Ochocinco Says He'll Be At Minicamp

For the second straight year, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco has boycotted all offseason workouts.  His absence has fueled speculation that he still wants out of Cincinnati.
But he’ll be there.
“Of course, why not go and show off the product?” Ochocinco recently told Fran Charles of NFL Network. “Why not leave my coaches’ mouths wide open?  I’m sure all the people in Cincinnati think I’m really not doing that much, but you’ll see the results with the work I’m putting in right now.”
Specifically, Ochocinco has been training as a boxer.
A boxer.
It remains to be seen whether the approach gives any punch (groan) to his primary occupation.
The bigger challenge, in our view, isn’t his body, but his mind.
And we’ll all find out soon whether Ochocinco’s head is where it needs to be.  With a healthy Carson Palmer, an underrated Laveranues Coles, and a gradually improving defense, the Bengals could be a surprise team this year.
Much of their eventual success (or failure) hinges on Ochocinco’s ability to play at a high level again, and his desire to do so.

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  1. “Specifically, Ochocinco has been training as a boxer.”
    I’ve not liked anything about this moron for the last 3 years, but boxing isn’t a bad idea. It’ll get you in some seriously good shape. Might also teach him to take a hit.
    To be honest, though, watch Chris Henry. You know him from his WVU days, Florio. I didn’t think the Bengals should stick with him through all the crap, but I think he might be turning it around. If he has, they’ll be just fine at receiver.

  2. The Mind! We know he can run the sub4.5’s we know he can stretch the field, but can he just show up and play?……….. O I forgot the “shut up and play” part.
    NO. not going to happen. That said….
    Gradually improving “D” you say? What is gradual about Zimmers first year?
    Nothing. Now, Bengals fans…yeah, there’s more that you think…..
    Wouldn’t it be funny if the Defense was up there with what the Offense ‘could’ be this year? Regardless, Ocho Noshow…….I’m on the “D” wagon FIRST this year.
    Rey Rey………yep, we got our own now!

  3. wait..did florio just say that the bengals may be a suprise team this year?!? somebody call a doctor…

  4. He’s learning boxing so the next time he takes a swing at a Bengals coach, a’la playoffs 2005, he might hit the mark.

  5. Florio is such a non-athlete that training like a boxer is completely foreign to him…

  6. 4, maybe 5 wins for the BUNGLES this season. Maybe they even fire Marvin Lewis at the end of another non-winning season and decide to part ways with Baby T.O., uhh I mean Ochosinko.

  7. Hmmm, the Bengals may be a surprise team this year…
    I’m sure I’ve heard that before somewhere… like last year… and the year before that… and the year before that…

  8. Piemaster: The difference between last year and this year is we actually have some potential at line. I said POTENTIAL. I’m not saying it’s a sure bet. We all knew Ghiacuc would suck. Yet the coaches thought otherwise. Hopefully we play whatever team it is you suck meat for and show you the surprise team will be. Williams, Mauluga or Crocker will put a hurtin on one of your receivers and then maybe something will click in your head. I’m not saying we are going to the Super Bowl. Probably not even the playoffs. But we will be a winning team this year. Mark my words.

  9. Now it all makes sense – all that crap he’s pulled over the last few years DID seem like the actions of a man who got too many shots to the head!

  10. It seems the long suffering breed known as the faithful Bengals fan is feeling a little hope right now. I suffer from this same affliction and am curiously optimistic about the up coming season. I also know I had high hopes last year, only to be dashed hard on the rocks of a terrible offensive line, still this year is different. Great draft. Great free agent pick ups. In my mind, it appears they have the personnel to turn the corner this year, it’s just can they make the pieces work together as a group, especially the offensive line and like all the other NFL teams, can they survive the injury bug. Ultimately, I will use the same standard Marvin Lewis likes to quote from time to time, “I see better than I hear.” Seeing will be believing.

  11. Ochocinco boxing? He’s probably just trying to get in on some of that man-love between Rocky and Apollo.

  12. And David, we here on the banks of Ohio hope that Texas will do the right thing and rejoin Mexico so that America no longer has to claim it, except for maybe Austin; we’ll keep that.

  13. Raging WithoutAClue said:
    June 4th, 2009 at 10:16 am
    And David, we here on the banks of Ohio hope that Texas will do the right thing and rejoin Mexico so that America no longer has to claim it, except for maybe Austin; we’ll keep that.
    Moron. Half the nations refineries are in TX. Welcome to $10/gallon gas.
    You are as stupid as the rest of the nation thinks you are.

  14. again Elaw6 proves that he knows nothing about football and is nothin but a hater. Cincy won 4 games in 2008. They have improved their team since then. they will win at least 8 games…write it down.

  15. Specifically, Ochocinco has been training as a boxer.
    In this corner we have the champion Ocho-Stinko, he is undefeated in his professional career.
    He has a wining record of 60-0 and is still, the undisputed blabber mouth of the Bungholes!

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