Rodney Harrison Already Is Stirring Things Up

As widely reported and expected (we know it’s a big story when we spark a pissing match among reporters as to who had it first), safety Rodney Harrison has retired from the NFL and joined the football coverage at NBC.
And Harrison already is mixing it up.  And we like it.
During a conference call announcing his arrival at NBC, Harrison and Tony Dungy got into a debate regarding Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.
When the issue came up as to Manning’s recent expression of frustration regarding the status of offensive line coach Howard Mudd and offensive coordinator Tom Moore, Harrison had this to say (per Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe):  “This is something I’ve discussed with Coach Dungy and I think it gives Tom Brady the edge over Peyton Manning in terms of leadership.  If this went on in New England, it wouldn’t come out publicly.  He wouldn’t make a big fuss over it.  So many guys are looking up to [Peyton] that once they sense panic, they could panic.  You have to control your emotions and not allow these things to get outside the walls.”
In response, Dungy said that he doesn’t agree with the assessment of Manning’s reaction as “panic.”
Said Harrison:  “As a player, it’s your job to play football.  This is OTAs.  It’s not even minicamp yet.  There is no sense of panicking.  These things can be worked out.  He’s been running the same offense for 11 years, it’s not like it’s new to him.  That disappointed me, for him to publicly come out and say things.  I thought it was a sense of panic.”
Harrison also spoke separately with Dan Patrick (on the ironically-named Dan Patrick Show) regarding the thousands of dollars Harrison had to pay in fines for hits the league deemed illegal.  And Harrison has no regrets, even regarding the helmet-to-helmet hit on receiver Jerry Rice that cost Harrison $111,000.
That was worth it,” Harrison told Patrick.  “I mean I love Jerry, but to be able to knock his head off and to be able to make him pay.  I’d spend a hundred grand on that any day.”
Harrison still thinks it wasn’t a dirty hit.  “It was a perfectly legal hit.  I mean, it’s football.  It’s not pansy football.”
He also shrugged off criticism that he’s a dirty player.  “Screw ’em,” Harrison said.  “I don’t care.”
And Harrison acknowledged that he took plenty of punishment while delivering it.  “I’ve knocked myself out so much I forget how many times I did it,” he said.
Harrison also talked about his suspension for possession of HGH.  After squabbling with Patrick over semantics, insisting (accurately) that he never tested positive while simultaneously admitting he was suspended for taking a banned substance, Harrison acknowledged it was a mistake and said he knew that what he was doing was wrong.
He also said he’ll never do it again.  And that’s a good thing, since Harrison will have no reason to do it again.  Based on what he said at his retirement press conference earlier in the day, Harrison won’t be unretiring.
“I have respect,” Harrison said in comments circulated by the Patriots.  “For me, I don’t want guys on my team or guys I’ve played with to have to answer questions about Rodney Harrison’s return.  When I made my decision to retire, I made my decision to retire.  I want to walk away from the game.  There is a point in time where we all have to walk away from the game and I just thought it would be very disrespectful for me to come back and forth and not make my decision. . . .
“I never want to be a distraction and I just think that is so fair for the peers throughout the league as well as my teammates for not being distracted by Rodney Harrison.  When I made my decision, I am complete with that. . . . Football has been good to me.  I’ve worked hard.  I’ve played hard.  I’ve done some things that I never dreamt I could do and now it’s time to move forward to the next phase of my life.  I respect people in National Football League enough not to put them on this joy ride — the back and forth, the ups and downs of am I coming back and will I not come back?  I am done and I am always going to be a fan of football.”
And that’s good, because Harrison’s frank and edgy observations and opinions likely will make the experience of following the sport even more enjoyable for all the other fans of football.

87 responses to “Rodney Harrison Already Is Stirring Things Up

  1. So far, Harrison comes across as a guy with an axe to grind (Rice, Manning, Favre, etc.). While that may catch headlines for him in the beginning, there’s no longevity in that approach, particularly if the guys he’s going after are supposed to be sitting down with him for interviews.

  2. I guess since Harrison played for the Patriots he can do no wrong in Florio’s eyes – lame.

  3. I recall Tom Brady publicly blasting the Pats over the release of Lawyer Milloy and the trade of Deion Branch. People just love to rip Peyton Manning, even for the smallest things.

  4. He is right…….Manning is the biggest whiner and cry-baby……he gets everything he wants as far as a surrounding team goes, and he still continually chokes in the playoffs………unbelievable!

  5. He had an axe to grind on the field, too. Hey, he likes to light guys up. On the field or in the booth, it doesn’t matter. He’s consistant and was one of the best.
    Now if I can just find video of that hit on Rice. It’ll make a dandy screen saver!

  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Keep the hate and crying going, boys. The New England Patriots Dynasty (yes, it is a dynasty) and thier fans feed off of the sore loser comments you all make.

  7. Edgy? The man is a blowhard. Two paragraphs to explain his retirement philosophy? Please.

  8. With Harrison and Dungy we have yet another two ex-NFL’ers carrying the agenda of their former teams. This is in lock step with the rest of the media idiocy and bias.
    Florio, what is so great about this?

  9. Hosstyle in Tampa says:
    June 3rd, 2009 at 1:23 pm
    One of Florio’s longest entries to date with mulitple quotes and player references and all you have is a one word insult? Sad.
    I have one for you:

  10. rodney harrison has trash stats, just like most of the patriots defense. i’m not impressed.

  11. So he basically admits to being a dirty player, a cheat, and just a all around AssHole. This guy is pathetic, and couldn’t even hold Dawkins Jock strap, as it is pertains to being a HOF Safety.

  12. Ah yes, who better to help forward NBC’s football coverage than an admitted cheater (HGH dealer) and self-indulgent cheap-shot artist that sees himself as a much better player than he ever was.
    Think about this, NBC, you hired a guy that says he’d gladly pay $111K to spear a guy with the crown of his helmet. What class. What eloquence. Can’t wait until Peter King’s MMQB column that tells the world how great a human being this scum bag is; you know it’s coming.
    I also love that he backs up his HGH use (and subsequent distribution) by saying that he never tested positive, too. Um, Rodney, does the NFL test for HGH?
    All we need now is for Rodney to come clean as to which Patriots he sold the HGH. My guesses: Brady, Seymour, Vrabel, Bruschi, David Patten, maybe Welker.

  13. I hope this is exactly how it plays out on the show. Rodney comes out with a strong statement, goes on to articulate it, then Dungy chimes in with “I respectfully disagree” and Rodney goes on to ignore him and say what he was going to say while Dungy sits there like the bitch that he is and likes it.

  14. Florio is applauding this guy who is smug about breaking the rules, delivering illegal and dangerous hits, taking HGH? This is the same Florio that pees in his pants a little when someone violates a clause of the CBA?

  15. Why will NBC hire anyone that retires from playing/coaching for that pre-game show. They jump at these guys and throw money and them right away. We can’t loose Harrison….let’s toss him in there with the other 7 clowns already on the show. That’ll get people to watch. They can’t even fit them all in one studio. It’s ridiculous.

  16. Harrison should be a Hall of Famer, no question. He has the stats, the ring, and the swagger that most Hall of Famers have. Harrison was also the consumate “teammate” in every sense of the word, never putting himself above the team. Rodney will be missed greatly around here.

  17. It’s about time we had an analyst who isn’t afraid to be controversial. I think Rodney will be successful as long as he continues to shoot from the hip and not worry about bruising egos.

  18. Good for Rodney.
    I am sick of most of these analysts who are water boys for current players, who might have an opinion but are too scared to say whats on their mind because they don’t want to miss out on a big interview or break some unwritten “code”. Guys like that are a dime a dozen, and hopefully Rodney will bring a fresh, no-holds-barred approach to the studio.
    How great will it be to see the cheap shotting, HGH using Harrison come out with guns blazing to make a mockery of the humble, dignified man of faith Tony Dungy all this year.
    Careful, St. Dungy, that’s a long fall down from that high horse you’re riding.

  19. Jesus Christ I thought I didn’t like any football player more than T.O.. At least I don’t like T.O. because he is a me first player, Harrison is just a dirty sob who hides behind the “this ain’t pansy football” excuse. Ray Lewis doesn’t play dirty and he has been the most feared lb the last 8 years.

  20. Unless I’m mistaken Harrison is the ONLY player in the HISTORY of the NFL to record 30 interceptions and 30 sacks in his career.
    That alone should make him an automatic entry into the Hall of Fame.
    That being said, if someone wants to take the position that anyone who was using HGH – or worse yet steroids – should be banned from the Hall of Fame – I’m cool with that.
    I’d just want them to go back and be consistent and remove the significant numbers of players already in the Hall who have used steroids.

  21. Harrison mentioned that he would have to be fair even if he were criticizing the play of a former teammate with the Patriots. That takes balls to be honest when such honesty could be interpreted by a former teammate as unfair. But, as a leader on the Patriots team, I’m certain he’s had to be in someone’s ear when their play was subpar on a particular day, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone who really knows him.
    For those anti-Harrison critics, “sure, but you would have loved to have had him on your team during his career and then, for a certainty, you’d have nothing but admiration for him, especially because of his hard-nosed playing style. So, quit whining.”
    Harrison was hired by NBC Sports after having spent some time with them this past season. Obviously, he impressed them enough for them to want him back. And, if he stirs the pot a bit with his comments on Peyton? So what! I thought Peyton’s comments were pretty crybaby-ish myself. Try contrasting that to what Brady had to say regarding the departure of Offensive Coordinator (now Broncos Head Coach) Josh McDaniels:
    “Josh and I had a great relationship. That’s part of the NFL, things change every year and there are 13 new head coaches, and he’s one of them. I hope that we find ways to move on without him. We’ve already started that process. It doesn’t stop for anybody around here. You leave and someone else fills your spot and they’re anxious for the opportunity. We have to work hard to get up to speed on everything and the coaches that are in that role are doing that.”
    Peyton’s comments were, as Harrison stated, a sign of panic. If those comments ruffled Dungy’s feathers a bit, maybe Dungy needs to read his comments again and look at them without the horseshoe mentality. Maybe Peyton was so comfortable with the staff being together for so long that he just couldn’t handle change. Too bad. He should grow up and be a man sometime.

  22. I never cared for him as a person or player, but will reserve judgement on him as an analyst for awhile. It sounds refreshing, but burn too many bridges, and you will be out of a job sooner rather than later.

  23. well he understands the concept of “a card laid is a card played”.
    a certain retiring/unretiring qb doesnt understand it at all.

  24. Harrison’s great. Yeah, he was a vicious hitter and a madman on the field, but whether you agree or not that he was dirty doesn’t matter, IMO. He played football the way he thought it should be played and his persona is a polar opposite off the field. One of the most likable guys you could ever meet. Genuinely nice and very smart. As for
    Topher –
    Some say he’s a consideration for the Pro Football HoF. That’s pretty big-time for a safety. Also, he’s a polarizing figure. He’s got some things to say and people will watch for his honesty. You’re just a narrow-minded idiot with nothing of substance to say, except to disparage for the simple reason that he probably beat the sh!t out of your favorite receiver on some play or another. That is all.

  25. Anyone who doesn’t think Rodney Harrison was the real deal, simply has their head up their ass. Dudge was LEGIT.
    And Rodney is showing that he’s going to hit as hard in the booth as he did on the field; it’s going to be a lot of fun listening to that guy! All those boring, droning ex-jocks just got even more pale.

  26. @ jmikeh-
    Yeah, good point. That whole approach where you come in like a scared little girl, with nothing of value to “grind” is seemingly the winning way. Pff.

  27. Sure you like what he’s saying…you hate all things Colts or Peyton Manning.

  28. Go Rodney! I look forward to hearing Rodney’s colorful and insightful commentary and I hope he puts the rest of the talking heads on guard.

  29. It’s funny that people complain “axe to grind” are the same to complain when these analysts tell you nothing. Keep bringing the hits #37.

  30. Hey, if Rodney Harrison stirs things up on that awful FNIA show it’s a good thing. I don’t care what he says or who he says it to. Just get that bloated crew away from the fake grins & forced banter..
    No surprise he ripped on Manning & praised Tom Brady. Anybody expect different?

  31. Wow – its amazing how quickly he forgets Tom Brady bitching publicly about letting Deion Branch go. All that HGH he took must be affecting his memory.

  32. Wow its amazing how quickly Rodney forgets about Brady publicly bitching out the Pats organization for not signing Deion Branch. Must be all that HGH affecting his memory.

  33. No better Strong Safty has played the game in the past 15 years. Not one. Harrison was the best since Ronnie Lott. Bob Sanders is close but misses too many games.

  34. ROIDNEY is a hack. He is a legend in his own mind. He is a dirty player that fit right in with the other cheats in New England. It’s only wrong if you get caught mentality will bite him in the butt eventually.

  35. Much ado about nothing.
    Harrison prefers Brady over Manning…has no regrets about his hits…doesn’t care if people think he’s a dirty player…insists that he did not test positive while admitting it was a mistake…and says he’s done with playing football and he’s ready to move forward.
    I don’t know, but I don’t see much “edge” with those opinions. Even his take that Manning is showing a sense of panic in comparison to Brady, is not surprising from his perspective.

  36. I’m not a fan of the Patriots but I love the way Rodney plays/played. He played an old style brand of football, effectively reminding receivers that they shouldn’t think about catching a pass in the middle of the field, a la Doug Plank. And Rodney IS Big Time, no matter what ignorance Topher spews.
    He’s the all-time sack leader among defensive backs with 30.5 QB take-downs. And with 34 interceptions, he’s the only player in league history to have 30 sacks and picks. Maybe not the fastest but among the smartest.
    I think the HOF awaits him.

  37. jmikeh.. I second that.
    just look at tiki, good for some nice ny giants rips for a while but after they win the bowl and make him look like jackass, tiki is nowhere to be found or heard.

  38. They shouldve discussed the juke Jay Cutler put on him that ended his season and subsequently his career.

  39. I sure am glad he set the record straight about him not unretiring. If he hadn’t have done that there would have been a media circus about which team would sign him to be a…………..starting safety? Very few players chose to retire, it kinda choses them.

  40. Great, just what the NFL needs, someone else kissing the Patriots asses.
    Sure Rodney, your not a dirty player at all, why would anyone think that you were?
    I think it’s safe to say I’ll be muting the TV everytime this HGH infested freak is talking.

  41. Isn’t the real reason why he won’t be coming out of retirement the fact that NOBODY WANTS HIM !

  42. Anyone who speaks of himself in 3rd person has had too much Kool-Aid. Get over yourself. Not HOF, no one cares outside of New England.
    Having said that, perhaps Betty Farve could take some of his retirement/permanent retirement/once you make a decision comments to heart.

  43. While he was on the Patriots, I always regarded him as almost my personal enemy. My Steelers have been on the wrong side of many great plays in his career.
    That being said, I always did like his style and hope he does well in this phase of his career and continues to entertain.

  44. that guy rodney is great. love it . dungy vs rodney will be must see tv.

  45. There goes Florio Splooging all over the place.
    Brady is so much better than Manning.
    Oh, and by the way,,,Harrison was not a dirty player….and Romanowski never took roids…and the Patriots never cheated….and Bill Belichick wasn’t a sore losing 3 year old when he walked off the field in the Super Bowl with time still on the clock….

  46. Wow – he likes Brady over Manning. Shocking! This just in – Manning think Sanders is better than Harrison.
    Good riddance. Too bad he can’t take Belichick and the rest of the scumbags and cheaters with him from the Patriots.

  47. All you haters saying he thinks he’s big time or he has an axe to grind, suck it. Seriously. Even if you hate the man ( I happen to like him) he never ever BSes and he will not verbally worship at the feet of undeserving people unlike 99% of the mainstream media. I get so tired of the verbal fellatio performed on Farve, Manning etc. no matter what they do (yet others who do less get called out) that to see guys willing to call them out when they act like jerks is great in my book. He doesn’t play favorites, and that is what I have always loved about him from day one. He calls it like he sees it. Always. That is what the media is SUPPOSED to do but they seldom do. Heck, Florio is the only writer who criticizes ALL teams for their injury reports, he doesn’t just blow up the Pats for it like a lot of other media does.
    By the way, Harrison was a great player, as much for his brains as his brawn and certainly has a great career to fall back on credibility wise (as if it takes a great player to have credibility to call out another one anyway).
    Yes he took HGH, and yes it was wrong, yes he should have been and was punished and yes it disappointed me greatly. However, can you name me one other NFL player who has admitted to taking something like that without having tested positive for it? Yeah…no.

  48. knowshowndixon & Mad555….
    Hmm, Harrison has “trash stats”, or “can’t hold Dawkins jockstrap”?….please…here is a little comparison for you 2 ladies..Harrison to your beloved Dawkins….
    183 total games, 741 solo tackles, 195 assisted tackles, 936 total tackles, 21 sacks, 34 interceptions
    186 games, 923 solo, 288 assisted, 1211 total tackles, 30 sacks, 34 interceptions, 2 SB Rings

  49. to, knownothingshon and mad555….
    Harrison has “trash stats” or “can’t hold Dawkins jockstrap”?….hmmm…
    well ladies, the numbers speak for themselves….care to comment?.
    183 total games, 741 solo tackles, 195 assisted tackles, 936 total tackles, 21 sacks, 34 interceptions
    186 games, 923 solo, 288 assisted, 1211 total tackles, 30 sacks, 34 interceptions, 2 SB Rings

  50. For all you Harrison haters, this is what Rodney had to say about your opinions:
    “Screw ‘em,” Harrison said. “I don’t care.”
    I think that sums it up.

  51. When Rodney was a Charger he showed that he was a great safety. He then got injured EVERY YEAR!!!! He then becomes a FA, gets signed to the Pats, puts on 20 lbs of muscle and wins Superbowls. THEN, he gets caught using HGH by the FEDS (!!!!!) and becomes less of a story then the Cookie Monster having a heart attack. Maybe Shawne Merriman should go to the Pats because he’ll be instantly forgiven for his suspension. Then Florio will LOVE his lights out dance, won’t you Florio?

  52. Nice post, provance1. Anyone who can defend Dawkins while bitchslaping Rodney is a dolt of immense proportions. They are very similar players. In fact, though I loathe the Eagles and always have, the only player of theirs I truly respect and enjoy watching is Dawk. Class guy, hard hitter, emotional player…just like Rodney.

  53. “I recall Tom Brady publicly blasting the Pats over the release of Lawyer Milloy and the trade of Deion Branch.”
    I think you misremembered.

  54. Last time I saw Harrison in a Superbowl game, he was chasing a rookie TE for about 30 yards before someone else made the play.
    I seem to recall the Patriots lost that game despite being heavily favored and a 18-0 record.
    Let him talk about that for awhile, that would be entertaining.

  55. @ Pea Tear Griffin
    Very refreshing to hear a straight, unbiased opinion from a Steeler fan, without the same boring, mindless anti-Patriots cliches. Kudos to you

  56. @provance1
    I guess you forgot to factor in the cheating and HGH. How convienent. Dawkins is a real player, standup man, that no one of Harrisons elk can touch.
    HGHarrison= cheating bastard, punkass bitch
    B. Dawk The Ball Hawk= what you wish you could be. He’s a man’s man. Never cheated or took steroids. GTFOUTTA HERE. LOL

  57. What a disapointing read.
    I saw the headline and thought old Rod was gonna show us he makes his HGH…

  58. I know this much, he has this many people calling him a dirty player he must’ve played the game the right way.
    You want a classy gentlemanly game go watch golf you pussies…
    And that moron who said Ray Lewis isn’t a dirty player, uhm, you really need to think that one all the way through again.

  59. “mehoffma says:
    June 3rd, 2009 at 2:05 pm
    I’d slap Harrison in the face if I had the opportunity. ”
    You’d have a whole lot of memory loss if you tried. And, good luck in your next career as a vegetable!
    “ColtsFan18 says:
    June 3rd, 2009 at 2:11 pm
    Wow – its amazing how quickly he forgets Tom Brady bitching publicly about letting Deion Branch go. All that HGH he took must be affecting his memory. ”
    Brady wasn’t happy about losing more weapons on offense, much different than the many coaching changes that Brady has seen throughout his career in New England. And, by the way, Brady even took less money in order for the Patriots to have enough cap space to bring a better receiving corps on board than the mostly forgettable no-name crew he had to work with. When the Patriots brass finally did something about it (Moss and Welker), Brady’s put up record numbers. Branch has done what since he left the Patriots? Neither have the rest.

  60. Guys a HOF for sure. Any team would have taken him in his prime if they had the chance.

  61. The guy is effing awesome…Tony Dungy, Mr Hypocrite, has walked around w/his sainthood attitude….wish people knew the truth about him.
    Harrison is [ FINALLY!] the breath of fresh air the networks need…smart, well spoken…but brash enough to make the tough statements.
    Bout time someone gets after ‘father of the year’ Dungy.

  62. These comments are very funny… all of you who are calling Rodney Harrison a dirty player, are the same people who whine to no end about rules changes that you claim are turning the game into flag football.
    Make up your minds, do you want hitting in football or don’t you? Because after reading these comments it seems this board is full of cry-babies waiting anxiously for the day of flag football in skirts…

  63. @hayward giablommi
    Thanks. I’m not just a mindless hater like half the people that post on these boards. I’m actually a fan of the game.

  64. LOL……..kinda like the sense of panic Manning gets in the playoffs when he throws all those interceptions……….LOL

  65. Now that Harrison is no longer a Patriot, I can show him some respect. I like the way he played the game. I like guys who are willing to hit dirty in order to make a statement. That’s cool with me. I look forward to seeing Rodney this fall. I just hope he brings all of his opinions with him.

  66. When did we care what a has-been ‘roidhead has to say? I agree with what a lot of you said – Roidney thinks he left a much larger mark on the game than he really did (well, in a positive light anyway.)
    Besides, the last thing any TV network needs is another pro-Patriots ballwasher.

  67. It’s funny how so many say “Vick payed his dues.” While Harrison openly admitted to the HGH and said”I was stupid and wrong to do so.” No one wants to forgive him? And to say the mans stats are “garbage”? get a clue.

  68. Rodney was a pretty good safety. Not ever truly great. Productive, resilient. Slow. Hits, good. Speed and coverage, bad. Not very smart. Mean SOB. Too much tuned into that “I’m a freakin’ animal” routine. Cheater. One of the most adamant posters here in Rodney’s corner doesn’t even know what position he played in the NFL. (No, LB is not the answer). Tells you the quality of posts.

  69. ColtsFan18 has 3 separate posts saying the same thing on here. How bad does he want some attention? And the comments aren’t even accurate. GG.

  70. I guess the roids are clouding Roidney’s mammor… memory. Brady has, on multiple occassions, taken his problems with the organization public.
    @Paul R.: I don’t think someone that isn’t a man himself should be givin advice on being a man. Manning said he would like better communcation. Zomg, panic. He didn’t whine for more help. He didn’t whine that his favorite target (ala brady) had left. He didn’t whine that he was getting the crap kicked out of him by a piss-poor offensive line last year and now that their OL Coach is gone it’ll probably be worse. He was asked a question and gave an answer. Seems manly enough to me.

  71. First off, I think Harrison is one of the best safeties to every play the game….and I think he played football the way it was meant to be played. I don’t think he was a cheap-shot artist….just as I don’t believe Hines Ward’s hits are cheap-shots either.
    But I do have a problem with the HGH issue. He only admitted it AFTER he was caught. The same as Vick was only sorry after he got caught. And Patriot fans….you can’t criticize Merriman (and some of you have) and then praise Harrison….that’s being hypocrits.

  72. “Ray Lewis isn’t a dirty player’
    Right, and Rodney Harrison never murdered anyone.

  73. Wow, Florio, you are the king of the double standard. If some third-string schmuck received a minor citation for being drunk in public, you’d be tripping over your own nutsack to reset your arrest meter.
    Meanwhile, a guy who says he’d gladly pay a hundred grand for the chance to injure the greatest receiver ever to step on a football field, was busted by the feds with HGH (which would indicate it is illegal, and not just in sports), and has a reputation as one of the dirtiest players in the game elicits nothing but praise from you. Does this mean that Chris Henry and Adam Jones will be invited to your WVU tailgate parties this fall?

  74. Umm, Rodney Harrison was a GREAT safety folks. Anyone here (and there are some) who says otherwise is an idiot. 30-30? C’Mon! No one in the history of the game has done that, and that says something! Harrison was a MAJOR part of the defenses that won the Patriots Superbowls, AND a perfect regular season.
    He is also part of an old school sect that had no problem hitting someone hard above the belt. Folks, that is how it was done old school. Those players didn’t subscribe to the modern flag football concepts you are all clinging to. For them, if you didn’t want to get hit, you should choose another career. You all LOVE the big hits, but you cry when it is a Patriot doing the hitting.
    The HGH thing? Yeah, it was wrong from a football perspective. I have a problem with it on several angles. First, I don’t think he should have done it. Second, I think it is wrong that football players are denied means to recuperate from injuries that would possibly be given to any of us, forcing them to acquire those means illegally so they can continue playing. Third, he was at the end of his career. If you were being faced with this dilemma, how would you react? You have the chance to make millions of dollars this year, but you are injured. You could get those millions by taking HGH to recoup. If you don’t, you have to retire and get nothing, but if you do, you face a very small chance of getting caught, get suspended four games, and still make your millions? Don’t tell me that most of you wouldn’t take it, and that any of you wouldn’t be tempted.

  75. JoeSix Pack….
    This isn’t baseball. Stats are not what makes a player. Being a 30/30 man doesn’t get you squat. 40,000 yards didn’t do squat for Vinny Testeverde.
    Harrison is a hard hitting safety with limited coverage abilities. He also was an HGH user.
    30/30 is most certainly NOT enough said.

  76. Of course Harrison is a dirty player ColtsFan18, I mean look at what his uni looks like after wiping Manning out time and time again…

  77. if rodney wasnt on your team i can absolutely understand disliking him (i didnt like him when he was on the chargers). either way though, dont let whatever hatred you have cloud your judgement of his football career. Hot Rod is the only player in history with 30+ interceptions and sacks. he was great locker room leader and undeniably intimidated opponents. while he had lost a step by the end of his career, in his prime he was not “slow” or “bad in coverage.” couple that with the high number of tackles and 2 superbowl rings and you have a hall of famer.
    and the people crying about him being a dirty player are the same ones who joined the bernard pollard fan club and splooged their pants when welker was blindsided by ryan clark.

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