Staley's Nine-Year Deal Will Eventually Look Like A Bad One

It’s all smiles for now in San Francisco, with left tackle Joe Staley signing a new deal that commits him to the team well into the next decade.
And, eventually, we’ll likely be reading about Joe Staley’s unhappiness with his contract.
According to John Clayton of, Staley received $42 million in new money as part of the six-year extension.
But with only $1.66 million coming over the next three years, it’s a nine-year, $43.66 million contract.
That’s an average of $4.85 million per year.  The total already falls well below the $10 million per year high-water mark at left tackle, created by players like Jake Long of the Dolphins and Jason Peters of the Eagles.
Within a few years, the difference between the top end of the market and Staley’s average pay will be much more pronounced.
The good news is that Staley will receive $18 million in guarantees.  But those guarantees will be long forgotten come 2013, when Staley’s average pay ranks 40th or worst among all offensive linemen.
Ideally, Staley won’t complain.  Even more ideally, the 49ers would have realized that they’re creating a situation that will result in a happy player only if he ultimately blossoms into a decidedly middle-of-the-road player.

11 responses to “Staley's Nine-Year Deal Will Eventually Look Like A Bad One

  1. It really sucks that in today’s NFL, talk about a player wanting a new contract can happen on the same day the player signs a new contract.

  2. Wow…missing the point entirely.
    Staley had 3 years left on his contract. They didn’t HAVE to give him a new contract AT ALL.
    What the 49ers have done is lock him up for a LONG time, but if he turns into a GREAT player, they will rework his contract again.
    In the meantime, all they have done is make a player very happy by reworking a contract without being asked to three years early.
    You don’t think that Free Agents won’t hear about that?
    Patrick Willis will be next.

  3. Contrary to what people may think, Long was very much overpaid last year, as are all rookies, while Peters on the other hand earned his money…the guy wasn’t even drafted. Rookies coming out making way more money than established players at the same position is what really causes players to more than likely whine about their contracts later. Take a 5 year 2 time pro bowler veteran who just extended his contract for 7 years at 40mil. He instantly will be making less than a rookie who is drafted and signs for 7 years at 60mil. It’s an injustice to the veteran players and a slap in the face. Which is why the NFL needs to do something with these outrages rookie salaries.

  4. Seems like alot of money, but seems to ben good move i mean he’s only 24 and pretty athletic playin tight end his senior year in college, haha how many offensive tackles score TD’s, or should i say 1 touchdown

  5. How lame! IF the Pats had made the same deal, Florio would be tripping all over himself to kiss their asses and trumpeting how great of a deal that they made. Give credit where credit is due and don’t worry, if Staley earns a new contract, he will get one. Unlike Wilfork in New England, who is already getting lined up to get screwed over or jettisoned.

  6. Most ideally, Staley plays at a high level and halfway through the deal the 49ers have the integrity to pay him what he’s worth and rework the contract again. But integrity and NFL ownership don’t always go hand in hand when their money is on the line.

  7. Give me a break. I love this signing.
    Staley is going to end up being one of the best in the league in 3 or 4 years and then his contract will be restructured in the exact same way. This way we can keep him under contract for pretty much his entire pro career. Even if this doesn’t happen, we’ve still got a top 15 OT until 2011 for a very cheap amount of money.
    The fact of the matter is…
    John Clayton is a douche.

  8. Glad to see the 49ers signing some guys ahead of time instead of letting them get to the end of their contract. Looks like they learned from their mistake with Julian Peterson.

  9. Where in the Clayton article does it say that there is no new money for three years?
    The niners have simply taken a player with three years on his deal, given him a 6 year $42 million deal with a $18 million guarantee and then averaged the new deal out over the total lifetime of the contract. $18m and $42m are similar to market values for starting tackles.
    Staley has 18 million reasons to be happy three years earlier than he would have otherwise and the niners can plan their roster with a left tackle to protect the qb we don’t have.

  10. Florio, what’s up your ass? You’ve been ridiculously negative about the Niners all offseason. No matter what they do, you have a problem with it, so what gives?
    So, you think that the Niners will be unwilling to re-work the contract with Staley because he’s under contract and they feel as though he should play through it? Is that why they just extended him after two years in the league? They could have made him play for two more years then franchised him for another year. Scott McCloughlan and Jed York learned from the Julian Peterson disaster and are doing things differently now.
    Seriously, I wish the Niners had drafted Pat White, that way you wouldn’t be bitching about how stupid the Niners are all the damn time.

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