Facebook Flap Gets Falcon Fingerprinted

And the “Days Without An Arrest” meter again remains in single-digit territory.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Falcons offensive tackle Quinn Ojinnaka was arrested earlier this week for allegedly fighting with and spitting at his wife.
The argument that resulted in the alleged fighting and alleged spitting allegedly started over a friend of Ojinnaka’s on Facebook, a popular social networking site.
Ojinnaka was booked early Wednesday on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery.  He was released roughly four hours later, after posting $2,400 bond.
He claims that she tried to stab him with a pen; she claims he “threw her on some stairs before tossing her out of the house.”  Neither Ojinnaka nor his spouse were injured in the alleged melee.
Ojinnaka was a fifth-round pick in 2006.  Last year, he appeared in eight games with no starts.  In 2007, he started seven games and appeared in eleven.

9 responses to “Facebook Flap Gets Falcon Fingerprinted

  1. Thanks for letting us know that Facebook is a popular social networking site. We had no idea.

  2. Facebook, a popular social networking site.
    The Sun, a Star that rises in the east and sets in the west.

  3. “on Facebook, a populer social networking site”. Thanks for the insult. If people are reading your column Florio, I think it could be a “given” that they know that Facebook is for social networking?????
    Thats like “his picture was posted on Television, which is a popular electronic instrument found in your living room”.
    You are great at Football news, maybe stick to that and save the pop culture comments?

  4. This “Facebook” article has a hole in it. What was posted in Facebook that triggered their argument?
    Without that piece of information, it’s like telling us that a play during an NFL game, involving Tony Romo, triggered a fight between Jessica Simpson and her dad.

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