Donald Driver: "It's Just About Reworking That Contract"

Green Bay Packers veteran wide receiver Donald Driver denied that he skipped recent voluntary workouts due to unhappiness with his contract situation, saying he was absent because of a death in the family as well as his son’s kindergarten graduation.
While attending a Wednesday practice, Driver did admit that his agent has been talking to team officials about “reworking” his existing deal, according to Todd Rosiak of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
Driver is due to make $6.1 million this season and $7 million in 2010.
“It’s not about negotiating I have a contract already,” Driver told reporters. “It’s just about reworking that contract. It’s not about adding more money onto the situation or anything like that. It’s just that me and the organization have a situation that I’ve talked to them about, and I’m hoping we can work it out.”
Driver declined to get into details and was adamant that contract discussions for fellow wide receiver Greg Jennings, who eclipsed Driver as the Packers’ No. 1 wide receiver last season, won’t affect his business with the team.
At age 34, Driver isn’t the Packers’ top priority.
“Listen, I want them to give Greg $100 million,” Driver said. “You’ve got to understand one thing about Greg: Greg is a great athlete, and he’s going to continue playing probably longer than me. I can’t control what they give him now or what they’re going to give him in the future. He’ll probably see 3-4 contracts by the time I get done playing, so I want him to try to get as much money as possible.
“I’m not trying to be the highest-paid receiver in the National Football League. I’ve never received that, and that’s not ever going to happen. So I’m fine with what I have, I make good money, and I’m happy about it.”
Unlike Driver’s recent round of press clippings, Jennings’ contract situation has remained relatively quiet.
As one agent told us recently, the Packers prefer more than most teams to keep contract developments as behind the scenes as possible.

12 responses to “Donald Driver: "It's Just About Reworking That Contract"

  1. God bless ya, Donald. Been watchin’ you since your first catch in ’99. No one thought you’d make it this far. But to think you’re gonna play more than another year or two, all I can say is .. God bless ya, Donald. Good luck with that.

  2. It’s not the money.I’m sure he just wants a pre-paid college degree add to his contract.hahaha

  3. He clearly just wants to get that money guaranteed, so that they don’t cut him if some of their younger receivers step up and look ready to do the job in training camp.

  4. Driver rules!
    He is my favorite receiver for may reasons! Many people say Jennings is better, but while Jennings is getting touchdowns Driver getting the dirty work!

  5. Yup, again it was much ado about nothing. Not sure what he’s trying to work out, but he did say he’d be in camp for the remainder of the off season.

  6. Won’t this be like the 3rd or 4th time Driver’s wanted something adjusted with his contract in the past 5-6 years?
    I don’t care WHAT he says–I’ll bet my leftsicle (not my rightsicle) that it’s about getting more money.

  7. Donald, I love you man, but please keep your contract talks to yourself. You’re making yourself look foolish. You’re 34 years old and by the time Jennings finishes his first extension you’ll more than likely be retired.

  8. It’s not about negotiating, it’s about reworking?
    What a dumbass. You can’t rework the contract without negotiating.

  9. Sounds to me like he wants more years added to his contract. I think he has 2 more years left, perhaps he plans on sticking around longer than 2 years, and he knows he’ll be the #2 or #3 guy, but he still wants to play.

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