Brandon Marshall: "I Have Never Put A Hand To Rasheeda Watley"

Immediately following a lengthy Outside the Lines report aired this morning on ESPN regarding domestic violence allegations from a former girlfriend, Denver Broncos star wide receiver Brandon Marshall denied ever hitting Rasheeda Watley.
“I have never put a hand to Rasheeda Watley,” Marshall said during a live interview with Bob Ley. “Look at the facts dating back to the first incident. I tell them my side of the story. I stand here with facts.”
The investigative report from John Barr, which included 911 tapes, interviews with Watley and her parents, photos of injuries, including a cut on her thigh from an alleged knife wound inflicted by Marshall that required stitches, as well as police reports, portrayed Watley as a repeated victim of domestic violence.
“I’m really a battered girlfriend,” Watley said.
The report also included an e-mail from Watley’s attorney to Marshall’s attorney, stating that if Marshall paid $100,000 then Watley wouldn’t press charges.  One year earlier, Watley’s attorney e-mailed Marshall asking for $500,000, but money was never exchanged and the couple reconciled.
During today’s interview, Marshall said he stood behind this statement he made to a Denver television station last year: “I respect women. I never put my hand on her.”
When asked to explain Watley’s injuries, Marshall replied, “At this point, I don’t know what’s fictional and what’s real,” alleging that Watley was making things up.
Marshall said that his lawyer has subpoenaed an Atlanta police offier who will refute Watley’s allegation about a domestic violence incident in 2008 that has resulted in pending charges against him.
Last season, Marshall eventually served a one-game suspension and was fined two game checks last year after initially being suspended for three games by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
During the interview with Marshall, ESPN replayed a 911 tape where he was allegedly trying to force his way into Watley’s taxi cab in Colorado.
“I’m upset,” Marshall said when asked to explain what happened. “I’m not here to justify who’s wrong and who’s right. I’m here to show the facts. It’s evident that this is clearly about money. . . .  She took my Blackberry. I tapped on the glass to get the taxi driver’s attention.”
When pressed by Ley about why he’s repeatedly involved in these sort of incidents, Marshall defended himself again and noted that Watley has changed her story several times.
“As a professional athlete, there’s a certain standard you should uphold,” Marshall said. “There’s a certain image I have to protect. The NFL shield not only represents me, but everybody involved in it. I have to do my best to protect it. … I’m not here to bash her. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I made mistakes.”
Engaged to a different woman now, Marshall and his fiancee were arrested in March with disorderly conduct charges that were quickly dropped following an argument in Atlanta.
“It was simply an argument,” he said. “They got it wrong. I’m thankful they took care of it and threw it out.”
When asked again by Ley why he’s continually at the center of these type of alleged incidents, Marshall said: “Sometimes, you’ve got to look in the mirror. I haven’t put myself in the best of environments.”
During the report, Watley and her parents made several allegations.
In an alleged incident never reported to police, Watley said: “He choked me on the bed. He really choked me.”
Watley and her parents also said that they told the Broncos about the problems with Marshall and team officials told her that she should give him a second chance.
Watley’s mother said that she felt like the Broncos had handled the situation horribly and victimized his daughter.
Watley’s father said the NFL and the Broncos should be ashamed of themselves.
The Broncos declined an interview request to respond to Watley’s allegations.
The report also included an e-mail from Marshall to Watley where he allegedly wrote: “Please don’t take everything away from me.”
Depending upon the outcome of the Atlanta case that has a June trial date, Marshall, who’s recuperating from hip surgery, could face further punishment from the league office.

27 responses to “Brandon Marshall: "I Have Never Put A Hand To Rasheeda Watley"

  1. “The report also included an e-mail from Watley’s attorney to Marshall’s attorney, stating that if Marshall paid $100,000 then Watley wouldn’t press charges. One year earlier, Watley’s attorney e-mailed Marshall asking for $500,000, but money was never exchanged and the couple reconciled.”
    “I’m really a battered girlfriend,” Watley said.”
    No, you’re a gold digger.

  2. His lawyer should have never let him up there, he did nothing to help his case. Someone needs to coach him a little before he sticks his foot in his mouth.

  3. Man, it sucks when so many people lie to try and make him took bad for some reason.
    Once someone is exposed as a liar, you shouldn’t be expected to reasonably believe anything they say from that point on. And Brandon Marshall has neeeeever been publicly caught in a lie, right?

  4. Marshall is an idiot and I really don’t believe that he “never laid a hand” on Watley. He has problems and really represents the “entitlement” that athletes believe they have and how they can’t be touched. When problems are constantly following you around, you have to look in the mirror and not expect to get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to these types of situations.
    But I really hate that she and her attorney apparently tried to blackmail him in order for her to not press charges.
    Either he did it and you want “real” justice (not that fake sob story about how he has to be “stopped” from battering other women) or you are willing to put up with a potential monster as long as you can “live the lifestyle” and have lots of money. You can’t have it bothways

  5. If you continually find yourselves in these situations, you have to do more than look in the mirror. You have to change your environment, your friends, whatever. Just acknowledging you make mistakes is not enough.
    She could be lying. But, why give her any situation to build her lies on?

  6. That woman is a money grubbing liar, its all about the money when it all comes down, Bob Ley was clearly biased and didnt give Marshall a fair shot at eexplaining himself, ESPN is gay, NFLN FTW!

  7. must be all Denver fans…. I like you all now! You were all there right>? Give me a break. You dont know either way so save it. Thats why we have a court system.

  8. The show seemed like a hit job on Marshall to me. I don’t know what really happened, and I’m not saying Marshall is completely innocent. But when you extract random quotes from reports and present them out of context while leaving out other important facts (which Marshall later raised), that’s a hit job to me. OTL had both sides of the story in their possession, but only presented just one of those sides. Sure, they gave Marshall a chance to refute their one-sidedness at the end, but the damage was already done. Plus, he didn’t have a chance to refute EVERYTHING — only 2-3 points that ESPN had misrepresented. It’s like me accusing someone of rape, then making them come on TV later to explain that the case had been dismissed because the accused was really in Nicaragua at the time and the police had found the real culprit.
    Again, I don’t know what happened. Marshall could be as guilty as OJ for all we know. But I expect “journalists” to be more even-handed when reporting a story that could smear someone for the rest of his life. Give us all the facts and let us decide for ourselves — not this out of context crap that they tried to pull today.

  9. Marshall is the worst of the worst type of people. The pictures say all the words. Remember, of all the “golddigger” talks and stuff he claimed SHE put him through he stayed with her. Sounds like he was the controller of the relationship and he was continuing to attempt to control her.
    Or maybe they both went to McDonalds. And we all know how Marshall gets around McDonalds….

  10. csloan99
    Couldnt have put it better , but they are not in it for facts just money and alot more people watch when your talking about the thugs in the nfl not when your reporting on something with all the fact

  11. Anybody that wants to judge the he-said/she-said here should really read the blackmail letter. That changed my view completely.
    As for Marshall, he gets a big thumbs up from Reverend Leon Kelly, who is doing wonderful things to fight youth crime and violence in Denver. He describes Marshall as his go to guy when it comes to being there for the kids and trying to make something good come out of Darrent Williams’ death.. Irrespective of the mistakes Brandon Marshall probably has made, he is doing a truly rare thing in our modern word– trying hard to change his ways and backing it with real action. As long as that remains true, he has my support. I think it’ll be a real shame if ESPN becomes a vehicle through which an angry ex girlfriend finally exacts her revenge. Wately clearly becomes more and more abused the farther Brandon Marshall’s money gets away from her.

  12. “How’d she get the knife wound on her leg?”
    “Well, ya see, what had happened was, we had got Outback, right, and I was being a good dude, a gentleman, ya know, cutting up her steak for her….then I get up and go to bring her her plate, and what happens? I slip on the giant paper bag, and accidentally stick her in the leg with the knife. Blee dat.”

  13. I’ve gone through this scenario with a woman. There were intense arguments at times, and more than once some pretty bad stuff happened (although I didn’t hit her or anything). The chick clawed my head, neck and face countless times. Punched me when my back was turned. Stole my phone and threw it in a toilet. The list of crazy stuff goes on and on. Thank god I never hit her back, because she called the cops a few times and they can generally tell immediately if you have hit someone (they handcuffed her, though, when they saw the scratches on my face and neck, and all the stuff she had destroyed in the house).
    Same thing happened. I sold a company, and she was immediately trying to sue me. She’d never had a job in her life and saw opportunity when I got paid, even though I had broken up with her and moved on (with an awesome woman that I’m still with). She did the same thing as this Wattley chick – went to a lawyer, claimed I had beat her up, and demanded a settlement from me under threat of lawsuit. When I refused, they followed through on the suit, which was later dismissed due to the half-assed way they went about it.
    Point is, this kinda crap happens all the time. I’ve got a handful of very successful friends who have all had the same thing happen to them. Some crazy chick you dated for a while (until you came to your senses and dumped the welbutrin/zoloft/prozac-popping psycho) will find out you have come into some money, and guess what? You’re getting served and some lawyer is trying to extort money from you.
    I don’t buy it for a second, her whole story doesn’t add up. If he really was beating her, why did she stick around? And why would she be trying to sue, first asking for 500k, and then 100k when she realized she couldn’t get the 500k? Those two questions alone speak for themselves. Any sensible person can see what’s happening here. And for once, I actually feel kinda bad for Marshall.

  14. Unfortunately for him, when you make up a story about slipping on a McDonald’s wrapper, your credibility is seriously damaged.
    Sure, he may be telling the truth this time, but when you’ve already been shown to be a lair, who other than Broncos fans will believe you?

  15. Sorry for the cross-sport thing but did you guys pay attention to Kobe Bryant in ’03??
    Johnny Boy and Scoop hit the nail on the freaking head. Women want nothing more than to take advantage of men, and when the men are high-profile professional athletes, that just means there’s that much more money for the taking.
    Marshall obviously has a checkered past (as MANY of us do), and this idiot woman will inevitably lose the case, if for no other reason than Marshall has tons more money to pay great lawyers while Watley is probably employing state prosecutors.
    Here’s a piece of my past I’m sure I’ll be harshly judged for, but that’s OK. I spent 7 months in prison in Baltimore County for “Domestic Assault”. The only time I EVER laid a hand on my (at the time) fiance – besides the sex connotation above-posters think is funny – was when she furiously attacked me for beating her repeatedly at Chess (sorry, I never “let” anyone win at anything). I had a computer monitor smashed into my face, a jug of orange juice poured on me, my cell phone thrown in the toilet, and got stabbed with a broken champagne flute roughly 1/4″ from my balls. When the police arrived, I was doused in O.J., bleeding profusely from my nose, and had a 12″ bloodstain trailing down my leg from the shards of glass embedded in my thigh.
    And I got arrested and sent to prison because the woman (who had no injuries whatsoever) was crying.
    That wasn’t a sob story, so please don’t interpret it as such. The point is that when a woman accuses a man of something dastardly, that does not remotely make it true. Maybe Marshall is a wifebeater. Or maybe he’s a regular guy who’s a victim of a gold-digging bitch.
    Point is, none of you really know, so please reserve your judgment until actual judgment is declared.

  16. Has everyone on here gone crazy? This isnt some loser girl he met in a club 2 weeks ago. He has known this girl since he was 13 years old. she has marks all over her body and he has had a history of domestic abuse including an incident with his new girlfriend.
    Granted her and her lawyer are pathetic for trying to get $100,000 out of him to not press charges. But lets not forget the issue is that he has done this before and after. Just because he does some charity work for kids does not make him a saint. I could have sworn Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, and some scumbags in other sports like Stephon Marbury all did some work and donated to charity in their days. People dont understand that donating to charity is a tax write off for the wealthy. Thats all nice that they want to help children or the sick, but laying your hands on a woman is never acceptable.
    Think how strong and big these guys are. Think about them easily benching more than 300 pounds like its nothing. Now think about someone that strong knocking around a 110-130 pound woman. Thats totally disgusting. Athletes almost never accept any responsibility for what they do. Some of them do get wrongly accused by some of the woman they stupidly meet after they become wealthy. This person has bruises all over her and pics to prove it. This is also not the first time he has done this. So no im not buying the excuse that he just tapped on taxi window to ask politely for his Blackberry back

  17. Marshall is completely innocent. It was all that no-good golddigger. Finally, he managed to get away from her and found himself a good woman.
    And when he got arrested while having a public argument with his new girl, that was all the first woman’s fault, too.
    Those dropped passes? Also the golddigger’s fault.
    Hiring McDaniels? Denver becoming a laughingstock? The golddigger’s fault.

  18. “dlmcc0505 says:
    May 31st, 2009 at 3:24 pm
    Just because he does some charity work for kids does not make him a saint. I could have sworn Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, and some scumbags in other sports like Stephon Marbury all did some work and donated to charity in their days.”
    I’m confused why you included Marbury in there. Were you thinking of Latrell Sprewell? All Marbury ever did was clash with management and mismanagement (Isaiah Thomas). I don’t think he’s ever been in trouble with the law or anything. Not that he’s a positive role model….but I don’t think he belongs in the same category as Vick and Pacman. Unless I am missing something.

  19. a. of course she is a gold digger. but that doesnt explain it all away.
    b. and he is still an idiot. dumbass champagne.
    this guy is an overall weak sister and if the broncos are smart, they will find other wideouts (royal, etc) to pin their hopes on.
    keep yer finances private at least until yer married, folks. if ya cant do that, better get some people to run interference for ya.

  20. and i almost forgot, sure he never laid a hand on her. bet he put a boot up her ass, though.

  21. Rasheeda sounds just like a battered woman, don’t most battered women continue to go back. The error she made was filing complaints and not going through with anything, which again sounds just like a woman involved in domestic violence. She (or her lawyer) made a mistake in requesting money, but whether she requested money or not does not mean she was not abused. Mr Marshall with his stupid a– should have never did an interview, he couldn’t even get his story straight. This man did everything she said he did. Everyone is not lying on him, he messed up sending an email and also blocking the cab driver in and also picking up a brick to damage her friends car. The sad thing is his sister witnessed him assaulting her and his mother also knew her son was abusing this girl. To add insult to injury, this low life has the nerve to get engaged to someone else and let a police office witness him assaulting the new woman as well. This man needs help. I believe everything she said and no one continues to file police reports for nothin and if the police thought they were false reports, I’m sure they would’ve taken some action against her. The lady that contacted her parents she needs to be fired, she should’ve been trying to get this man some help. Women wake up, you don’t have to be abused and men keep your hands to yourself.

  22. They both are morons. In addition, her parents are stupid because instead of treating her like an adult, holding her accountable for continually going back to the ass whippings, they’re trying to make her seem like some victim. Sorry, when you voluntarily go back for the ass whippings against all common sense, I have no sympathy for you…call me insensitive.
    Maybe teach your daughter to stop being a weak minded c–t, and she won’t be getting knife wounds in the thigh in her next relationship.
    As far as the Broncos go, who’s surprised? If Travis henry could still play prior to them cutting him, he’d have been running keys into different states in between OTA’s and training camp right now. Shanahan didn’t care as long as he thought they could play. I’m sure he gave him a lie detector test, which was 60% satisfactory to Shanahan’s approval. That was good enough for the Shanahan regime, lol.

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