Browns Get A New Trainer

The Cleveland Browns have announced that they have a new head athletic trainer.
Marty Lauzon has resigned; the team cites personal and family reasons for the move.
Lauzon served as head athletic trainer for four years, and he was a member of the original training staff of the reconstituted Browns in 1999.
“We want to thank Marty Lauzon for all of his years of service to the Cleveland Browns organization,” Browns G.M. George Kokinis said in a release.  “He is extremely well-respected in his profession and has been a tremendous asset and resource to the club for more than 10 years.  We also appreciate all of his help through this transition.  We hope to still be able to utilize Marty’s expertise in the rehabilitation of our players in the future.  We want to wish Marty and his family all the best.”
Lauzon will be replaced by Joe Sheehan, who spent 2008 as the Coordinator of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine at the University of Arkansas.  He previously worked for 11 years as a member of the Jaguars’ training staff.
In Jacksonville, Sheehan’s duties included applying a hard pre-game face slap to defensive tackle John Henderson.
We know this because we found an old PFT page mentioning the Sheehan-Henderson slap-fest while researching the question of whether Sheehan resigned from the Jaguars a year ago for personal and family reasons.
Look, it’s entirely possibly that Lauzon is leaving the Browns for personal and family reasons.  But the fact that reasons like this get thrown around to cover up the reality that the employee is being pushed out makes folks naturally skeptical whenever that phrase is utilized.
Given the extent to which coach Eric Mangini has taken things over in Cleveland, it really wouldn’t surprise us to learn that, indeed, Lauzon isn’t leaving on his own.
UPDATE:  The Browns have released a quote from owner Randy Lerner regarding Lauzon.  “Marty leaving the Browns after ten years of selfless commitment allows for that rare time when a person, on behalf of an organization, can say thank you — in every and all aspects,” Lerner said. “Marty has made us better in all the roles he’s had with the Browns and we admire him and wish him well.  We also doubt it will be the last we see of him in Berea as he leaves with friends in nearly every square foot of the building.”
SECOND UPDATE:  We’ve obtained some information that indicates Lauzon is indeed leaving for personal and family reasons, and that he wasn’t pushed out by Mangini or anyone else.

14 responses to “Browns Get A New Trainer

  1. It’s always a conspiracy whenever the Browns do something and PFT always makes mountains out of nothing, so I’m not surprised Florio is so paranoid that he has to spin it against the Brownsin his now daily Mangini bash.

  2. By the way, SIX Browns articles today alone?? Keep throwing everything against the wall- something might be newsworthy

  3. Dude, seriously, conspiracy theory about the traniner? What next, unidentified eyelash found in Bengals’ cheerleader’s soup is a sign of upcoming unionization?

  4. Apparently there is no truth to the rumor that Lauzon left because he was unable to perform his duties due to a staph infection.

  5. Maybe the new guy knows how to clean the tables after working with players?
    Supprised article headline wasnt “cleveland replenishes staph, gets new athletic trainer”

  6. Wow, it’s this type of hard hitting “newsworthy” stories that keep me coming back. What are you Florio? Are you a total pissburgh shill that you dry hump the tv whenever they play? I say YOU sir SUCK!

  7. Keep on your anti ManKok campaign…they’ll show you. They know more football than you can ever dream of.

  8. He’s resigning for personal reasons.
    Like…..”personally” he doesn’t want to work for Mangini.

  9. Florio, you’re such a jerk. Your agenda againt Mangini is really repulsive and is beginning to ruin your credibility.
    Sometimes it’s funny, but when you take a cheap shot EVERY chance you get, it’s just tired and played. Give it a rest.

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