June 1 Means Nothing This Year

We’ve mentioned this topic a few times over the past few months, but since it’s June 1 we probably should repeat it.
There will be no second wave of free agency this year, commencing after June 1.
Because it’s the last year with a salary cap under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, the full amount of any bonus acceleration applies to this year’s cap figures, regardless of whether a player is cut before or after June 1.
In past years, dumping a player after June 1 resulted in no bonus acceleration for amounts applicable to future years.  The team still carried the bonus allocation for the current year.
Actually, June 1 became less relevant in 2006, when revisions to the CBA allowed teams to cut up to two players per year before June 1, and to process the transaction as a post-June 1 termination.
Though June 1 might again have relevance in future years, June 1 has no meaning on this year’s cap calendar.

5 responses to “June 1 Means Nothing This Year

  1. While all of the above is correct, the overrall statement that june 1st means nothing this year is slightly misinformed. The fact is that free agent signings made after June the 1st this year will not have an effect on the compensatory draft picks a team is scheduled to recieve for the following year. So for example a team like the falcons who have a large net loss in terms of players out/players in in this years free agency can sign some select veterans now, secure in the knowledge that it will no longer effect the compensatory draft picks they are sure to aqquire next year for losing so many vested free agents. An extremely minor point, but one that it is none-the-less worth noting

  2. “June 1 Means Nothing This Year” – tell that to former NFLers Larry Centers, Shane Matthews, and Raylee Johnson: all celebrating a birthday today. Also blowing out the candles today: Pat Boone, Morgan Freeman and Cleavon Little. Too dead to blow out candles: Marilyn Monroe and Brigham Young…means nothing. Nice research!

  3. Actually this June 1st still has some meaning……….in that it’ll be the first airing of “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

  4. It also means it’s my birthday so it’s basically the most important day of the year, ever, of all time. Just speaking objectively…

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