Report: Rams Interested In Vick

The St. Louis Rams have emerged as a potential landing spot for suspended quarterback Michael Vick if he’s reinstated, and team officials have been performing their “due diligence,” according to Michael Lombardi of NFP and NFL Network.
Per the report, the Rams have “genuine interest” in Vick, who’s on house arrest in Virginia after serving 18 months in federal prison.
“Several people in the NFL told me not to rule out St. Louis as a possible destination for Vick,” Lombardi writes. “If [NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell] reinstates him, look for them to actively pursue him. It makes sense, a new coach with an older quarterback who hasn’t played well. Playing in a dome on carpet would highlight Vick’s speed and athleticism.”
Of course, the Rams being up for sale complicates Vick’s prospects because new ownership could be opposed to pursuing Vick.
Plus, Vick must show “genuine remorse,” in Goodell’s words, to gain reinstatement to the league.
Lombardi portrays Vick as having his head on straight and ready for a second chance.
“According to people I’ve talked to who are close to him, Vick is in great spirits and looking forward to the future,” Lombardi writes. “I’m told he’s in great ‘non-professional football shape’ and is determined to prove he can regain his superstar status in the NFL.
“He intends to spend more time studying the game, more time preparing to play, more time working on his game. Two years alone with nothing but your thoughts can be a powerful motivational tool.”

35 responses to “Report: Rams Interested In Vick

  1. That ought to help. New team photographer…..check. New head of security……check. New distraction to further damage the franchise…..check mate.

  2. Federal indictment should also be a powerful motivational tool, but that did not stop him from being less than honest with a judge and again in bankruptcy proceedings, now did it?

  3. Look what Bulger has had to work with! depleted WR staff, 9th string RBs (with Jackson hurt the whole year, as well as half the other RBs on the team), and a terrible O-Line. And a coach who didn’t want him starting!!!

  4. And oh yea.. Im sure after not playing since 2006, a QB who already wasn’t all that great (just an amazing runner, nothing special about his arm) is really gonna help out the Rams. Yea that’s a great idea!

  5. Slow Joe hit it on the head. Going back to LA is very likely and not to offend anyone from LA, but they are more likely to forgive Vick. Hey OJ got away with murder.

  6. I love it. The Rams continue to do everything in their power to ensure that the NFC West remains a 3-team division for the foreseeable future.

  7. I wonder how you can tell a guy who just got out of prison ( and cant leave his house) is in great shape? Jane Fonda workout tape? Jenga?

  8. let’s be real.
    everyone here talking shit is going to be glued to a TV set every Sunday watching Michael Vick play.

  9. “regain his superstar status in the NFL”
    HaHaHa. You have to HAVE superstar status in order to REGAIN it. Vick has ALWAYS been more hype than performance and success.

  10. Oh boy, I guess since Jack the Ripper is dead – there is a void. Dallas and the Pacman worked out real well. Maybe Vick and the Rams will take the pressure off of the rest of the NFL’s drama filled prima donnas.

  11. Regain what “superstar” status? Is mediocrity now the definition of “Superstar”?

  12. Say what you will, but watching Vick play was very exciting….I want to see him back in a uniform, anywhere…He’s paid his debt, let the man play!

  13. what ever happened to the “Anti-vick” list?
    Is was malarkey to begin with.
    Vick would terrorize the NFC West. Rams fans should be happy.

  14. Not surprising that one of the worst run orgranizations in football would be interested in Vick. This team just cant do anything right.

  15. The Rams want Vick? This just confirms their status as a semi-professional team. When will it sink in with people that Vick is a terrible quarterback? He should be a backup RB, not a starting QB.

  16. Mike Vick was a superstar.
    I know he lacked judgement and accuracy on the field, but this guy was rushing 1000+ yards a season.
    He’s unconventional and I agree that he probably won’t take a franchise to the promised land. But, to say he wasn’t a superstar is idiotic. Last time I checked he was the first QB to win at Lambeau Field during a playoff game. He sold out the GA Dome every game. He still has millions of die-hard fans. He has taken the focus off of the second annual Brett Favre (un)retirement party.
    Not to mention, he could train the hell out of them pitbulls!

  17. HAHA Superstar Status?
    Micheal Vick and his career 75 rating qualifies as super star status??? LOL.
    I guess that means Dan Orlovsky is a superstar too!

  18. Research the stats-Vic only fare’d well against nearbeer defences. Never a tough team. The “superstar” came from a few very lucky and flashy plays, overhyped from the press. Us Rams are gonna turn into a tough, gritty, never-give-in team that stops blowing our leads in the last half. We’ll be better than fine, we’ll be great! we are gonna recapture the “GREATEST SHOW ON TURF”!! I’d rather be 0-16 as a Ram than 16-0 as a 40Whinner any-day!

  19. And in addition-I am all for bringing Vic to the Rams. He would be able to sell a million T-Shirts in the Lobby when we play the Browns.

  20. Isn’t he technically still the property of the Falcons. Sniff… Sniff… This smells like collusion to me.

  21. “Two years alone with nothing but your thoughts can be a powerful motivational tool.” – Michael Lombardi
    It also can provide plenty of time to come up with an innocuous sounding name for the new kennel.

  22. GreeneBlitz says: “Mike Vick and the City of Los Angeles truely deserve each other..”
    Did something bad happen to you in Los Angeles, Greene? What’s with all the venom? Let it go . . . it’ll just eat you up inside. Truely.
    Personally, I find the whole “Vick to the Rams” idea . . . intriguing. While I’m not necessarily in the Mike Vick is the Worst Person Ever camp, I’ve been of the mindset that he irrevocably destroyed his opportunity to draw a living from the game we all love so much.
    That said — and I’m vaguely ashamed to admit this — the idea of him going to that team is amusing to me. Schadenfreude, I suppose. The Public Relations fallout would be disastrous, and I can’t see the team’s performance improving enough to justify bringing him on. (I’d even hold out a kernel of hope that the Rams might equal the Lions’ landmark season.)

  23. Hey Florio, this is the same Mike Lombardi whose credibility you lit up like a Roman Candle during the Lane Kiffin-Al Davis fiasco, right?

  24. also remember… lack of prep… gambling connection? or just plain stupidity.
    second half of 2005/06 seasons… vick led teams went 3-13.
    he isnt a superstar. not even starting qb material.

  25. I hope the rams dont play the Giants, I would not be able to watch it…Vick plays for you? Boycott!

  26. Dress this disgusting turd up any way you want Goodell and he still smells like a turd. Surely the fans won’t forget what he has done. Even if he came back and won 10 Super Bowls…is this really the way any team wants to win?

  27. Doesn’t PFT owe John Clayton an apology? Less than 2 weeks ago you posted this:
    “Vick Won’t Be A Ram”
    With this as a closing sentence:
    “So, John, scratch the Rams from the list. Please.”
    What was your reason for declaring that Vick wouldn’t be a Ram at that time? Oh yeah, because the current Rams GM was an assistant GM in Atlanta at the time Vick was there and because Bernie Mikzklalaszklakaz of the St Louis Post said so. First of all, Devaney’s fingerprints aren’t on Vick’s tenure and mega-contract in Atlanta, Arthur Blank’s are. Second, why take Mkzksz as the authority on St Louis personnel moves?

  28. How does this nonsense get started.
    The Rams have ZERO interest in Vick. None.
    Move along folks, nothing to see here . . .

  29. Rams Fans Remember this..and take it to Heart !!! Bleed Blue and Gold !!! Rosenbloom-optimism, George Allen- optimism, Chuck Knox-optimism,Malavasi-optimism, John Robinson-optimism, Vermeil-optimism,…weve had some failures as I won’t name them..they had too much over their heads to succeed….So now we Have Spags-optimism…devaney-opstimism…Bleed blue and gold…and wipe the blood away…it’s time to get back to is the time…gotta go to work !!!! chazzz

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