Mangini Not Making Friends In Cleveland

Browns coach Eric Mangini is ruffling feathers in his first year on the job in Cleveland.  And it’s prompting some league observers to revisit the question of why owner Randy Lerner rushed to hire Mangini at a time when he had been fired by the Jets — and when no on else wanted him.
The latest development is that Browns rookies and their agents are upset that Mangini took them via ten-hour bus trip to work a football camp in Hartford, Connecticut, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
“It’s a sophisticated form of hazing,” one league source told Cabot. “I’ve never heard of anything like it.”
“It’s voluntary, [but] it’s B.S. voluntary,” another source told Cabot. “These players are fighting for starting jobs and playing time.  What are they supposed to do, say ‘no, I’m not going?”’
A league source responded to the report of the bus trip to Hartford more succinctly. 
“That’s f–ked up,” the source told us.
We’ve separately heard that Mangini has imposed a curfew on the first-year players who are participating in voluntary workouts, which obviously makes no sense since the workouts are voluntary.
The problem, as we see it, is that Mangini has learned nothing from his termination by the Jets.  And that’s likely because the Browns clamored to hire him the moment that Lerner realized Mangini was available.
Still, if Mangini doesn’t change, he’ll eventually be out of a job again.  Next time around, there probably won’t be another owner who’s ready to welcome him to town with open arms.

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  1. aw hell florio, that’s what you said last time.
    someone else will hire him.

  2. You’re such a freaking hater, Florio. Your stories about Mangini are so one-sided and are just meant to get reads by the loser J-E-S-T fans.
    Yeah – it’s a such HORRIBLE thing for Mangini to have guys work at a camp for KIDS where the proceeds go to CHARITY.
    You make me sick, Florio, and I’d call Mary Kay a hack, but that’s doing a disservice to hacks like Jay Mariotti and Woody Page.

  3. See, I was actually supporting this until I read the last line of the article:
    “Proceeds benefit the Carmine and Frank Mangini Foundation, named after Mangini’s late father and uncle.”
    So you’re telling me that Mangini is CHARGING for this camp (since there are proceeds)…and then he’s giving the proceeds to HIS charity? Come on. If he was encouraging (read: forcing) the rookies to go help out at the camp and it was a free camp for kids…then fine. But he’s going to charge the kids to be there, force the rookies to be there, and then siphon the money off to fund god knows what?
    I pulled up the group’s website, and I’m not sure exactly what it is they do. The camp that the article refers to costs $45 freakin dollars for, what, 8 hours of camp with a lunch break?
    The website makes claims about “micro loans to teachers and coaches who can’t do what they want” and talks about buying computers……but I wouldn’t be surprised in the LEAST if Mangini was taking a check from this place. What a scumbag.

  4. Why would you be so presumptuous when you have absolutely ZERO experience coaching football? Aren’t you jumping the gun just a tad? Mangini is not there to make friends or make headlines (your job). he’s there to coach and win games so we should reserve judgment on his techniques and strategies until they crash and burn during the season. Go Giants!

  5. Florio,
    Romeo Crennel made lots of friends in Cleveland. How did that turn out for him? None of this off the field stuff really matters if the Browns improve on the football field. I would imagine that Eric Mangini wasn’t fired in New York for imposing a curfew on his rookies. The Browns have had little to no discipline enforced since they returned. From a fan’s standpoint, I love it.

  6. Right, because the Browns were sooooo much better off with Romeo Crennelephant and Camp Cupcake. Who cares? If they win, no one will give a who-hah what kind of rules Mangini has.

  7. Mangini will have worn out his welcome in Cleveland in two years time. After that, he’ll never be a HC in the league again. You can count on it.
    As for the reason Lerner rushed to hire Mangini right after he was canned by the Jets and when no one else would touch him with a ten foot pole… probably has something to do with him being an inept, crappy owner. Just a hunch.

  8. Imagine that, a guy who spit in the face of the man who taught him everything he knows is a class a jerk? It’s hard to believe that Mangina is actually an a$$hole at the heart of it all. He’s such an upstanding guy….
    What a Richard

  9. Mangini is acting the same way Belichick did when he left the Giants for the Browns head coaching job in the early 90’s. He tried to emulate Parcells and it blew up in his face. You can’t act that way until you have earned it. The players want you to prove to them that your way of doing things equates to W’s on Sundays. And if you’re going to treat the media poorly, you better be secure in your job because they can really impact your job status.

  10. Florio, you have to rethink this. I’m a lifelong Browns fan and I have so many issues with how this organization is run. As an outsider, you have to agree, they have had really poor leadership. In this case, I know optional means mandatory, but what is the big deal??? Honestly, it is a bus not a bike and it is a camp to help kids. It adds structure, it means something, it has an overall value, it shows character if you do it. It’s like making Florio Jr. wake-up at 7 am on a Saturday to mow the lawn. You do it to make him appreciate something – maybe not now – but when he is a father. I have so many issues with how this story is being portrayed.

  11. Echo everything rakjr said. A 10-hour bus ride? I took longer bus rides to and from my home in Cleveland when I was in college. What a bunch of babies.
    This headline might be your most misleading yet, and this post is a joke.

  12. Two words…Bill Cowher.
    Mangina will be gone after one season going 4-12.

  13. Florio,
    It must be so easy for you to spin these articles to fit your dislike for Mangini. He is changing the entire culture up there, which is not done overnight. Fact is, of all things reported daily on this sight, only the contracts being signed are ever accurate. You and your boyfriend Lombardi are never right, this is no exception. And to all of you that are predicting a short stay for Mangini in Cleveland, don’t hold your breathe, he is the first “real” Head Coach that team has had since Belicheck.

  14. I have every confidence that Browns fans will convince themselves that this latest brainstorm by MangIdiot is a good thing (just like getting rid of every good player on the roster).

  15. Well said rakjr-
    Florio- your way off on this one…
    This constant need to make sure these “fragile” athletes are always happy, is a freakin joke. Cry me a river- gotta take a bus ride to do a kids camp- boo hoo.
    I, being a life long Browns fan as well, appreciate the old school approach Mangini is bringing back to Cleveland.
    Reminds me of when Belicheck used to make late signing rookies climb the fence in the middle of the night, at Lakeland Community College, to perform conditioning tests.

  16. Who cares?
    Talk about important stuff that matters, like Tom Brady.
    And stop trippin on H with Goodell’s caddy and calling him a “league source”.
    -“That’s f–ked up,” the source told us.-
    Yeah it is.


  18. I would love to see one of the top draft picks say no and watch mangina’s head explode.

  19. Funny, opinions in the article’s comments are more level headed than here. For the PD’s website, that’s saying something.
    I’m sure it’s a luxury bus. Maybe people have been watching Major League a little too much. It’s not like they’re going there to shovel coal.
    People ever think about the team bonding going on during the trip? Yeah they might not make the roster, but most of them will make the practice squad and be together as teammates for the next 9 months.

  20. I just hope they took Braylon along for the camp, so he could participate in the receiving drills…..

  21. “One source said the rookies aren’t opposed to charity work, “but put them on the plane. The camp comes right in the middle of voluntary minicamp and next week’s organized team activities. They’re expected to show up Monday and perform at a very high level after being on a bus for more than 20 hours over the weekend.””
    Boo freakin’ hoo.

    I’ve read this trash site for 6 months now. MOst info was either wrong or tainted by the writers one sided view. What worse are some of the “fans” that post garbage at random. So this is my response.
    1. Florio, was your first job with Weekly World News? Or maybe Fox news. I’ve never seen so much crap one sided about a football team in my life.. Ya hate the Browns. we get it.. Can we get some real news.
    2. Pat fans.. With great respect I have to tell you all to GET A F’n LIFE!! you cheated.. You got caught.. Its not Mangini’s fault you cheated.. Your the better team now right? Shut up? ok? Christ you guys wine worse the most Baltimore fans when they see a Mayflower truck on there street!
    3. PIttsburg fans.. with no respect.. shut up about “the rings”.. You sound like a bunch of women flaunting all that costume jewelry.. your not the greatest team in football.. you might want to talk to the Packers,Bears,Giants,Browns.. Just cause they didn’t give out rings after a championship game doesn’t mean it didn’t count. BTW look forward to taking your goat loving QB out at the knees this year.. And Look behind you.. I think the Pats have a beef about calling yourself the best team ever..
    4. give the coach a break.. We in Cleveland will take care of him if he screws up.. Trust me..

  23. This is nothing. Wait till the news breaks that Mangini is the ScoutMaster and those rookies are Canteen Boy.

  24. How is it that guys (like Mangini) who have no common sense can wind up in some of the world’s best jobs?
    Excellent post, and another fine example of your generally outstanding work.

  25. browns_4_life says:
    May 29th, 2009 at 2:12 pm
    Romeo Crennel made lots of friends in Cleveland. How did that turn out for him? None of this off the field stuff really matters if the Browns improve on the football field. I would imagine that Eric Mangini wasn’t fired in New York for imposing a curfew on his rookies. The Browns have had little to no discipline enforced since they returned. From a fan’s standpoint, I love it.
    Can’t say it any better, except to add, screw making friends! I like what I have seen from Mangini so far and I have no problem with any of this stuff you’re making a big thing out of to promote this rag site. Time to go under your rock again. Hey, what’s the difference between a catfish and a lawyer? One’s a scum sucking bottom dweller and the other one’s a fish.

  26. I thought NFL teams drafted football players…..Not minions hired to serve the Carmine and Frank Mangini (whomever they are) foundation…..In the end, Mangini will end up like Weis, Crennel and all other Pats assistants, failures as head coaches. And no, i have no anti Pats or Browns bias, it’s just the way it is……

  27. Locnar, the rest of us love seeing idiot CLE fans like you go off. Makes us feel better when our teams crash. I was once at a game and a CLE fan tried to taunt me by asking me how many SuperBowls my team had won. Uh, CLE has never even been to a SB, so he had no room to talk.
    1) Florio gets screamed at by fans of EVERY team, conviced that he hates them. That menas he’s doing something right. He’s also a screaming Lib so he would have worked for MSNBC or another Democrat a$$ kissing institute.
    2) I don’t like the Pats either, BUT Mangini came to prominance with the Pats and was part of the cheating. That makes him an incredible hypocrit by blowing the whislte on them.
    3) Actually you were dead on.
    4) yes you will and thats part of the problem. Oh and he’s going to keep your team in the basement of the AFCN for the next 5 yrs, even if he gets fired after only 2-3.

  28. Florio,
    Why is it preposterous for Mangini to impose a curfew for rookies at a voluntary training activity? Would it not be prudent for the head coach to make sure that the first year players are kept on a short leash so to speak? They are unknown investments, and as such the team would surely wish to keep a closer eye on them and keep them away from outside influences while they are participating in team drills. As professionals I’m sure they are fully aware their actions could have severe impacts, but that doesn’t seem to stop even veterans. Yes, they are adults, and yes, this is voluntary, but this is also their first taste of professional football. They have curfews for all sorts of things in this league, why not let them know right from the get go that there is still a level of control the teams will have upon them, just like the schools had over them when they played in college.
    I don’t see it as such a big deal when dealing with rookies. They are new to the professional and business side of the sport, so why not exercise more control over them?
    The other stuff I agree with, though. And kudos to the guy who actually went and looked up what the “charity” was. Mangini just seems more and more like a complete douche.

  29. I love all this BS about sources say people are pissed at Mangini, and some of the people who post here are full of BS.
    First of all who cares if the poor little rookies take abus ride to a fund raising footballcamp. The last time I checked these rookies have earned nothing to this point

  30. I am not really into politics, and I know this isn’t a political site, but this kind of maltreatment reminds me of Bush, Cheney, and Karl Rove throwing thousands of people into Guantanamo Bay without charges and subjecting them to inhumane treatment and torture, and Bush’s decision to carpet bomb Afghanistan and Iran on specious reasons, which we all know was designed to make Hailburton, Blackwater, and Big Oil billions in profits and to allow Bush to shred the Constitution in his bloodthirsty quest for absolute power.
    Mangini’s treatment of these rookies is despicable. While I am not comparing Mangini’s coaching style with Bush’s Hitler-like rule over our country and his murder and plunder of the indigenous peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, I cannot help but see the parallels between Bush and Mangini, who is a harsh, unrelenting dictator who needs to be kicked out of football like America kicked Bush out of office for Obama, who has already shown himself to be the finest President we have had since JFK and FDR before him.

  31. Ex-patriot assistant coaches can’t be head coaches. In other breaking news, ice is cold.

  32. Yeah. The players loved Crennel. that worked out real well. I was against bringing in Mangini but he is showing the players that he is the boss and they are not. As it should be.
    As to the bus ride, you need to give me a break on this. If anyone whines about that, they are not ready to play in the NFL. Wait – maybe they are. We have athletes in all pro sports thinking they are special and should be treated as such.

  33. Ding ding ding!! Give this man a prize!!
    Mike D says:
    May 29th, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    Mangini will have worn out his welcome in Cleveland in two years time. After that, he’ll never be a HC in the league again. You can count on it.
    As for the reason Lerner rushed to hire Mangini right after he was canned by the Jets and when no one else would touch him with a ten foot pole… probably has something to do with him being an inept, crappy owner. Just a hunch.

  34. Mangini got run out of NY because Favre’s arm went kaput at the end of the season.
    If the Jets make the playoffs, Mangini keeps his job. If Favre doesn’t throw 8000 interceptions in the last few games, the Jets would have made the playoffs.
    Rookies are supposed to hate the coach. He owns their ass. They’re not free agents and they’re not in demand by other teams.
    If he was doing the opposite, you’d probably write a piece about how Mangini was going to lose his job for being too soft on the players and he wouldn’t be able to find another job afterwards.

  35. What a terrible, terrible piece of writing.
    You have absolutely no clue what’s going on with browns camp and mangini. Every piece that the OBR and the plain dealer are putting out say that the players love mangini and are completely buying in.
    I just registered to tell you what a hack you are… holy crap.

  36. All of the Belichick assistants (see: McDaniels, Josh) seem to be turning some heads with their media-unfriendly coaching methods…only a matter of time before we see how it turns out for them.

  37. the browns fans are missing the point here. enforcing discipline is great IF the players respect the coach. mangini has yet to earn these players respect and trust, and likely wont if he continues to run the team the way he has so far. the same thing happened in new york; many of the teams veterans didn’t like him and as a result underacheived during his tenure. mangini is essentially running things the same way belichick does in new england, missing the point that it took one of the all time great coaching jobs (the 2001-02 season) to earn that level of respect in the locker room. if the browns dont show results early on, this could blow up in mangini’s face (again)

  38. The Fat RAT enjoys envoking his rath whenever and where ever possible….except it never shows on the field.
    Cleveland has some great and loyal fans…but a joke for an owner has hired a farce for a head coach.
    Mangini was a decent position coach, horrible coordinator…and worse as a HC. He has horrendous finesse w/his players. Give him 2 years max.

  39. I’m personally glad to see a Coach give these rookies some bonding time together and to do something good for a charity. Maybe if this was done more we would have less Pac-mans and Vicks.

  40. Oh and I love the “unnamed” sources! By the tone of the statements it sounds like it was taking from a very spoiled and very unproven rookie.

  41. Why don’t you talk about anything good that Mangini is doing? I’m sure the players enjoy the music they get to listen to at practice now. You wouldn’t want to talk about anything that isn’t negative in Cleveland. You are a huge D Bag.

  42. All of you guys that are backing Mangini are just as idiotic as he is, 10 hour bus ride in the middle of a mini-camp please the only bonding going on was the how much we hate this douche conversations. Cleveland will not win this thisgoof and he’ll be gone in two years.

  43. So we’re talking about what, seven, maybe eight guys that will actually make the team and then a bunch of guys that will likely never even get to play in an actual game? And they actually had to *gasp* SIT DOWN in an air conditioned bus and eat some free meals before going out to play with some kids?! Oh the humanity!
    If they Jets had any sense at all, they would never have fired Mangini in the first place. The Browns got a steal with him.
    And don’t even bring up Cowher, please. Mike Tomlin just proved how overrated Cowher is. No other team in football would have kept Cowher for as long as the Steelers did before he won a Super Bowl. And then he lost his edge and tanked the next year before slinking out the door.

  44. the youth football camp is on the Browns website. You did not one bit of research on this story. Do you write for the National Enquirer too?

  45. Is this about hating Mangini or loving Farve? When Mangini was first fired the story was Mangini was fired because of his diagreeing with management about hiring Farve. Somehow , despite Mangini’s former players publicly supporting him in the media , the story warped into Mangini being a bad coach. Get over it Madden, er I mean Florio Farve is washed up he and the management killed the jets last year let Mangini coach THEN judge him.

  46. I think Florio is sleeping with Mary Kay, go to her article on this and look at the comments. Overwhelmingly in support of the Coach.

  47. Man, the Cleveland fans are grumpy today. I’m guessing it’s because the stinging reality has settled in that the Cavs won’t be ending the city’s 45-year championship drought.
    I remember you guys defending Chris Palmer, Butch Davis and Crennel at first too. It won’t last. You guys should save yourselves from another crushing letdown and admit that Mangini is just another mistake. Just like every single head coach since the Browns came back to the league.
    By the way, wikipedia has an awesome writeup on droughts: If you click “Drought Prone Cities”, the first name you’ll see is, you guessed it: Cleveland.

  48. Ford says:
    May 29th, 2009 at 5:50 pm
    And don’t even bring up Cowher, please. Mike Tomlin just proved how overrated Cowher is. No other team in football would have kept Cowher for as long as the Steelers did before he won a Super Bowl. And then he lost his edge and tanked the next year before slinking out the door.
    Ford you are truly a fool. Look at Cowhers career record. Better than anything Cleveland could ever hope to achieve. Just another pussy Steeler hater.

  49. I find it funny, ready Tony Dungy’s 1st book and he talks about taking his team, via bus, from Tampa to Jacksonville for a training camp day, then turning around that night to come back. I am not a cartographer, but I know that isn’t 10 hours but you get the point. He used it to test his players, to see their resiliency, Dungy does it and he is a genius, Mangini does it and he is a dick.

  50. I think what Florio is eluding to is that Eric’s a control freak. I get that. He’s also not a very good leader and coaches by demeaning his players, I get that too.
    I don’t think Mangini is HC material, never did. Crennel is too passive, Weiss has had mixed results at best and McD, well he hasn’t had exactly a good start in Denver and we’ll see what happens with Pioli now that he’s out on his own.
    Bill Bellichick was and is the man and his knowledge, experience, presence and abilities alone propped those mentioned above up, that can’t be emphasized enough.

  51. Most interesting thing I read on this web page was the advertisements, did you know that you can book hotel rooms at best western??
    This article is F-ked Up. Who cares…

  52. I wouldn’t trust anything Mary Cabbage patch cabot says or reports…. During the draft and the Stallwoth case, Cabot was caught using internet sites and the Miami Herald as her “anonymous sources without their knowledge”. This lady wanted Romeo Crennell to get another chance…. the fans need to ride her and her counter part Toni Grossi right out of Cleveland…. They have no insiders or professional relationships with anyone in the Browns orangination, and neither could get a tip from the leakiest of faucets. Cabot is hoping that if she claims Mangini isn’t a big hit in Cleveland, it’ll make her lousy reporting skills better…. She had cart blanche sources in Crenell and Savage regime and got use to not having to work for a story. If you ask fans in Cleveland 60 percent of them would fire her and Grossi, both are part of why teams in our city get attitudes of not caring…. example: after Shaun Smith hung out with them both….. he was telling fans to stuff it…. and what is her crediblity to write such garbage…. if the players hate him so much….. why did so many ex players join the Browns and call Mangini the smartest head coach they ever played for… experience is if you hate your ex boss, you don’t follow him to a new city. Cabot and Grossi will probably cause the collapse of the Cleveland PD…. neither could make it in a big city as a reporter. Both reporters had no clue of what the Browns would draft…. each switching players at the number 5 pick daily for a straight week, trying to cover every possible name, and they both missed…. At least my pick Sanchez was involved indirectly in the Browns drafting…. Cabot is a very negative influence and ditto for Grossi…. take a poll….. they’d be fired by most fans in this city….. How they get on TV shows make us laugh cause neither have no clue about the sports in Cleveland…. if you want a decent reporter here read Terry Pluto or Brian Windhorst. It would be cool if Mary Cabot or Toni Grossi would admit they copy stories from the internet, then tag it anonoymous sources…. but then where would they be?

  53. Tom Brady will be inept this season and so will Belicheat…….. the league is out to get the filming cheat…… anonoymous souce…. Mary Kay Cabot LOL

  54. I was surprised not to hear mention of something (as I read the comments) in particular, but at the end of page 1, right above this text box, dzy somewhat mentions it…
    To me, this 10-hour busride has 1 idea behind it: Force the guys to spend time together and bond/get to know each other. Also (assuming the staff accompanied them) it forces the players to spend all this time with the coaching staff. On the 10 hours up there, they could maybe talk about their overall philosophy, get to explain themselves (who they are/what they come from/what they believe in going forward) on a more personal level, and to address specific questions/concerns the team might have. The players could get an opportunity to learn each guys name, maybe a back-story for each, and get to know their compadres better.
    The coaches could then draw up an idea of what they want to get out of this camp/time spent here, in the overall sense as well as in the individual. I’m sure this was a rather luxurious ride, as mentioned previously, and I’m sure the guys were comfortable and provided food/drinks and such…if you think this was a miserable, hot, crowded school bus with a bunch of guys either on headphones or staring listlessly(or pissed) out the window, you are sadly mistaken… They probably even watched a movie in the last few hours (after the above-kinda talk), to relax and take in everything.
    The 10 hour ride back could serve as an evaluation process of what just occured in the camp/practice/workout. They could go over everything they noticed-good, bad, concerning, promising…the more eyes on it they had the more they can discuss. They could then break down what they see outta each individual position/person, what they envision each guys role to be, and what they believe their strengths and weaknesses at this very moment-going forward from today.
    Overall, what I take out of this curiously twisted spin of a story is twofold: One, that this served to be a way to integrate the entire team in an individual, personal manner otherwise impossible in our modern-day society/world…every person seems to have so many minute distractions in their lives these days, no one even has a moment to think about people outside their own personal “bubble.” I imagine these guys (NFL players and staff) are only an exaggerated version of this, and all the turnover in personnel is likely to result in “cliques” if you will, and the bottom line is you couldn’t bring the entire group together like this ANY OTHER WAY. If they spent their time wisely, I think this was an excellent idea to create some team unity. I just realized that this bus(ses) likely had TVs and such, and film could even be used to dissect during the trip(s). And Two: For the writer to conjure up the ideas in deciding to post this, and to NEVER contemplate the mere possibility of what I just wrote (if he had, to cover his own a$$, he’d have mentioned it @ least in passing)-and this goes for all the commentors of such negative bearing-it’s only fair to question the motives behind said post. To take it in such a nasty, hateful direction begs the question “Does he have something against, even hate, Mangini? Or the Browns? Or the Jets even?” While I’m not one to make such assumptions about ANYONE (at least I try not to be), it’s hard not to go in such a direction. I, however, will refrain from such, as I care more about the comments I’ve made above than such an inconsequencial topic.
    That is all, thank you for reading (and don’t let the presentation of a story/event make up your mind for you people! absorb the facts, consider the possible catalysts/reasons for it’s coming to be, and make your own decision/opinion of it. We’ve become so lazy these days we dont even want to take the time to make our own opinions to things, we’ve almost become reliant on the media to do it for us. There’s an endless list of reasons to blame for this, but I’ll not go there)

  55. Mangini should stick to what he’s good at – leaving the Antarctic Ocean each autumn to waddle inland toward his ancestral breeding grounds.

  56. Did you hear Mary Kay Cabot and Toni Grossi aren’t making many friends in Cleveland? I did…. Both are inept idiots as far as reporting goes…. both missed the facts that Stallworth was in a drug program and never reported it….. Both never reported that Savage was giving guaranteed bonuses like candy canes at christmas….. Both picked a dozen possible picks for the 5th choice and missed…..Both have like 3 fans….. probably their mom and dads…. both tried to usurp the reporters at the Miam herald and called it a secret source. Once a month Mary Kay writes the Mangini aint making friends article, and why, cause they locked her out of stories…… mary kay outta be writing recipes for Martha Steward and Toni Grossi outta be shining Brian Windhorst’s shoes…. I wouldn’t hit a dog in the ass with any of their reporting skills cause neither have any. And Florio you kept using her as a source….. so far you like batting zero….. the fans love Mangini plain and simple…………..i heard Mary Kay is close to getting fired at the PD……. my anonymous source…..

  57. PD writers Toni Grossi and Mary Kay Cabot are ruffling feathers at the paper cause they have no connections with any sports teams in Cleveland. It’s prompting their bosses at the PD to revisit why they were hired in the first place. Perhaps they rushed to hire them when no one else wanted them…. one Browns source stated.
    The latest developement is that rookie reporters at the PD went on a Bus ride that lasted twelve hours just to avoid their bad articles. All three Cleveland GMs have the front offices in lockdown mode to make sure these two negative reporters get nothing to print….. Mary Kay thinks its like a college hazing prank and claims she’s never seen anything like it… The Browns rookies are laughing their asses off sending her on wild goose chases. One rookie said Mary Kay and Toni G. write nothing but B.S. and have no sources. Another said she rips stories off the internet and renames them under her name….. that’s really scum baggish…….
    this is the kinda crap we get from both these dudes in Cleveland. they suck at reporting and because they cant get a story….. they constantly fire on the coach………………

  58. you should be ashamed of yourself for this one.
    Mangini had a winning record with the Jets..

  59. Davidintexas,
    Learn to come up with decent comebacks,
    While you “are not really into politics” you certainly have a political opinion that is as impassioned as it is utterly clueless.

  60. I could not care less about some rookies having to go to Connecticut. If you paid me a fraction of what they are going to make in the next year I would go to Connecticut and back twice a week.

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