically, it’s a way for the league to help the retired players make money after their careers have ended, and it entails no real cost to the league.
More importantly, in the battle for public opinion that will be critical to a looming labor war best characterized as two fat guys trying to figure out how to best cut up a 20-inch pizza, the side that finds a way to slice off a meaningful piece of the pie for the former players will go a long way toward scoring points with those not otherwise inclined to take sides in a battle where the combatants are fighting over degrees of wealth that are incomprehensible to the average football fan.

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  1. I can’t wait to see how the retired players use the shield and names for their use. Former Buccaneer David Boston Porno?

  2. I wonder if the exclusive rights contract signed by EA would allow a different company to come in and make a “all time” NFL video game. It was sort of attempted by 2K sports a couple of years ago, but maybe with all the former players together under one group, that group could negotiate rights to make a game with ALL the former players instead of just the ones that 2K could get under contract.

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