Rosenhaus Doesn't Think Shockey Was Drinking

During his weekly Thursday radio appearance with Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami, agent Drew Rosenhaus addressed the bizarre incident that occurred on Sunday involving Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey.
While attending a pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Shockey became ill.  He was taken out by stretcher, and it later was determined that he was dehydrated.
In explaining the situation to Rose, Rosenhaus had this to say:  “I don’t think [Shockey] was drinking.” 
Um, really?  The guy who was double-fisting cocktails from a sky box during Super Bowl XLII wasn’t drinking at a party dubbed “Rehab” on Memorial Day weekend at a Las Vegas casino?
Consider this quote from a 2008 interview appearing in ESPN The Magazine, which was conveyed while Shockey was eating chicken gumbo and drinking Coors Light:  “There’s just a different vibe here.  After training camp, in Jackson, Miss., I came back to New Orleans and went out with some teammates, and right away it was good to be able to say, ‘Yeah, I’m home. This is home.’  Every time you go out, you meet all different kinds of people.  Everyone’s got their collar loosened up, everyone’s nice, and hey, they’ve got alcohol as the social lubricant of their society.  This is what I wanted when I decided to get traded.  I mean, no one even messes with you at all when you sit down to have some lunch and a few beers.”
So, yeah, Shockey probably had been drinking.  Why would anyone suggest otherwise, given his history and his reputation? 
Rosenhaus also said that the TMZ’s of the world blew the story out of proportion.
But did they really?  A pro football player whose personality tends to attract attention was taken out of a party by stretcher.  It’s hardly a common occurrence. 

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  1. Not only is the guy hurt all the time, he apparently can’t hold his liquor. What exactly is he good at other than getting tatoos?

  2. posted a report that Shockey pooped himself and that he was foaming at the mouth. They also hinted that it wasnt just alcohol that was messing him up. Would it be hard to believe that Shockey popped some Percoset or other pain killers? BTW, thank you New Orleans for taking this train wreck off our hands. And thanks for the Draft picks!

  3. I was at a tattoo parlor with him and he blacked out because of the pain. Then I poured a bottle of Old Crow down his throat. He then woke up shit his pants and bitched about his contract

  4. “dehydration” is the new “exhaustion” as the go to excuse for celebrities/athletes winding up in the hospital/rehab facility. Wasn’t this Percy Harvin’s excuse for missing OTA’s a week or so ago?

  5. Actually, I think that it really IS possible that he wasn’t drinking…….
    Maybe he popped off at the mouth and acted like a punk like he always does and someone gave him a long-overdue ass-kicking.

  6. Sorry, but when I get dehydrated without drinking I normally get a splitting headache (means I would have left Rehab and all the loud music) well before passing out and crapping myself.
    No, he was poo-faced drunk and passed out. I’m sure he was dehydrated, liqour will do that. Plus all the bodies and the heat/humidity, I sure hope he had fun.

  7. Shockey is washed up, often injured, and a crybaby. I don’t even know why he’s even worth talking about anymore. I honestly don’t think the Giants would’ve won the Super Bowl that year if he was playing. Kevin Boss has heart and his health. A very good guy that doesn’t run his mouth. Shockey’s best years are behind him. Go Giants!!!

    Mr NFL Florio has used his ESP to determine all facts and SURPRISE he sides against the player!
    A fair trial followed by a first class hanging…..

  9. Shockey became (according to Rich Eisen’s tweets) “dehydrated” in a pool bar. I assumed that to mean a bar built in a pool. So he suffered a medical condition that resulted from the lack of fluids while being in or very near a body of water. Sure he wasn’t drinking.

  10. He wasn’t breaking and laws or hurting anyone… hard/party hard…..what’s the problem?

  11. Who cares? I saw the TMZ photos and you can’t tell what is going on there. He’s by the pool with his shirt off and one photo shows him leaning over the rail talking to someone. Big deal. Its not a pic of the guy with a beer bong hat. Its not him puking. Its not him lying on the floor. he drank a few beers and got dehydrated. SO WHAT?!? The guy parties hard and he PLAYS hard. Did he do steroids? Did he beat his girlfriend up? Did he start an illegal dogfighting ring? He’s going to catch 1,000 yards and 10 TDs from Drew Brees this season and nobody will even blink at this story. I hope Tom Coughlin’s head explodes and Eli Manning throws himself off a bridge when it happens. Booooooooorrrriiiinnnnnngggggg……

  12. peppsfan says:
    May 28th, 2009 at 5:12 pm
    Does anyone EVER believe Rosenhaus on anything he has to say?
    NO!!! lol

  13. Wow, Bizzaro Florio. Calling out Rosenhaus. After the last 40 Rosenhaus posts, I never thought I would see that again.

  14. Rosenhaus has insulted all of our intelligence by claiming that Shockey was not drinking. How many millionaires go to a pool party in VEGAS without getting a buzz or completely hammered. Rosenhaus is the douchbag for lieing about it. This story would have just gone away if he didn’t open his big mouth. What an idiot.

  15. Anyone who might believe for a second that Shockey wasn’t wasted is either A.) A complete moron, B.) Has never seen Rehab in Vegas, or C.) Doesn’t know Shockey’s loves to booze.
    Shockey drinking is not a big story. We all drink. But to be taken out on a stretcher from a scene like rehab, at his age, is something to talk about. If you let yourself get to that point, then you have issues, whether you are a pro athlete or not. The Saints have to be concerned about this guy, especially since his skills are going south.

  16. “He’s going to catch 1,000 yards and 10 TDs from Drew Brees this season”
    Come on, anyone who posts something this dumb should,nt even be watching football. Should be making food with the rest of the women in the kitchen.

  17. “Yeah and Keiwan Ratliff will be in the Pro Bowl this year.”
    haha I always love me a little Keiwan shout out every now and then. I still can’t believe the Bengals picked him in the 2nd round…

  18. Mr. Florio.
    I am as sick of hearing the name “Rosenhause” as I am “Favre”
    Can’t you just call him “The Players Agent.” in all stories that have to do with that slick dick.


  20. plax in legal trouble (still not convinced he wil lgo to jail)…
    shockey drinking his way out of the league.
    never bet against the tortoise. eli is the tortoise and the other guys are hares.

  21. Sure, Jeremy wasn’t drinking. OK. I see him down here in South Beach like once a month (at least) getting fk’d up, and, as it’s been so astutely pointed out already, he’s at the fk’n REHAB party at the Hard Rock. DRINKING IS A PRE REQUISITE. There’s a god damn reality TV show about the party, and people are carted off on stretchers all the time because they drink and then sit in 115-20 degree heat. Im not saying Shockey was FUBAR. But you can bet your a$$ alcohol was in play, as was the heat. Rosenhaus is a jacka$$.

  22. airboss37- the problem is shockey partys hard and does NOT play hard. Its ok to drink in moderation not in excess. If shockey was smoking pot this would have never happened. Alcohol is the devil.

  23. If it’s OK that Shockey was getting sloshed, why did Rosenhaus have to lie about it?

  24. vtopa says:
    “He’s going to catch 1,000 yards and 10 TDs from Drew Brees this season and nobody will even blink at this story.”
    He won’t even catch 10 TDs over the rest of his career. He’s done. And even if he wasn’t, he gets hurt each season. The Giants rode that horse as far as it will go. Binge drinking isn’t the type of off season workout that gets you ready to play 16 plus games in the NFL. The only question left with Jeremy is will his knees or his liver go first.

  25. Alcohol + Las Vegas summer sun = dehydration
    I really didn’t anything negative about Shockey when I heard about the incident. When the new reports came out that he was carried out in a stretcher, anyone even remotely familiar with the climate in Las Vegas would’ve thought “dehydration.” What’s the problem with admitting that you need to be more careful when you drink out in the heat of a Las Vegas day?

  26. I know for a fact that it was not due to drinking and that it was due to drugs. Also, if his friend/doctor was not at the pool he probably would not have made it. Remember this post and wait until the problem resurfaces.

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