Nancy Gay Heads To FanHouse

The slow but inevitable death of the newspaper industry continues.
We’re told that Nancy Gay of the San Francisco Chronicle is the latest sportswriter to be lured to AOL’s FanHouse, which launched several years ago as a collection of citizen bloggers and is becoming a stable of professional writers on par with (if not soon surpassing) Yahoo! Sports.
Gay took a buyout from the Chronicle last month.
The editor at FanHouse is Scott Ridge, a former ESPN editor who is committed to covering the NFL the right way.  And so look for more moves to be made.
At FanHouse, Nancy will be a National Pro Football Writer, and she’ll retain her spot on the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, as the San Francisco presenter/representative.  She’ll also cover some boxing, but that won’t undermine our respect for her work.

29 responses to “Nancy Gay Heads To FanHouse

  1. And she’s on the hall of fame committee!? You gotta be F’n kidding me, what a joke.

  2. Nancy Gay is a horrible writer. How she talked this Scott guy into hiring her is a mystery.

  3. So you’re saying there’s one less Gay writing for the San Francisco Chronicle?

  4. AOL is what we all think of when searching for sports news on the interbloggle, why else would Time-Warner have just kicked it to the curb?

  5. The strong hostility towards female sports reporters/writers is amusing. It’s as if Ayatollah Khomeini was posting from beyond the grave.

  6. There is a strong hostility toward her because her articles on the 49ers were amateurish at best… of course, even with her departure the Chronicle has the worst NFL writers in the entire bay area. I’d much rather read the Sacramento Bee or Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

  7. AOL is more of a dinosaur than newspapers. It’s the betamax of the online community.

  8. “A woman writing about the NFL? I’ll pass on that. ”
    “And she’s on the hall of fame committee!? You gotta be F’n kidding me, what a joke.”
    The joke is that you posted that ignorant BS on here. Why don’t you go have a beer and beat your wife. Better yet, beat your meat since there is probably no woman in your pathetic life to beat you sexist moron. You’re probably some back woods redneck with teeth missing who feels threatened by the fact that this woman can spell “mentally handicapped”, and you just ARE mentally handicapped.
    Now that that’s over with, I’ve never heard of Nancy Gay and don’t really care for AOL so best of luck to two entities I couldn’t care less about! 🙂

  9. Good riddance! Yet another reason to never visit AOL sites.
    Too bad that clown gets to keep her rights to vote for the Hall of Fame.

  10. A lot of venom being spewed here…
    BTW, its biased not bia’s
    Maybe some of us need to learn how to write before we criticize writers.

  11. raiderzride4free said:
    “nancy gay is a horrible writer. she is one of the most bia’s writers in the bay area.”

    Why are Raiders fans allowed to post comments on this site? It really brings PFT’s credibility down.
    I have nothing more to add, as this comment speaks for itself.

  12. Will Gay get to stay in San Francisco??
    I like Megan Manfull in Houston better though.

  13. Gay’s pieces were amateur hour at best. Her work on the Raiders and Niners was not pretty.

  14. Is that Buzz Bissinger correcting grammar?!?
    “…a former ESPN editor who is committed to covering the NFL the right way. ”
    He may be, and Nancy Gay may be (I think she does a good job), but there are more basement dwelling hack-writers on that site than the computer lab of UCLA. They don’t cover the NFL, nor do they write anything insightful. They write waiting for the opportunity to tag along to what the rest of the media say, and put up as many YouTube clips as possible.
    If anything, Gay was brought on to help the generally low level of respect the site as a whole has. Not enough of she and MDS, far too many writers like the moron who “covers” the Steelers…not Wilson. The other one.

  15. Nancy Gay was horrible when she covered the Raiders. She was never right about anything, always declaring what was going down, or going to go down, and yet she was never right. What’s Pat Hill up to Nancy?

  16. She’s a clueless hack. My guess is she couldn’t handle the gossip column, so they figured nobody in S.F. cared about sports so they stuck her there.
    Sports writing at its absolute worst.

  17. “who is committed to covering the NFL the right way” as opposed to, um, I don’t know, the PFT way?

  18. I thought that this was going to be another story about Favre flying up to Minnesota.

  19. “respect for her work”.
    What a load of crap, she’s brutal, downright brutal.
    She’s gone though, that’s good news.

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