Titans Wore Practice Jersey Patches Without League Approval

We’ve tracked down more information regarding the fact that the Titans have been, for at least a couple of years, wearing a “Baptist Sports Management” patch on their practice jerseys.
With the league adopting in March a rule allowing teams to rent space on the shirts they wear while practicing, we perceived the implication to be either the Titans were breaking the prior rule or the league had bent the rule for the Titans.
Actually, the Titans were simply winging it, since there previously was no league rule addressing the situation, one way or the other.
“There was no policy prohibiting what the Titans did with their practice jerseys,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told us via e-mail.  “Then the concept was discussed by our Business Ventures Committee, which decided that there should be a set of rules for this opportunity.”
So, basically, the rule passed in March validated the Titans’ approach, and formally extended the opportunity to every other team.

23 responses to “Titans Wore Practice Jersey Patches Without League Approval

  1. Rule infraction = Cheating around these parts, so let me be the first:
    Tennessee Titans *, Tennessee Cheatans, Cheat Fisher, Kerry Cheatins

  2. I interpreted the headline as implying the Titans had violated league policy.
    Turns out “Without League Approval” = “And There Was No Rule Against It”.


  4. Boring!! Who cares!! I wanna hear about a player who gets busted with crack, a gun, a ukranian tranny hooker with one breast implant and whippets…now thats a story!!

  5. not to nit pick over verbage – but it’s baptist sports MEDICINE – i’m sure it matters not to anyone ready to hammer’em for it – but for what it’s worth…

  6. Great Job Florio…the follow up to this seemingly boring story is actually the reason I check into this site multiple times every day. ESPN ran this story 3 years ago but never followed up. Very Nice!

  7. i fail to see why the NFL would have authority on practice jerseys anyway. i don’t blame the titans for doing that – why would they need permission for workout gear? it isn’t on the field on gameday…..
    what’s the difference between this and putting ads on those big pads that linemen push around at practice? the pads aren’t there on gameday either and are owned by the team.
    this is all fuss about nothing.
    PS – don’t advertise on gameday uniforms!

  8. Cripes. More rules. The NFL is just full of themselves and their great importance on globe Earth. Who cares what is on a practice jersey? The Titans can wear chicken costumes for all i care. Or red lace lingerie. Why regulate something that doesn’t florking matter?
    The truth is that NFL players will look like NASCAR vehicles before long. Fine. I think each player should be able to sell logos on their face in addition to the team Nike swoops and stuff on their uniforms. Seeing “Wrangler” printed diagonally on Favre’s face will make my day.

  9. prmpft: Nice comment. I’m not a Baptist, a Doctor or a Titan fan so I wasn’t offended, but I do appreciate accuracy. Without that patch there would be no story here about the their using it prior to a rule so at least we should know what the patch said…nice job.
    It’s like saying the Tennessee Steelers wore a patch that said….it’s no big deal to most of our wives/girlfriends who don’t follow football and have no idea what the nickname for Tennessee is but it sure would grate on the ears of anyone else.

  10. @blackglass3: Maybe our practice facility is a cheater too, eh? “Baptist Sports Park”, talk about an unfair advantage..

  11. “With the league adopting in March a rule allowing teams to rent space on the shirts they wear while practicing,”
    Kinda gives you a warm & fuzzy feeling about the NFL doesn’t it? Renting space on practice uniforms and a written documented policy to boot to clarify what teams can and cannot do.
    I guess that policy will most likely prohibit Chico’s Bail Bonds from renting the Bengals practice uniforms, even though there is a strong bond between both organizations.

  12. Not a real surprise how quickly a team from Tennessee jumps on the wagon to make the players look like NASCAR drivers.

  13. I agree with buzz49, totally misleading headline. Cheap. And I’m not a Titans fan.

  14. buzz49 says:
    I interpreted the headline as implying the Titans had violated league policy.
    Turns out “Without League Approval” = “And There Was No Rule Against It”.
    technically accurate, but purposely mis-leading headline…next up?
    “Mike Vick Chewed Gum in the Huddle without League Approval!”

  15. Mr. Roger Goodell ya might wanna check who is renting ad space on their jock straps …… Viagra …. when ya need a little help getting UP for the game ……. L.M.A.O

  16. Frankly, I don’t give a rats ass what they wear in practice, and I don’t understand why anybody else does. They can dress like ballerinas or wear KKK hoods for all I care.
    But, yeah, it’s a slippery slope, and folks are afraid of seeing the patches on gameday, but I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime. Too many old-timers will want to preserve the game and will fight against it.

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