Report: Westbrook Surgery More Serious Than Suggested

The Friday debridement of running back Brian Westbrook’s ankle has been characterized by agent Todd France as a “minor procedure.”
Per Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer, it’s anything but.
I’m just concerned that it is being underplayed,” an unnamed source close to the situation told Brookover.  “It’s a lot more than a little spur and it’s much more than the knee arthroscopy he had [in February].”
Still, a team source told Brookover that it’s not a “major procedure.”
The deeper concern should be, in our view, that the needle on Westbrook’s football gas tank is getting dangerously close to “E”.  It’s one of the basic realities of playing running back in the NFL, where the fame and the glory comes with less money than players at most other positions and a shortened career.
The third-round pick in the 2002 draft will be 30 when the next NFL season starts, and it would be wise for the Eagles to begin reducing their expectations when it comes to Westbrook’s contributions, both in the short-term and down the road.

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  1. eagles better be worried. without the threat of a healthy westbrook, mcnabb isnt effective at all.

  2. The deeper concern should be that someone is leaking his private info to the press.

  3. I have no expectations for BWest. He is done. He was terrible for the 2nd half of last season except for about 2 screen passes where the O Line flattened everyone on the field.

  4. Giants fan here saying that this guy is the best complete back that I’ve ever seen.

  5. Mike florio..why don’t you get your facts straight and read the “whole article”. Bob Brookover NEVER once said that “he” thought the surgery was serious. He is getting this from a so called team source which is probably a freakin janitor. Mark my words. Westy will be ready to go for the “important” games, and Shady McCoy will be an awesome backup for him.

  6. If Florio, ever the sensationalist, had put a question mark at the end of the post headline, he’d have some credibility. He didn’t; he doesn’t.

  7. …so why would they (philly’s mgmt) let Buckhalter leave??
    Because it’s philly’s mgmt…

  8. Surgery or not, I don’t believe he has much left. They don’t last long in this league. He’s been one of those guys that are an absolute joy to watch in the open field. I’m going to miss watching him run, but I hope he doesn’t try to hang on too long. He might not mind not going out on top, but I wouldn’t care to see it.

  9. You national media guys like to stir up crap..Westy will be ready for the “important” games and Shady McCoy is a more than capable backup.

  10. “oh yeah throw your guy under the bus but i bet you were cheering for this guy during the playoffs and now he’s yesterday’s trash to you. wow you eagles fans think you can plug anyone in trashy green ”
    – ND(NeedleDick?)Cowboysfan
    I’m sure I speak for all Eagles fans when I say how flattering it is that you would put forth the time and effort to read the minds of each and every one of us. I hear practicing that psychic shit causes headaches.

  11. empty13 says: eagles better be worried. without the threat of a healthy westbrook, mcnabb isnt effective at all.
    Except, of course, all of the games they have won without Westbrook. 44-6 is correct, Westbrook was not good during stretches.
    They let Buck go because he wanted to be a starter (hahaha in Denver). And because Reid wouldn;t play him for whatever reason – even though he was a MUCH better option than Westbrook at the end of the season.
    Yeah, Giants fans love to give Westbrook credit cause he kills them. Antonio Pierce blows, guys. Any RB in our offense will make him look like a slow chump (cause he is).

  12. They let Buckhalter leave because he was just as injury prone as Westbrook and less productive.
    Eagles fans need to chill with the high expectations. And get a HIGH dose of reality. The window of opportunity for this team is THIS YEAR and THIS YEAR only. And the window is the size of a doggie door. Without Westbrook this team can’t do diddly squat. Lorzeno Booker is a joke and unless the rookie from Pitt is the next Adrian Peterson this team is MAYBE playoff bound with probably a divisional loss.
    As usual Eagles fans need a dose of reality. Thank god I’m not a fanatic or I would have drank the offseason kool-aid as well.

  13. “Giants fan here saying that this guy is the best complete back that I’ve ever seen. ”
    So the NFL is pretty new to you?

  14. Lets see. You have everybody including Westbrooks agent saying its bone spurs. Now you have a “source” says its much worse.
    Here is the real deal, I’m a source. Westbrook developed bone spurs in his ankle because he had changed his workout when he had the knee injury. With this new workout he developed bone spurs in his ankle.

  15. “Giants fan here saying that this guy is the best complete back that I’ve ever seen.”
    How old are you, 10? I can think of several backs in the last decade that are better than Westbrook and scores of others throughout history. You’re an idiot.

  16. cincyeaglefan : Its ok if you are not a fanatic but you should at least watch the games and the NFL. Maybe you would realize that running backs are a dime a dozen. You see rookies and backups come in and play right away. Drop off – yes. Window closing – no.

  17. @antneejay2
    you iggles ladies are easy read, not much going on up there anyways just cheese steaks and yelling at the ppa…

  18. NDCowboysfan. How about the World F’N Champs? Something you know nothing about.

  19. antneejay2 says:
    “I hear practicing that psychic shit causes headaches.”
    That’s hysterical coming from an Eagle fan. For weeks you guys have been announcing that your O line is the “best” when they haven’t played one down together yet and now a bunch of you are saying McCoy is a can’t miss even though he has yet to play a down in the NFL. I’m not saying it can’t happen but you might want to go easy on the hyperbole until it does happen. Dawkins, Runyan, potentially Westbrook – that’s a lot of veteran leadership that won’t be walking onto the field that first Sunday.

  20. this isn’t a worry…it was expected…that’s why we targeted and drafted a guy in the 2nd round that was described by post draft breakdowns as “brian westbrook 2”. and with bwest out for a while, he’ll get a ton of reps to get him up to started speed. then when the season comes, the birds will be able to give a double dose until bwest can’t anymore. then it’s mccoy for the next 5-7 years.
    plus we’ve got a stud fullback now. we couldn’t be in a better position at the rb spot.

  21. NDCowboysfan: How does it feel to not win a playoff game in over ten years?? You must let me know because I don’t..

  22. @mat1419
    Maybe you’ve been hanging with Reid’s sons. You pin the hopes of the team on an unproven rookie that was described as the next Brian Westbrook? Have you ever heard of Blair Thomas?

  23. Window Closing? They have been saying that about the Eagles for three years now and it still isn’t closed. So let’s just do a quick run down and figure out why the window would be closing.
    OL – Not ONE player over the age of 27and quite possibly the best line in the league and if not definitely top 5 so one could reasonably argue that they will have a great OL for at least 3 more years. VERDICT= window not closing on the OL
    TE – Brett Celek is in his 3rd year and turned it one in playoffs and Ingrah is a highly touted ROOKIE. VERDICT = window not closing
    WR – D. Jackson 2nd year, Maclin rookie and possibly the best WR in the rookie class, Curtis 30 years old and back to playing his proper role, and Avant who is a good position WR. VERDICT = window not closing
    RB – Westbrook (window definitely closing) McCoy is a rookie and could be great, Leonard Weaver at FB and $25 million under the cap to sign just about anyone. VERDICT = window more than half open.
    QB – McNabb(was the window ever open?) Kolb is a ? but he is young so to say that with the depth they have a QB with Feeley it is impossible to sya the window is closed. If McNabb stays healthy and plays mistake free football the VERDICT = wn=indow not closed
    DL – Trent Cole, Chris Clemmons, Victor A., Broderick Bunklely, Mike Patterson, Trevor Laws create a solid and YOUNG foundation for the DL. Plus they have Darren Howard, Jaq. Thomas who is also young and more VERDICT = window open
    LB – Youngest trio of LBs around. Bradley is a stud and GOcang keeps getting better as he transitions from playing DE in college. VERDICT = Window wide open
    DB – Brown is the elder statesmen at 30. Then you have the excellent young nickel corner in Hanson, Ansante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs, Quintent Demps, Mikell, and the 2nd year CB out of Wisconsin that should have been a 1st round pick, Ikwaguna or however you spell his name. VERDICT = window open.
    Please tell me how anyone can conclude that this teams window is closing? They may not be SB champs this year or next but at least as an Eagles fan I know they will compete for the SB for the next three – five years minimum.

  24. “That’s hysterical coming from an Eagle fan.”
    According to readers digest, laughter is the best medicine. I’m glad to be of service.

  25. to cantgetenough
    no, i pin my hopes on the season to #5 just like every other season. don’t know if you pay attention during the season, but we PASS CONSTANTLY. our #1 guy is a year older, our #2 receiver healthy and stole a first rounder to boot as our #3. the load on the rb’s will be to receive, block, and pick up the occasional 5-6 yards on first down with the safety’s back.
    bwest has plenty of time to heal before we need him, we’ll get plenty of reps for our new guy, and worst comes to worst, we’ll pass just like we did getting to the NFC Championship last year.

  26. In the 44-6 game, the philly d outscored dallas. They didn’t need westbrook that game.
    Check out the gynauts game awhile back the eagles played after destroying daytwa. 56 on detroit with bw. 3 on nyg without him.
    Despite that, time to let buck go. Never was healthy. Cut losses. Move on. Denver’s problem now…

  27. antneejay2 says:
    “According to readers digest, laughter is the best medicine. I’m glad to be of service.”
    Do you guys actually read Reader’s Digest in Philly? The ONLY person I know that reads Reader’s Digest is my wife’s grandmother who is 91 – large print edition, of course. I was under the impression once the WW II crowd died out, that magazine was as good as dead. You need to get out more often, antneejay. Philly has a better nightlife than that!

  28. Funny how Cowboys fans can go from “Brian Stewart is a bum!” and “Roy Williams will be better than that bum T.O.!” to criticizing Eagles fans who think Westy is washed up.
    Y’all forget that Westy is ALWAYS hurt, and he almost always finds a way to light up opposing defenses. Keep the haterade flowing, classy Cowboys fans! Oh, and don’t forget to work in “Eagirls” and some reference to Andy Reid’s family and/or Shawn Andrews depression!

  29. empty13:
    You’re comparing a score put on the LIONS with a score put on the GIANTS. Yeah… you just screwed your whole argument. That, or you don’t have much confidence in the Gmen.

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