Fassel Says He'd Take Vick, But Would Vick Be Interested?

Though quarterback Mike Vick’s return to the NFL remains up in the air, at least one UFL head coach is more than interested in giving him a shot.
Former Giants coach Jim Fassel, who’ll be coaching the Las Vegas franchise, says he’d give Vick an opportunity to play.
I would, simply because people make mistakes,” Fassel told Boomer Esiason for his weekly MSG show.  “I mean, the mistake he made was horrific and everyone was taken aback by it obviously, but once he pays his debt to society, he has jail time and he’s lost everything.
“Everybody gets a chance to re-prove themselves.  If he will make that commitment he deserves another chance.  I believe that wholeheartedly.  This league may be very good for him.  Maybe he just needs to go to a league and just start playing rather than joining a team and be a back-up and not play and develop.  We’ll see.  I don’t know.  No decisions have been made by our league or the NFL.  No decisions have been made as to where he’s going to be.  I think, personally, he deserves another chance.”
Of course, the other three UFL head coaches likely feel the same way.  (And this raises a key question of whether the four UFL franchises will secure “dibs” on certain players, or whether it will be a free-for-all approach.)
The bigger question is whether Vick would be interested in playing for the UFL.  If he doesn’t get reinstated this year to the NFL, it might be Vick’s only option.  Even then, however, it’s our understanding that Vick’s handlers would steer him away from the upstart league.
Really, what would Vick have to gain?  If he plays well, critics will say that he dominated a bunch of slapdicks.  If he struggles, it might scare away some NFL teams.

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  1. It’s such a dumb argument “Paid his time to society.” He did, yeah… but how many of us would get our old jobs back? I really don’t feel sorry for him.

  2. Really? Vick in LAS VEGAS? What were we just saying about not trusting him as he financed an illegal multi-state gambling ring?
    Here’s the thing…I have no problem with gambling, I don’t care, lottery, sports, raffle, slot machine, poker…I say legalize it. But putting him in Vegas is really gonna cause a stir.

  3. Mike- Fassel’s team would not have “rights” to Vick in the UFL. The UFL has divided player rights up by geographic region and since the Falcons have Vick’s NFL rights, the UFL team that was assigned all the NFL players in the NFC South and the AFC South have his rights. That team is Orlando. So unless Orlando passes or trades his rights, if Vick plays in the UFL it would be for Jim Haslett at Orlando.

  4. Yeah, UFL…
    don’t even tell me you think the Commish is going to just let him walk back in.
    He will sit out a YEAR from the NFL….I think he will jump at the CHANCE to play for the UFL………with a Pit Bull on his ASS the entire time.

  5. Well, he didn’t simply “Make a mistake.” He chose a life of crime and got caught.
    So there you go Vick fans, apologists and otherwise. Technically he’d be playing professional football, since he’d be getting paid for it.

  6. I disagree that he has nothing to gain by playing well. That could very well change the minds of some desperate at QB teams.
    However playing average or worse could seal the deal on everything.
    High risk, high reward

  7. To the argument of his paying his debt to society… Technically he didn’t pay his debt to society, seeing as how he avoided prosecution for the dog torture and abuse. The fact he avoided prosecution should be investigated, but unfortunately I don’t call the shots in Virginia.
    And this whole “He lost everything” argument is a joke. As someone else correctly pointed out, he didn’t lose anything. He knowingly threw everything away when he decided to run an illegal interstate gambling enterprise. How anyone can point to that as a legitimate reason for reinstatement is beyond me.

  8. Last time I checked, a mistake is a one-time incident, not a multi-year organized conspiracy to commit heinous acts.

  9. He electrocuted a dog. He electocued HIS dog after being disappointed by the dog’s — HIS dog’s — performance fighting. Can that debt actually be paid?
    Let me ask Ron “Herpes” Mexico…oh wait. That’s the same guy, different case. Honest mistakes.

  10. Mistakes are dropping a glass on a floor.
    Missing a few answers on a test is a mistake.
    Torture and destroying dogs for fun and money is sick.
    All the money Vick had, he could have helped some of the shelters with lost or abused animals.
    Instead he watched and helped them be tortured, and probably laughed at it.
    Him and his buddies watching innocent animals suffering.
    Anybody who watches him or supports the team he plays for is completely sick as well.
    The UFL signs him, I hope the league folds.

  11. Exactly what are people like Fassel and the unnamed people in the Rams organization, not to mention Vick’s defenders and fans, seeing in him? The man is a terrible quarterback. He failed after the years of (ESPN-led) hype told us he would revolutionize the quarterback position. The only thing he revolutionized was the art of throwing uncatchable passes.

  12. SpartaChris says:
    June 3rd, 2009 at 10:55 pm
    Well, he didn’t simply “Make a mistake.” He chose a life of crime and got caught.
    Yep. A “mistake” is an occurrence, something unintentional. Vick went way, way past mistake territory.

  13. I know it is not the same comparison, but if the Falcons still have his contract, and Vick is suspended for the upcoming season, that sounds kind of like the same thing when Pacman tried to wrestle for TNA and they blocked him from doing so because it could have possibly led to injury leaving the Falcons S.O.L if/when he were to be reinstated for his little trade value. Or am I totally mistaken on this?

  14. translation: “I’d take Vick, ’cause.. y’know.. I can’t get back in the NFL either.”

  15. “Really, what would Vick have to gain?”
    He could pay off his legal bills, for one.

  16. There was a report about Vick on ESPN not too long ago where they said that the UFL had already decided that if Vick plays, he’ll play for the Orlando franchise. They feel like he will increase ticket revenue there more than anywhere else, because of it’s proximity to Atlanta.

  17. spartachris hit the nail on the head IMO.
    Vick hasn’t paid his debt to society – he avoided prosecution for the real genesis of the crimes. further, he hasn’t “lost everything.” did you see his bankruptcy case? Did he finally get to keep that Ms. Pac Man arcade game? 🙄
    if he was homeless, penniless, and without any options for work, then i’d say he lost everything. but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

  18. The asshole would still be making his “mistake” if he wasn’t caught by the police. What a joke. People who defend him are no different than the OJ defenders. They can all go to Hell for all I care.

  19. Michael Dwayne Vick is a suspended professional quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, a philanthropist, a felon, and a dick. Growing up in Newport News, VA, Vick managed to avoid getting caught up in the kind of criminal activity often glamorized in impoverished African-American ghettos, allowing him to attain a glamorous and enviable lifestyle, which he then ruined by engaging in the kind of criminal activity often glamorized in impoverished African-American ghettos.
    That’s right, dickipedia.org. Possibly the best website ever.

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