Glazer Hopes To Turn Leinart From "Pretty Boy" Into "Killer"

The first two quarterbacks taken in the 2006 draft have largely disappointed during their three years as NFL players.  But while Titans quarterback Vince Young is merely talking about his desire to reclaim his starting job, Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart is taking action.
In addition to working out with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Leinart enlisted the assistance of FOX’s Jay Glazer to toughen up the former Heisman Trophy winner.
Leinart has been engaged in Mixed Martial Arts training with Glazer, and now Glazer has decided to make his services available to any pro athlete interested in following the same path.
During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Leinart and Glazer talked about the transformation.
Glazer said that Leinart had the perception of being a “pretty boy,” and that Glazer’s goal was to make Leinart into a “killer.”
We spoke to Glazer by phone after his spot with Patrick, and Glazer talked in more detail about his new pet project.  He said that Leinart is “more of a tough guy now,” as a result of being pushed beyond all mental and physical limits.
Assisting Glazer were WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner, UFC Ultimate Fighter reality show winner Ryan Bader, and UFC’s Jesse Forbes and C.B. Dolloway.  (Yeah, we had to have Glazer spell all of those names for us.)
Glazer, who calls MMA “the greatest sport in the word,” said that Leinart’s new attitude came out at one point during the training, when Jamie Varner was giving Leinart a hard time verbally.
“Shut the f–k up, Varner,” Leinart barked.
Glazer said that video of Leinart’s workouts will be posted Monday, at
Whether the work propels Leinart to the top of the depth chart in Arizona remains to be seen.  “Kurt [Warner] is the starter and rightfully so,” Leinart told Patrick.  “My mindset is I’m competing with him.”
Other pretty (and not-so-pretty) pro atheltes can also be trained by Glazer’s MMA cohorts.  Glazer and UFC champion Randy Couture are launching MMAthletics, exclusively for pro athletes.  (Given Glazer’s day job, most of the actual training will be done by Couture and his team.)
Glazer’s group already is training veteran linebacker Victor Hobson, who also plays for the Cardinals.  Glazer previously helped Vikings defensive end Jared Allen get started with MMA training, and Allen lost weight and increased his quickness and strength a couple of years ago.
Pro athletes interested in the program can find out more by dropping a line to Jay at
Why do we have a feeling that a few of the non-pro athletes in the audience might be sending Jay some greetings and salutations, too?  (We hope that Glazer will at least forward to us the funniest ones he gets.)
UPDATE:  Taco Bill has tracked down a bootleg copy of the video to be posted Monday at


36 responses to “Glazer Hopes To Turn Leinart From "Pretty Boy" Into "Killer"

  1. Wow! Glazer taught Leinart to say “Shut the f–k up, Varner,” “Killer” indeed.

  2. Teams should be apprehensive about this. MMA is brutal stuff (cool, but brutal). This seems like a really high-risk training program.

  3. How is MMA training going to help him read defenses or throw bullets rather than rainbows?

  4. Yes all professional athletes should turn to an out of shape reporter to get “tougher”.
    Makes perfect sense to me.

  5. So a guy who reports on the NFL will also sell his personal training services to NFL players? Isn’t this a conflict of interest that impairs his ability to report fairly and impartially on the NFL? Wouldn’t FOXSports have barred such activities in whatever contract or standard employment agreement he signed with them? Is anyone else asking these questions?

  6. “MMA” Training is deceptive. In this case it’s a buzz word for strength and agility training. By no means did Leinart actually spar with any of those guys.
    This was a publicity stunt for Leinart to change his image. This type of training MIGHT help lineman / LBs… but the QB position… gimme a break.
    I’m glad MMA is blowing up… but this is ridiculous.

  7. Tom Brady was there re-habbing, at UCLA…That goes to show the type of quality person Brady is..What incentive does Tom have to help Linehart? None….Maybe Cassel asked Tom for a favor, considering Cassel moved past Linehart in passing and rushing in one season…
    Linehart has had 3 seasons…Cassel was a seventh round selection.
    Linehart (1st round) got the job over Cassel at USC mostly for political reasons…
    Brady had the same issue with Brian Griese? Politics at the college level. Too bad that goes on. What does this say about the coaches in Arizona? Are they developing players? Did the Edge run out of gas or did they miss use his talents? Arrington, Hightower didn’t seem any better.
    The main question should be, if Linehart was drafted by BB would he be a starter? If not, would he still be on the team.? He is a 1st round selection and should be starting by now! Instead, the Cards are overpaying Warner who’s on his last legs. I think it’s fair to ask, do the players have enough heart? Is Wisenhunt a motivator?
    Did Kurt even see James Harrison in the endzone? I doubt it. Kurt’s another guy I question, anytime things go awry, Kurt is quick to point the finger at somebody else. He still convinced the Patriots cheated him out of a SuperBowl. Martz too! Forget about the picks you threw Kurt and the dumb gameplan Martz. The fact the Rams D couldn’t stop Brady on the last drive. Vinitieri’s FG that won the game.
    Cheap owner, average Coach and up and down offense and defense.
    They will not win thier division this year! Hasslebach is returning from injury and will be the force in that division…. Niners second, then the Cards….3rd

  8. Leinart a killer?….He can shout as many obscenities as he wants or train in MMA, or whatever…he has the eyes and spirit of a pussy frat boy and always will.

  9. In 2 years, Leinart will be out of football and overweight. This guy is a complete bum.
    Warner’s career was in the crapper & Leinart couldn’t even beat him out.
    Congrats to Arizona on their Super Bowl win. Oh, wait… they have no QB so they lost…

  10. Glazer said that Leinart had the perception of being a “pretty boy,” and that Glazer’s goal was to make Leinart into a “killer.”
    Well it’s worked so well for Donte Stallworth.

  11. Leinart is gonna beat the piss out of that clipboard this year.

  12. Florio,
    why are you not writing about the inherent conflict of interest that Glazer now has by covering and doing business with these guys. Come on, you’re better than that!

  13. This is cool, but risky. Especially for a QB. One over-zealous arm-bar or kimora could tweak his shoulder and ruin his career.

  14. OK, a few things here.
    1. That gym he goes to is actually a pretty good one, that is Arizona Combat Sports.
    2. MMA training is an amazing way to get in shape and change your mentality. Shaq has been doing it for a few years to stay in shape (and for an old guy, he is in damn good shape). Lots of professional athletes are turning to it now with amazing results.

  15. WTG MvLonergan. A blatant conflict of interest. Surprised and disappointed Florio ignored it. This is a guy who is supposed to be reporting honestly on teams and players. Of course he will favor his clients. Terrible move for Glazer. Lost a lot of respect with me, but I’m sure he doesn’t care.

  16. It’s a great idea. The army has all of it’s basic training soldiers go through our hand to hand program we call ” combatives” and I will be an instructor at the fight house on fort benning starting in august. It’s amazing what it does for peoples confidence . Most people have never been in a real fight before growing up and the first time u get hit u learn a lot about yourself. Again I think it’s a great idea .

  17. Whether the MMA training will help is not the biggest story. I hope it does because Leinart is currently of no value to fans of the NFL. He’s not even worth having an opinion about.
    The story should be the clear Conflict of Interest of Glazer. He becomes no different than any other personal trainer, publicist or agent employed by a player. It invalidates his reports on his client, the player competing for the job of the client (Warner) and potentially the team.

  18. The other day when i walked into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class i saw glazer working with some tall dude in the cage. I was like hey thats Jay Glazer cool. Who’s the lanky guy. It took me a while to realize that it was Leinert.
    Hey Staff Sgt, do you know a Sgt Brandon Labar? He’s a best friend of mine. He’s a MAC trainer out of atlanta. I know he just finished his level 4 school last month.

  19. hard eonough to learn how to play the position of qb without having a buncha fake bs tossed in there.
    ok for jared allen – he is in h2h combat on the line. not leinart.

  20. ahah..the posts on this one are great. Seriously, what is MMA coming from a tool like Glazer going to do for Leinart’s NFL career? about THROWING the ball to your WIDE RECEIVERS in the offseason? Leinart is such a tard and I’m sure the Cards (SB43 losers to the Stillers by the way) love hearing this.

  21. To those who say they have lost respect for Glazer, I ask how did you have any left?

  22. and yet another rich overpaid snotty party-boy falls for the latest fad in health/sports–no better for him;
    let me see, what was the first, Susan Powter?
    or was it the laughable “Tae Bo”?
    regardless, MMA is little more than caged barroom brawling, this time with the band outside the chicken wire and the patrons in;
    Mish-Mash Altercations bears no more resemblance to a “martial art” than a bullfrog to B.B. King, than a pit bull to a housepet, or David Carradine to Bruce Lee;
    anyone who saw the big fight scene in “Fearless” involving the MMA Western brawler at the time will understand that;
    how fitting that Leinart latched onto something equally shallow as he is;

  23. That slow motion flying dropkick miss by Clouseau remains as the single moment in a movie which made me laugh the hardest.

  24. jay glazed donuts glazer is going to help leinart be a better qb i heard rich eisen is going to be teach reggie bush how 2 run between the tackles by showing him how to ballroom dance

  25. How much was the kickback Mike, or was is it a wink/nod kinda thing?

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