Mark Roman Decides To Finish Contract With 49ers

Albert Breer of reports that 49ers safety Mark Roman has decided to play out the final year of his contract, after receiving permission earlier in the year to seek a trade.
In other words, no one else was willing to pay him anything close to what he wants.
But while Breer writes that Roman reported to the team on Monday, Nancy Gay of the San Francisco Chronicle says via Twitter that Roman is the only player absent from the Organized Team Activities.
One way to harmonize these two reports is that the Niners had hoped he’d find a trade partner, and that they’ve now opted to try to trade or cut him in lieu of risking that he’ll suffer a season-ending injury, which would require them to pay his $900,000 salary in 2009.
Of course, that would conflict with recent comments from coach Mike Singletary regarding the team’s interest in keeping Roman.  “There was never a time we said, ‘We don’t want Mark, he doesn’t matter to us,'” Singletary said.  “We want him and we’re very interested in keeping him.  And that’s not something that’s a secret to him.”
Then again, that statement might have been aimed at getting something for him in trade.
Roman has spent three seasons with the 49ers, appearing in every game and starting all 32 over the past two years.

13 responses to “Mark Roman Decides To Finish Contract With 49ers

  1. Well this just gives Curtis Taylor a chance to develop. Lewis, Roman, Clements and Bly isn’t a bad secondary. Not great though either.

  2. Roman is one of the absolute worst Safeties in the league. Complete liability in coverage and can’t get an interception to save his life…
    1 INT in the last 48 games played, pathetic.

  3. he his absent because he his recovering from surgery…..your report is false – AGAIN

  4. Who’s Mark Roman? Did he work at Brandt/Leland?
    Singletary calls him into the office:
    “I’m sorry Mark, we’re gonna’ have to let you go.”
    “I don’t even play for this team.”
    “That’s what makes it so tough Mark.”

  5. Roman sucks, a step slow and a poor tackler.
    He was god awful when he played for the Packers, one year and they showed him the door. He was so bad that I was surprised the Vikings didn’t sign him, their tendency is to sign wash up Packer players who aren’t any good any more.

  6. 49ers fans can say thanks to mike Nolan once again, he brought in that bum. He has to be the worst safety in this league . Garbage man . Gore a beast !

  7. The man is seriously undersized…and he’s no goód in coverage either.
    If anybody saw the first TD that the Dolphins scored against the 49ers last season that was pretty much the gist of what us niners fans have been getting from him the last few years..

  8. How stupid can Sf be to keep him around , that’s the real question ? This gut is gonna keep cashing them checks no doubt , Sf handing out free money. My hands out , I suck at football maybe u can get a job .

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