Jeremy Bridges' Assault Case Dismissed

Washington Redskins offensive lineman Jeremy Bridges no longer has to worry about criminal charges hanging over his helmet.
According to the Associated Press, Bridges’ two counts of simple assault and one count of making a threat were dismissed today by North Carolina prosecutors.
Per the report, this development should allow Bridges to avoid discipline from the league under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.
The charges, which followed an arrest last December when Bridges was playing for the Carolina Panthers, resulted from Bridges allegedly spraying champagne on customers at a Charlotte restaurant as well as a previous altercation with a restaurant staff member.
This wasn’t Bridges’ first brush with the law.
In 2007, Bridges was arrested for assault at a strip club and was ultimately convicted of reportedly pointing a gun at a woman. He was required to perform community service, was given a two-month suspended jail sentence, and was suspended for two games by the Panthers.
Cut by the Panthers after the season, Bridges was signed by the Redskins last month.

6 responses to “Jeremy Bridges' Assault Case Dismissed

  1. nice bare sided report on the stripper incident florio. bridges gave one stipper 500 dollars and another just 100. when bridges was leaving,the 100 dollar stripper was blocking his car and wouldn’t let him leave .She was obviously pissed over her tip. so he got a gun from the glove compartment to scare her off. bridges did a dumb thing by pointing a gun at her,but when all the facts are taken into account,the details of incident aren’t given justice,in the blanket statement of he pointed a gun at a stripper.

  2. I’m sure Florio is disappointed. First his buddy had to report something positive about the Redskins. Plus an NFL player that’s Not Guilty! I’m sure that ruined his day. Expect multiple Mike Vick stories tomorrow!

  3. Obviously this guy has a history, so the charges being dismissed shouldn’t automatically mean no discipline from the league.
    Really, is it that hard to stay out of trouble?

  4. vinny cerrato… are you really trying to make a case for a dude who pointed a gun at a stripper?

  5. I don’t have to try,there is already a case. which is why he only got a slap on the wrist. He had no right to point a gun at her and she had no right to block him from leaving the strip club. He was not the aggressor in the situation,and that’s huge. She was mad that she only got a 100 dollar tip and went bonkos not allowing him to leave the parking lot.
    if you replaced bridges with any normal clean record guy off the street with a decent lawyer in that situation,nothing significant would have happened legally,because he was not agressor.
    if you actually swapped roles, say a guy is refusing to allow a woman to leave the parking lot,he’s going crazy,and she pulls a gun to scare him,NOTHING would happen.
    bringing weapons into something is never good,but when people say bridges pulled a gun on a stripper without declaring the details of the event. it makes it sound like he was the aggressor and the bad guy in the situation. certainly a huge moronic move on his part (should have just called the cops on crazy bitch) but he made his decision and got his slap on the wrist.

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