Na'il Diggs "Misses The Hell Out Of" Julius Peppers

Panthers linebacker Na’il Diggs knows that defensive end Julius Peppers is gone.  And Diggs misses him.
Specifically, Diggs “misses the hell out of” him.
Diggs made that remark during a visit with Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show earlier today.
“You know he’s not there,” Diggs said. “I personally miss the hell out of him because he’s right in front of me and he cause havoc and cleans things up in front for me.  But it’s one of those things you’ve got to deal with.   If he doesn’t come back you’ve got to keep going on.  You can’t go into every game and just say, ‘Forget it.'”
The Panthers have applied the franchise tag to Peppers, but he has generated no interest from any other team.
Part of the problem is that Peppers likely is looking for a contract that equals or exceeds the monster package given by the Redskins to defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.  Then there’s the compensation that Panthers will be seeking via trade.
All things considered, it’s too much to pay for a guy who has a history of disappearing at times.

15 responses to “Na'il Diggs "Misses The Hell Out Of" Julius Peppers

  1. It’s a ginormous price, but difference makers like Peppers don’t grow on trees. Carolina will miss the hell out of him if he’s gone.

  2. He’s like the Randy Moss of defensive ends. Ge thim excited enough and the sky’s the limit.

  3. Ok, so here’s the failure of “orthodox thinking”. Peppers *can* change games. A team with 3 Peppers-types can be a dynasty or at the very least repeatedly knock on that mythical door. The problem is that committing to Peppers narrows the spectrum of options a team has with its plans – you either do it with commitment or you don’t even try. So what you see is a dearth of suitors because few teams want to commit to such a play. And this dearth leads to a reduced Peppers on account of “The Failure of the Possible” – without faith what’s the point? But if a team could just take a risk and pay for that Peppers or two for one season there’s a significant possibility that they could run the table and thereby change their franchise. Peppers is that pretty girl noone asks to dance. Shame really.

  4. he isn’t going anywhere. he’ll play for carolina. he’ll be a very rich man.

  5. I miss the hell out of Pep 2 out of 3 games every season. He tends to have big games when needed the least and disapears in crunch time. It’s extremely frustrating to watch a guy that is probably the most athletically gifted D lineman in NFL history only to realize he lacks heart and passion. I personally think that he doesn’t love the game but that it’s only a paycheck to him. I won’t miss him when he’s gone. I’d rather watch a couple guys with half his talent, bust their asses every game than wonder where the hell Pep’s head is two thirds of the season. I’m sure that’s why no team has made an offer for him, they’ve seen the exact same thing.

  6. Youre not looking into your stuff if you think Peppers is trying to get a mega blockbuster deal. He was offered contracts on 2 different occasions to become the highest paid defensive player in NFL history and he turned it down. I think you should do some research before throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.
    My personal belief is that it just shows he wants out of Carolina for his own personal reasons.

  7. Peppers is thoroughly confused. Cant have your cake and eat it too guy. “Only thing I want is out of Carolina”…and oh, “I only wanna go to these 4 teams”…and oh, “I want an Albert Haynesworth type deal”…and oh, “I wanna play linebacker”. Here’s my advice, go to the Wizard of Oz and ask for an agent and some passion for the game…. (ShoutOut to the G-1/G-4 Boyz)

  8. Nail Diggs is still in the league? Who knew?
    Seems like 100 years ago he was with the Packers.

  9. “Will Jay Cutler throw 20 interceptions this year? Yes.”
    Now that Favre is gone, Cutler will probably lead the league in interceptions. Bear fans think he’s the second coming of Jesus though. He’s got worse recievers and a worse offensive line in Chicago however he’s probably not going to be throwing as much with the Bears.
    It’s going to be funny to see Bears fans reaction if Cutler fails miserably. They gave up alot to get that clown.

  10. yes, julianne pfeffers shows up against doormats like daytwa…
    and he rocked tampa when they ble chunks. and may again.
    other teams own him.

  11. This is a very interesting game of chicken, and unlike Boldin or Ochostinko, Peppers really is not “under contract” and really should be able to get out if wants to.
    It really makes me wonder why he would want out so bad with what would seem like more money in his pocket and on the table than he can spend, and a team that always seems to contend.
    If he wants out though, he has a lot more leverage than most guys who want stuff. He was the #2 pick in the draft and has already made a ton of money, and is still young enough that his next long term contract could break a record and set the market so the Panthers have no finacial leverage. They seem to be tugging at the heart strings through the interviews, but it seems like the relationship is over but the divorce is going to be tricky.
    Neither side is going to get everything they want, but it would seem better to get a player and a pick for him and use all that cap space elsewhere over trying to force his hand when he could show up as late as week 10 and still get 6 mil and free agency in 6 weeks or a 20 mil tag and a new dance.

  12. I suspect that Peppers is going to play the Waiting Game hoping that CBA will fold so he can sign with any team after 2009 season even if he didn’t sign the tender for franchise tag. But if CBA goes thru then I guess he is screwed?
    I think we will do well without him this year and do well this year.

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