Childress On Winfield: "I Want Him Here"

Although contract talks between the Minnesota Vikings and Pro Bowl cornerback Antoine Winfield have hit an impasse, the financial disagreement hasn’t led to any real acrimony yet.
At least not publicly.
Vikings coach Brad Childress discussed the situation today in calm, even tones, and he was adamant that he stays out of the team’s business dealings, according to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.
“I just think that negotiations [are] just what that means,” Childress told reporters. “It’s ups and downs and flat and people walking away, people getting back together. Nothing says that it’s 24 hours a day like it is in Congress when the government shuts down or the state shuts down. It’s negotiations.”
Winfield made the following statement Thursday: “I want all to know that I’m not at OTAs because I don’t want to be there. I do want to be there! As I have stated before, I want to finish my career a Viking.”
As Childress reiterated, Winfield is more than welcome to attend the practice sessions.
Winfield didn’t attend the Vikings’ mandatory minicamp because he said he was attending a funeral.
“I wouldn’t know how to characterize that,” Childress said when asked to interpret Winfield’s statement. “I would just let his words stand. He wants to be there. There is certainly not a bar across the door.
“As a matter of fact, I told you guys it was a welcome invite with open arms to all.  …  He’s a good player. I want him here right now. That’s the mother hen part of me.”
Winfield is entering the final year of his contract.

13 responses to “Childress On Winfield: "I Want Him Here"

  1. Of course we want him……. he’s under contract for this
    season. Beyond that???? Let’s see what he can do this
    season. A few more interceptions would be nice. But
    young talent is nipping at his heels. He’ll be wearing
    someone else’s uniform in the 2010 season is he
    doesn’t perform this year.

  2. Childress should have said that “He needs him here”. With your ass on the line you would think that you would rather have a veteran with a “proven” record then someone you’re not sure of. Any more holes on this team and they’ll look like those stupid hats the Packer fans wear on their head.

  3. Antoine Winfield or Marcus McCauley?
    Really…. Sign Winfield up for another year or two please……

  4. Mother hen? Why insult hens by comparing them to Kol Klink, some of them are moderately intelligent.

  5. I don’t care what he says. I want to know how he looks. Was he wearing that ridiculous visor-rug-mullett? Enquiring minds want to know, Florio.

  6. drunk: There’s a lot of Mother Hen in Brad Childress.
    He’s full of something and it’s not Mother Hen.
    cram: Any more holes on this team and they’ll look like those stupid hats the Packer fans wear on their head.
    that’s a curse i would wish on only my worst enemy (and all raider fans)

  7. Antoine Winfield is the best player in their secondary. It’s rather stupid to play hardball with him.

  8. Why is it always Florio reporting old and second hand news about the Vikings in such a negative fashion anyway? The cockroachs, er Packer fans must think this is fascinating or something. lmfao Still theres no way the NFC North’s roach’s will beat the Vikings this next season, so why not try a little propoganda.
    I wouldnt put much emphasis on this matter at all, theres Vets that skip and hold out all over the NFL during OTA’s, but from the Cheda heads main guru this must be good news he can spread around.

  9. The fact that he’s admitting he has a little of “the mother hen” in him is good. Sounds like the first step in admitting that he’s a dumb cluck.

  10. I don’t think Florio sugarcoats anything. He says it like it is.
    There is nothing wrong with honesty.

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