No New Suspension For Brandon Marshall

Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, suspended for a game in 2008 due to multiple violations of the Personal Conduct Policy, will not be suspended for an incident that occurred earlier this year.
On March 1, Marshall and his fiancee, Michi Nogami-Campbell, were both arrested for disorderly conduct after a police officer saw them engaged in a fight, kicking and punching each other.”  The charges were dropped the next day.
Given his history, however, Marshall faced further league discipline.
I’m thankful to the league and their findings today, but this is also a continuance of me looking into the mirror and growing into the man I know I should be,” Marshall told Josina Anderson of FOX 31.
Anderson’s story makes no reference to the incident between Marshall and Nogami-Campbell, focusing instead on the allegations of Marshall’s former girlfriend Rasheeda Watley.   A league source tells us that the no-suspension decision does not relate to Watley.

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  1. This guy has been a life time turd and get’s off Scott Free for it. The Williams’ make 1 mistake and are the “bad guys” of the league for life. It makes no sense at all…

  2. More evidence supporting my theory that it was easy and painless for Goodell to spout all that “tough new sheriff in town” horseshit when he thought that the misbehavior was limited to one or two teams. Now that he realizes a truly strict conduct policy would result in every team in the damn league suffering big time suspensions, his tune has softened somewhat. We’ll see if the sports media clowns follow suit, or will they give Denver and Marshall the same treatment as Chris Henry and the Bengals?

  3. now if the league had that much sympathy for the williams wall, so let me get this straight, domestic abuse maybe a suspension but steriods whoa whoa whoa lifetime ban…. lame

  4. Typical Goodell hypocracy. He could at least pretend to be fair in handing out suspensions to repeat offenders.

  5. Great! We need all the help we can get. And screw that OTL one-sided BS. Perhaps they should have investigated a little more instead of seeking info to tarnish this guy. Not saying he’s the ideal citizen, but it’s not hard to read between the lines on that one. I especially liked the part when she said something like” we were arguing, and I grabbed a knife, and he came at me, and all of a sudden I was bleeding… boo-hoo..wah, wah. ” Then they turned that into Brandon Marshall stabbed his girlfriend. Great reporting of the facts there. Even if it’s a program known to highlight one side of the story. And lastly, the give me $500,000, and I’ll be ok. Oh wait, you won’t? Well, um, give me $100,000 and then I’ll go away. Oh, you won’t again? Well I’ll just do my best to make you look bad before we go to trial. GOLDDIGGER!

  6. Great a serial woman-beater gets off scott-free after how many arrests? This guys a dirtball.

  7. Listen up kids:
    It’s ok to slap your bitches, just so long as you get them charges dropped.
    Thanks for another great life lesson, Mr. Goodell.
    You worthless douche.

  8. Well, if he’s going to give Matt Jones a pass, he figured he might as well give Marshall one too.

  9. Does this mean that if rather than merely having a gun in the trunk of his vechicle Marshawn Lynch had pistol whipped a woman, then he would not be suspended?

  10. Goodell thought letting him play was a worse punishment , than a suspension, given the new QB situation in Denver.

  11. “this is also a continuance of me looking into the mirror and growing into the man I know I should be”
    Who? Ike Turner? Chris Brown?
    Hey, wife beaters need role models too.

  12. It cracks me up that so many people buy into the sensationalism spewed forth by the media in an otherwise doldrumous time. BM is anything but a thug. He’s an immature and naive 13 year old in a 24 year old body. If you guys would care to investigate you’d see it’s clear that Watley is a gold-digging ho. You’d also see that the charges stemming from the “fight” between Marshall and Campbell were quickly dropped after it became apparent that it was simply a childish game of grab ass and bra snap that escalated in to a bitch-slap contest. (Campbell won, BTW). Kids will be kids, I guess. At least there were no guns, drugs or planned “hits” involved.

  13. Simply put, no charges were filed. So what reasoning would Goodell have for punishing hime? I went to work and then came home today with no charges filed against me, same difference.

  14. Yo Brandon..if a girl asks you to “hit it”, she dosen t mean beat her ass.. it means she wants some nookie..some to think about next time!

  15. Brandon Marshall has been arrested like 4 times in the past 2 or 3 seasons. He gets suspended one game last year, has a TV SHOW on how he beat the hell out of his ex this year and somehow is not getting a suspension or a fine.
    Marshawn Lynch has a gun wrapped in a sweatshirt that is tucked in a backpack in the trunk of his car not harming anyone and gets 3 freakin’ games. That is bull.

  16. “Does this mean that if rather than merely having a gun in the trunk of his vechicle Marshawn Lynch had pistol whipped a woman, then he would not be suspended?”
    Funny, but sad. Goodell is as big of an embarrassment as the “thugs” to whom he purports to teach a lesson.

  17. Michi. Rashedda. Josina. Rihanna. Studies prove that women with funky first names ending in a vowel are more likely to be attracted to slimeballs. Or to just interview them.

  18. Um, didn’t Marshawn Lynch also run someone over with car and leave the scene a year ago?
    Not necessarily defending #15. But you might want to pick a different example. Lynch is hardly blemish-free.

  19. Marshawn Lynch pled guilty to a crime, guys. What was he commish supposed to do? Marshalls charges up to this point have been dropped. If he has beaten his girl, then he is a scumbag. But he has not been found guilty of anything. And quit referencing that damn biased Outside the Lines report as gods word. If you believe everything you hear, or see on TV, you really need to open your eyes. Or your mind.

  20. Put yourself in the commish shoes as a lawyer and look at the legal ramifications. He cant do anything because the “lady” has less credibility than BM does. Grow up commenters. There is no legal ground to stand on. The Vikes are in court right now. BM is not.
    Think about what you want to say before you sound off like a grade shool kid who fell and scraped his knee and finds a reason to blame the class bulley.

  21. Seems to me the league is just throwing Bowlen a bone. Marshall doesn’t need to be convicted of a crime to be punished by Goodell, but Roger probably doesn’t want to give Marshall any more idle time than he already has. And if Marshall isn’t suspended he has to play for the Broncos, so he’s getting punished either way.

  22. Yeah Marshawn hit someone with his car…but who hasn’t ran over a drunk canadian chick with their Porche after a night out on Chippewa St.?

  23. Lynch got a traffic ticket because all the facts supported his contention that he didn’t know he hit that drunk chick. And he got caught with a gun in a box in his trunk, and was hit with a misdemeanor. Compare that to Marshall, who can’t stop beating-up women, and it’s not even close. And throw-in a DUI for Marshall, which was laughably reduced to a DWAI even though his BAC was 0.11 (over the limit), for good measure.

  24. This ruling is a bunch of crap. Brandon Marshall can beat up another person, get off scot free, yet Ricky Williams gets suspended for a year and a half for smoking pot which only impacted himself (sure it hurt the team). What a crazy ass NFL. Goodell you suck

  25. before mcdaniels arrived i was a broncos fan..and i think marshall is a great wr and ive seen him and interviews and he seems like a decent guy..but as charlie murphy would say this guy is a “habitual line stepper” ..the OTL girl was digging for gold dubloons by asking for 500k..but still the guy has been in so many incidents..i hope someone intervenes or he wises up before he seriously harms a woman

  26. This idiot will eventually get caught red handed beating women….and won’t be able to buy his way out of it.
    He’s not long for Denver….actually deserves Vick treatment.

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